Sunday, June 24, 2012


A member of the State Council, Antonio Muchanga, told us to have already discussed several times with the president Armando Guebuza, on the waves of abductions and baleamento plaguing citizens of Asian origin in the city of Maputo.
"I have spoken several times with the head of state on these issues. I remember that one of the times, but the last time I spoke with President Guebuza on crime, was the week that Ayob Mohamed was arrested in Swaziland with thousands of U.S. dollars, "he said Muchanga, in an interview. He added that he talked seriously about this issue and the president would have ensured that in addition to the State Council that a member Muchanga, there was another, the Defence and Security Council. This matter would be scheduled and discussed at this council.
"I know this board has met, but they have not had access to the decisions taken there. The situation is precarious, witnessed rapes and murders, "he laments.
Antonio Muchanga says that "the police has no moral authority to act."
"There is new since I have just discovered. For example, a Police are recruited in Zambezia, has been working in Maputo and the past 10 years is considered domiciled in Maputo. If you have a clear bottom and die here, has no right to be transferred to his province. Social services must be present especially in times of distress. There are policemen who die and take 10 or 15 days without being buried because it is discussing with the families. "" Another issue is the lack of specialists in for this new type of crime, "he added.
This member of the State Council said that "despite citizens being kidnapped and shot of Asian origin, they are Mozambican entrepreneurs who have the right to life." He denounced this form of relaxation Police admit there is some bias in the treatment of these episodes.
Muchanga argues that "the perpetrators of these crimes must be brought to court." Muchanda says that "the authorities get to watch because it is a situation that occurs among Asians."
Moreover Antonio Muchanga calls for "if someone has debts with another person, you should use other mechanisms that would allow clear that each one may recover its share. Call for debtors to pay their debts to avoid these situations, "disse.Este member of the State admits that people are being abducted and killed because they are" settling of accounts ". Antonio Muchanga calls for you to treat these debt issues in court. (C Saúte)

The other side of the story

2012 was declared by the party that has been in power, the "Year of Jubilee", explaining that the Frelimo party this year completes 50 years of its creation. We are, however, before a blatant lie as proven by the facts.
FRELIMO - Front for the Liberation of Mozambique and Frelimo Party are two different entities and rigor is a lie that the organization is currently in power is the same as self-determination and proclaimed the independence of Mozambique. It is true that usurped the acronym FRELIMO of Mozambique Liberation Front, Frelimo Party but not the same thing Liberation Front of Mozambique.
We need to know that Mozambicans are to deceive us when they want to believe that the Frelimo Party 50 years ago.
We need to remember or Mozambicans also know that the February 3, 1997 was extinct Liberation Front of Mozambique (FRELIMO) and 3.0 in the same Congress, held in Maputo until February 7, was created Frelimo Party. Followed up, as evidenced by the newspapers, the campaign "Structuring the Party", a process that led to the exclusion of thousands of former fighters for national independence who refused to subscribe to Marxism-Leninism that became the ideology of the Frelimo Party. Many former national liberation fighters were beaten up and murdered because they disagree when it gave the split between those who subscribed to the "scientific socialism" and Marxism-Leninism and others.
Even the Statute of the Frelimo Party, Congress passed the 7.0 in Matola, which ran from 19 to 24 May 1997 and revised on 17 June 2002 in 8. Congress, this also in Matola, has 10 years last Sunday, in its preamble states and we quote: "We, the Party militants, heirs of the Front for the Liberation of Mozambique ...". Who inherits is not. "In the mouth the fish dies" ...
In the same statute refers in Article 1.2 that the Frelimo Party was founded in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, on 25 June 1962. This too is a lie because the round that was actually founded in the Tanzanian capital on that date was the Front for the Liberation of Mozambique (FRELIMO). The Frelimo Party was founded on February 3, 1977, in Maputo, Mozambique's capital already independent at that time about two years.
In Article 2 of the Statutes in force Frelimo Party itself admits that "the Party continues to action and glorious traditions of the FRONT OF LIBERATION OF MOZAMBIQUE ...", but admits that in 1997 alone, since after the General Peace Agreement when you want to clean up starts stains the past.
In 1977 those who created the Frelimo Party broke with the Liberation Front of Mozambique (FRELIMO), extinguishing it. The militants do not subscribe to Marxism-Leninism did not cease to be former fighters for national independence, not having been left Front for the Liberation of Mozambique (FRELIMO), but no longer the "Frelimo Party - Vanguard Party of Marxist- Leninist. "
Uria Simango and many others were founders and members of the Liberation Front of Mozambique (FRELIMO), were killed by the regime of extra-judicial processes and to date is not known where his remains are. Never were the Frelimo Party.
The death of Eduardo Mondlane Chivambo who also still taught in schools which was the headquarters of the Liberation Front of Mozambique in Dar es Salaam, is a lie that has been there. It was, in fact, more than fifteen kilometers from the FRELIMO headquarters in downtown of the capital of Tanzania. It was in Oyester Bay, home of an American, Betty King, who was then secretary of Mondlane's wife, Janet Mondlane, also of American origin. Why hide the truth that came to express published in the Bulletin of FRELIMO in Dar es Salaam by the late journalist Ian Christie?
Why lie these gentlemen of the Frelimo Party?
Use the assets of the Mozambican state for their own benefit. Usurp the resources of the state and serve up national dates that cover everyone and not just about the Frelimo party and ignore the merits of others as Mozambicans like them, why?
They speak of peace but systematically using weapons to achieve their purpose, why?
Mozambicans have all very proud of the Liberation Front of Mozambique (FRELIMO), but not all have pride of the Frelimo Party.
Mozambicans will all be proud of today's citizens of a sovereign country, but not all see themselves or identify themselves with Frelimo Party.
Mozambique now has more than 20 million people and Frelimo Party claims as its members about 2 million. Assuming this probability members of the Frelimo Party not reach 10% of Mozambican citizens.
As previously announced, the celebrations of this party that deserves as much respect as everyone else, but that does not have the right to judge the owner of the country and its citizens, will continue, and it seems that the politicization of national dates will also continue to serve to confuse an entire people to whom he insists on making us believe that fool who freed Mozambique was just who is the Frelimo Party.
The next day is Monday June 25, Day of National Independence that proclaimed in 1975. Million contributed to her countrymen not to review the Frelimo party, but because this party has been in power, will surely once again use this national day to fool Mozambicans in general were only making believe that those who created the Frelimo Party that created the Front for the Liberation of Mozambique. To omit the memory of the Third Congress that created the Marxist-Leninist party to February 3, 1977.
The Front for the Liberation of Mozambique was created June 25, 1962 and was extinguished February 3, 1977. He did not do 15 years. Since the Frelimo Party, created February 3, 1977, to June 25, next Monday is not years. Already on February 35. These are facts.
During this preparatory phase of the so-called "Jubilee", many things were happening, against which one can only keep silent, who benefits from the chaos installed in the country by the regime in force eliminating opponents, cheating elections, arresting those who disagree, stealing state property, addicting Justice, closing his eyes to practices that violate the laws just because they belong to the same "club."
In addition to the theft of means and dates of the State, the speeches that have been touted to be the leaders of the Frelimo Party and its acolytes, are an insult to the memory of many Mozambicans missing, killed and plundered, and their families and heirs.
In this issue we return to talking about one of the famous victims Nachingweia process in which some of the members of the Liberation Front of Mozambique that would create the Frelimo Party physically eliminate the other claiming only that they were reactionary.
In the recent "symposium", which was held in Matola last week profiled former members of "the Political Bureau of the Frelimo Party" including a few other non founding members of the Front for the Liberation of Mozambique - Liberation Movement that brought together different sensitivities of Mozambicans . Those who were excluded from the Frelimo Party was abolished when the Front for the Liberation of Mozambique, who were forced to leave the country and many anonymous fighters for national independence, as has always been marginalized and are to be marginalized, precisely because this "jubilee" still is the mourning and lies.
Were marginalized those who disagreed with the Marxist-Leninist ideas adopted by the group of Frelimo Party. They were arrested and killed for Mozambique because they advocated a different society, with rights, freedoms and guarantees that only a tremendous and devastating civil war, eventually forcing them to be constitutionally accepted and institutionalized.
In the "Symposium" last week in Matola, once again, history was again retracted. Mozambicans were again presented with half-truths and lies. The truth remains concealed incomprehensibly.
Of all the speakers at the symposium said, since Joaquim Chissano, Marcelino dos Santos, Feliciano Gundana, and many others, no one dared touch the other side of the story. All spoke of it should be. Concealed material facts.
No one spoke of the murders of so-called reactionary, no one spoke of communal villages and socio economic and cultural disaster that was this experience. No one spoke of the production operation in which thousands of innocent people were taken to Maputo to be left at the mercy of lions in Niassa. No one spoke of re-education camps where thousands of Mozambicans not returned, nor anyone to see them again. No one spoke of torture and public executions of so-called "enemies of the revolution or enemies of the people."
It is important to tell the truth not to continue to alienate the minds of Mozambicans.
If the perpetrators of these heinous crimes remain hidden because they are ashamed of their actions, then they are taking the wrong decision. What you must do is portraying themselves and redeem themselves publicly confessing their crimes, apologizing to victims and returning the remains of the victims to their loved ones. We believe that if they did would be to promote national unity. With the lie! (MC)

Manica: 250 sects to a million and half in habitants

The chief prosecutor of Manica province, Rotuto Augustine, believes that human trafficking has intensified at the same time when many churches of various denominations, is implanted, there are strong suspicions that this type of crime is associated with the emergence of these sects, whose pastors marry younger children, which are then taken out of the country."There are about 250 religious sects which arose in Manica, with offices abroad, mainly from Zimbabwe and South Africa all work with children, a fact that leaves the outraged authorities. Most of these children is between 10 and 11 years and are married to pastors. Some of these are taken out of the country without any control, "he said, speaking yesterday in Maputo, the second national public debate on the matter.
Rotuto also questions the type of monitoring done in this kind of religious organizations in the country. "In addition to the actions that the PGR has developed around this practice, we are left with still a great challenge on issues of control of these sects that are popping in the country," he said, adding that he believes that with the approval of the proposed law against trafficking, control the situation may improve.
In turn, Punishment Zimba, a community leader in Moamba district, in Maputo, seconded Rututo, arguing that the border with South Africa, where he lives, there are several situations of outsiders coming into the country without any type of immigration control.
"The authorities can no longer control the borders. There are many children who cross the border daily and illegally, "he said.In contrast, Margaret Guitunga, NGO representative, joined the emergence of various religious confessions organized crime of human trafficking. "The UNICEF report 2010 on human trafficking, confirms that these sects are directly linked to trafficking and organized crime are one," he said.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This struggle for power than governance

In Frelimo party hosts do not talk about anything other than a "Guebuza", the DNA Guebuza, who will remain in power, who will serve Guebuza for him to continue to send in the shadow, of whom it will serve Guebuza if the X or not Congress will be elected another member to the post of party president, the congress of Pemba will be announced or not the Frelimo candidate for president in 2014 if the candidate will be the current Secretary-General if the candidate for President of the Republic will become the next secretary general, if Congress will refer to the decision of the Central Committee is elected in Pemba the choice of presidential candidate for PR in 2014, well ... They are huge variables . One, however, seems irrefutable: Armando Guebuza will become a kind of monarch and not to allow the relocation of the power to coordinate the other country, before an investment framework highly appetizing, the overwhelming majority of the Save river, in confluence of Sofala and Inhambane, and the Rovuma River, which borders the United Republic of Tanzania.
The persons who know the story of Armando Guebuza in his political trajectory is of the opinion that everything is open, but surely that Guebuza has everything planned in detail. All of them are still of the opinion that those who feel cheated by Guebuza, who took him to the highest rank in the party and be a candidate for president and then to make it there has come and there has been maintained at the expense know the tricks that will not have the same power today to end their fancies they had to rule that way Joaquim Chissano desprestigiante that those with a bit of memory will remember. Yes, desprestigiante ... was pushed or not?! He also tried to stay there but was eventually betrayed. Then gave him the post of Honorary President of the party, but can not go around whining that put focus in the photograph ...
The current head of state can not, under the Constitution of the Republic of Mozambique, to continue in the highest judiciary of the State, because the position of President of the Republic that is inherent in the position of head of government is limited to two terms.
Article 146 of the Constitution of the Republic of Mozambique (CRM) states that the President is the head of state, and the President is the head of government. Since Article 147 states that the President can be reelected only once, and the President of the Republic who has been elected twice in a row can only apply to presidential elections five years after the last term.
Assessment of these two items left field to wonder if Armando Guebuza and may not be the candidate of Frelimo in 2014, because even though a new constitution was supposed to Guebuza can not even apply for the current being still in force, so he might be appointed Prime Minister, the next president-elect, he has been head of the Government under Article 146 of CRM?
Philip Paúnde, secretary general of Frelimo, has come to have a walk all party members who assumed they could have something to say in the next Congress, next September, in Pemba. To Paúnde is undisputed that Guebuza will continue to be the party chairman of both.
It is also to be seen whether the X Congress will be elected Frelimo Party candidate to the next election for president.
From within Frelimo out voices to claim that Guebuza has his supporters on the pitch to buy delegates to the Congress so that everything will come out of feature in Pemba.
In this context, they remember those who know well that "the DNA Guebuza" does not let you let things flow freely. "He expects everything to the detail." Hence one can believe that Philip Paúnde are instructed to come forward to say that President Guebuza will continue the party, period! .. Democracies aside, this is how so! ...
Paúnde But the claim was not well accepted by all sides of the Frelimo party, there is anticipation that even though all may seem quiet in the framework of political cynicism is to predict the near future the country will not be peaceful and hence forward will be more present the struggle for power than governance.
Now then with the money of mineral resources to serve as attraction, that "marrabenta" will be dancing?
Guebuza will be prepared for Frelimo party as the president continues to have on the bench of Parliament, to send the President of the Republic, and send the Prime Minister if he does not do the job, imposing itself.
We would have a President Armando Guebuza and Frelimo Prime Minister is hypothetically Frelimo won the next legislative and presidential elections. It is a framework that advise us not to underestimate.
Guebuza is unlikely to ever agree to appear in some way subordinate to a possible next president of his party, as prime minister - for all purposes of the first ministers and not exactly the head of government - the most likely that he would be content to remain as president of Frelimo only.
If not continue Guebuza as Frelimo President ends his political career or at least goes to the second division for a few years if not forever. Your age does not help much less returns and it is believed that the history of Mozambique may have written front to back only to accommodate a citizen with monarchical aspirations. If Guebuza retires should not return in 2019. Have not healthy for it. And old ...
The scenario that happens here today we drew an outline, that is, the hypothesis Guebuza remain as chairman of his party, the citizen would be the first entrepreneur to rule the country and its institutions in the elections if the party does not can leave him alone to taste. Mozambique would be deprived of state. Would be run by a private association that pursues political purposes - the Frelimo party.
Mozambique would definitely have state.
The DNA Armando Guebuza allows such dreams. Being in a position to promote the resignation of Prime Minister and ministers who did not obey him; be in a position that allows changing the stones in the Frelimo benches in parliament where suspect a setback; Being able to use the power to even sponsor the "impeachment" of their own PR in the event of being one of his own party, or even a PR of another party or coalition, if the Frelimo party could continue to have absolute majority in Parliament, there is nothing that the Lord does not Guebuza may have architected.
For all these hypotheses and did not say more here, than to elect a president and elect deputies in the next General Elections (Presidential and Parliamentary), 2014, by this turn of events within the Frelimo Party the country may have to choose between a citizen who guindará putting the King and featuring his good pleasure to us all and the wealth of the country, or say definitively that the political boss in Mozambique is the people in whom sovereignty resides.
Talking to Philip Nhussi lately as the man who may be a candidate for president by Frelimo Party as a pivotal figure between Guebuza and the claims of the veterans' wing Maconde Chipande Pachinuapa and not being the party president, which be expected if you reach the head of state?
What role will play the "comrades" of Cabo Delgado and the center and north of the country with mines and so much more to surface in those parts? Will miss the band or will be imposed? What will the voters in the elections of 2014 that with regard to domestic issues Frelimo party people are not taken into account?
For this moment to be the "buddies" help overcome a candidate's current opposition to reach the presidency. We have seen that in municipalities ... But this is something that does not enter the equation since it is restricted to the game for the X Congress ...
If it remains as President Guebuza of the Frelimo party, Philip Paúnde have secured their share and perhaps to see this event on the horizon is to be as helpful to certain roles. It is the land of the applicant including the "queen", a very active First Lady. So until a suitor who put the hypothesis Guebuza have in manga played a Peronist.
"There is nothing that Armando Guebuza is not able to do." Too bad Samora already here is not to count and remove those who have doubts ...
The question put until the Frelimo party itself will eventually admit to become a royalist stronghold, the holding company of Armando Guebuza.
Time will tell ... 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


 Mozambican business community, represented by the Confederation of Business Associations (CTA), has called for the rapid introduction of reforms aimed at improving the country’s business environment.The call was made on Friday in Maputo at a meeting that brought together senior officials from the Mozambican government and the country’s business community. The meeting sought to establish this year’s priorities for the private sector.The CTA believes that it has already identified a number of issues requiring immediate reforms to improve the business environment, streamline the domestic market, and lead to higher growth of the manufacturing sector.The main demand was for the private sector to be able to participate in projects being implemented across the country.In particular, the CTA claimed that the government has been promoting investment in renewable energy and natural gas, whilst at the same time marginalising domestic companies.The CTA stated in its 2012 report to the government that “this is due to the lack of concrete, transparent and timely information about the implementation of existing projects to enable local business people to participate in public tenders”.The CTA proposed that the country’s Energy Fund (FUNAE) disclose existing opportunities and create a framework for the participation Mozambican companies in projects under its competence. It argued that this would help local companies through increased revenues and the transfer of technology and know-how from foreign companies operating in the country.“We ask the government to reform the country’s policies on renewable energy to help domestic companies to better plan and develop their activities. To that end, we are willing to undertake a joint study, if necessary, to identify the existing business opportunities in the area of renewable energies and natural gas”, stated the CTA.It called for similar changes in the information technology and communication sector. According to the CTA, domestic companies have been excluded from tenders launched by government institutions to supply computer equipment and services, even when there are local companies with the capacity and knowledge to meet the requirements.“It is in this context that we demand preference for Mozambican companies with at least 51 per cent of their capital owned by nationals, as a way of ensuring their growth”, said the CTA.The CTA also complained about the lack of implementation of Value Added Tax (VAT) exemption for costs associated with the agricultural industry. The tax regime provides for VAT exemption, but it is yet to be fully implemented.“By the time that agricultural goods get to the processing industry, they are expensive due to the number of times VAT has been charged along the chain”, lamented the CTA.The business community also complained that tax exemptions on diesel for the agricultural sector are yet to benefit all, particularly small and medium sized farmers.Road tax for exports is also another concern of the business community, which it argued increases cost and damages the competitiveness of fruit and vegetable exports.This concern was earlier presented to the Government, which approved a decree cutting road tax by 50 per cent.However, the private sector argued that rather than just receiving cuts in the road tax, fruit and vegetables exports should be fully exempt as the country lacks adequate trucks.The tax is about 100 US dollars per truckload, which according to the CTA, is passed on to Mozambican farmers, therefore reducing the competitiveness of Mozambique’s exports.“Fruits and vegetables exports are subject to this tax because they are using South African trucks, due to the fact that there are no refrigerated trucks suitable for these products, which should be kept under refrigeration at eight degrees Celsius”, argued the CTA.As for the construction industry, the CTA proposed a revision of a ministerial regulation to require public works contractors to subcontract to small and medium scale companies owned by Mozambicans.“With this instrument, small and medium scale companies would have access to contracts through outsourcing”, the document added.“In practice, most small and medium sized companies fail to participate in these contracts because the law is unclear regarding the inclusion of local small and medium sized companies”, said the report.The report also complained about the cost of the non-intrusive inspection of goods, using electronic scanners installed in Mozambican ports.The private sector argued that scanners reduce the competitiveness of domestic products and inflate import costs, which are then passed to the consumer.CTA argued that in South Africa, “the government covers the costs for running scanners and other equipment, such as computers, used by government officials. Naturally, the resulting efficiency brought about by the use of this equipment covers the running costs of the scanners”.Hence, the CTA proposed that the Mozambican government review the legislation on the implementation of non-intrusive inspection, based on the best practices of international trade and tariffs.In its report, the CTA praised the government for approving an anti-corruption legislative package which has been sent to the Mozambican parliament, the Assembly of the Republic.“This proves that the Government realizes the importance of this legislation in improving the business environment, as well as improving the country's performance in the ranking of “Doing Business”, since the law allows for more transparency in the fight against corruption. We applaud the efforts of the Council of Ministers (Cabinet) and urge parliament to speed up the passing of the legislative package in question', urged the CTA.Speaking on behalf of the government, Prime-minister, Aires Ali, acknowledged the concerns and proposals of the private sector, but stressed that short-term reforms will not solve the problem, as there is a need to introduce deep structural reforms.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Governmental vacuum

While some quarters of people say enough is enough and this diagnosis has its raison d'être, still there are many meetings designed for the purpose of hearing sensitivities and determine what are the constraints to achieving the government plans in the economic sphere .Scholars who present with courage and never tire of repeating their views against certain practices that are defined in the Council of Ministers are looked at askance and with suspicion. Are seen as impediments to action that some government circles believe essential to carry out their work. It is the contradiction between what the country really needs, and a set of guidelines aiming at performing all but the majority of Mozambicans who need and require.Are becoming more and more contradicções between what the citizens think that the country should be and what the government leads the country to be.The question of Mozambique, its economy and the health of your finances is not something as simple as someone putting the left or right of the matters in question.One can not ignore the academic side and theoretical positions as well as you should not take lightly those who say that it is time to put into practice what they advise the various existing diagnostic and allow ourselves to constantly make new diagnoses. Continues to spend more than to diagnose.When a team is made up of government and decide whether to approve or programs that should underpin the objectives of such a team is to promote an open dialogue with the governed in the sense of all the work agreed to be performed in a healthy environment and permanent building consensus . It's all more complicated and difficult when it ruled in constant opposition of the governed and the institutions of civil society - a true civil society and not the one that was set up to look like there is consonance between citizens and government.While we understand that criticism and presenting opinions or views contrary part of the process of implementation of ideas, it would appear that the government needs space to carry out their work. But this is not done or is won with arrogance and conceit. And the government is now more than ever to follow paths that are displeasing.The issue of governance in Mozambique has aspects that are not normally referred to or covered by analysts. Some do not speak out because they feared opposition cataloged and subject to reprisals, others are silent because their jobs and their professional career would be jeopardized. In the government has become impatient and unwilling to listen to others.It is certain, however, that much of what is said is hardly applicable or at least result in a delay in the execution of what one is doing or what the government has decided to do. We need to do. Hear and see every moment has its costs, but what happens is that the schedules are now official that the most convenient for the gentlemen who are in government, that is those that should be their private business than what it takes to make to citizens.The country is often hostage to decisions that have little to do with what would be wiser to do in certain situations. Where it is advisable to study in greater depth a particular file importantly, some rulers that dominate the subject slightly, turn the dictatorship of the position to order the continuation, if go ahead. After all they are well aware that only thus gain some more and grow their current accounts. We only hear themselves. Do not leave the country level. Prevent more than they do. Do not leave.Not brilliant or commendable that the only thing that the Minister of Public Works and Housing is to say that "until they are meeting the necessary funds to invest in the rehabilitation of N6 root in what will be the plugging of holes in the most criticism. " I am particularly referring to the section Inchope Beira, a true crime against Mozambicans in this region of the countryNo need to call a press conference to announce that she will fill holes. Up to announce that she will fill holes, the government has stopped the country to try to show that service is only after your current obligation or fulfills.Plugging holes, on top of the speed of snails is not quite what users need this important road. The pace of work and what they end up fumbling with the work, eventually joining the disorder holes road further delaying the lives of citizens.It is easy to convince the ruled that the "pocket is stuck" or when the vault is empty states who has the moral and political authority to do so. But against the artificiality and wastefulness of the procedures are somewhat convinced that the citizens due to lack of maintenance work and rehabilitation of roads and other public infrastructure is the lack of public money.There is always money for what will not be missed and there is never to meet the real needs of citizens.More and more people are convinced that those who do not pay taxes or escapes them is that they're right, that the robbery and waste that goes on in government and institutions.We need firm government and a government that will be felt and respect. One thing is to respect the government we have and it Mozambicans have no problem and another thing to meet a group of people who have little or nothing to our benefit.When a government becomes a group of "cut ribbons" becomes a heavy and indigestible.The Ministry of Interior does not have to behave abusively against the human rights of citizens. This ministry must act with a heavy hand against illegal immigrants, against the introduction of networks of illegal immigrants, trafficking in women for prostitution, against the sale of visas and other identification documents Mozambicans. This ministry needs to accept training and update the agents of PRM in cooperation with similar entities so that the fight against crime and its prevention are in accordance with social needs. Instead of lynchings have heard that justice works in Mozambique in an acceptable manner, according to conventional standards and internationally accepted.Mozambique has to stop being open door and passage corridor capital and illicit proliferation of illegal activities. A combination of actions between the Ministries of Interior, Justice, Attorney General's Office has to be understood as an urgent need.We have weaknesses and other facilities that are in place for tropical encourage the increase of state agents in the exercise of its functions and it must stop. Nothing is done to stop this because while some others may steal upon stealing going on down to the chain at the expense of fun on the citizen does not stop.That noise you make in the media against acts incredibly difficult to accept abnormal behavior is due to institutional and identified.It's not the size of territory nor the meager resources that should contribute to an increased porosity of our borders.Illegal migration is largely affecting the social and economic stability of the country. If for example if you meet a lot of economic transactions that take place are the product of illegal imports and the pricing structure of goods and smuggled products is detrimental to the citizens, it contributes directly to the dilution of purchasing power of Mozambicans. International networks that benefit from the Mozambican border porosity is evident. With the complicity of ministers and figures that use political intimidation.Will funds sporadically found in possession of traffickers across borders can not be used to finance illegal activities that endanger peace in the country?Who goes out with many thousands of dollars and come back with goods for the commercial is permitted in the service of whom? Who profits?We want an open country without xenophobia of every kind and species. But this is different than having a country at the mercy of traffickers of all kinds with the complicity of those who are supposed to act on behalf of the State to prevent precisely what we are seeing.Urge those who cooperate with it better than us and especially urges dealers to close the doors of people and goods. The normal governance is a process in which all state agents and employees from all levels should be engaged.The seriousness that Mozambicans want to see in their leaders is not compatible with elitist attitudes and distancing between rulers and ruled."You can not leave for tomorrow what you should do today." There were times in which they could claim a whole host of reasons not to support the implementation of the diligent work that is the responsibility of governing the country. That time has passed and now it is time to define responsibilities and all that is done is monitored without waiting for ministerial and presidential visits. (N. Nhantumbo)

Monday, June 4, 2012

The spirit and the letter

Usually the laws are two aspects to consider: the letter and spirit. Since it is desirable that these two aspects lead to the same results. What does not always happen.And I do not think has happened now, in the case of the election, the Assembly of the Republic, Dr. Jose Abudo to the Ombudsman.But let's try to explain in a short journalistic chronic, complex concepts of law, so as to be accessible to ordinary readers.The letter of the law there is what is written, those words, those paragraphs, those paragraphs. The spirit is what the legislature intended, in drafting this law. And the more the spirit to obey the letter, the better.However, in this case the Ombudsman, we have an indication that the law (in this case the Constitution, which is the law-the mother of all other laws) requires that the Ombudsman is elected for more than two thirds of the members of Parliament. And why is that? Why not just a majority as to all other laws?I think it is easy to see that this requirement is intended to achieve the Ombudsman is a person who enjoys a widespread approval, which is a figure of consensus.In fact the situation in which it is now our National Assembly, where Frelimo bench has more than two thirds of the 250 deputies, is a rare case. Rarely happens in modern democracies.Therefore, the legislature, in requiring two-thirds majority, was attempting to force the various benches to negotiate to get a figure of consensus, which could not be elected by the members of a single party. Preferably a figure without strong ties to any party.And I believe that this requirement was made that the Ombudsman has not been elected in the first parliamentary term of this Constitution. Had no bench, alone, the two thirds required and Frelimo was not interested in taking the matter to debate, knowing that they would negotiate with the opposition the name of the person to be elected.Now, with the comfortable two-thirds majority, have allowed it to follow its procedures, knowing that he would be able to elect whom He wanted.And the result was what we saw: More personality clearly linked to the Frelimo party to occupy a place that someone should be above partisan disputes. Someone who will not be very likely a neutral arbiter a player but more of a particular team, always striving for the victory of his team.And this was achieved by obeying the letter but, I believe, not the spirit of the law.Obviously I think that dr. Abudo not have the profile you wish for an Ombudsman. It will therefore, in my humble opinion, more a position to make use of a cabinet, a lot of work to employees, filing and vehicle probably, I have great doubts, motorized beaters with megaphones to demand that the other cars get out for him to pass .All this, of course, paid for by our taxes.So are things in our peculiar democracy ... (M,Graca)


 Cement domestic production reached a record high 277,000 tonnes in the first quarter of this year, with imports falling to 79,000 tonnes during the same period. 
Quoted on the daily paper “Noticias”, National Director of Industry, Sidonio dos Santos, attributes this growth to the commissioning of new factories across the country. Recently, a new cement factory, Cimento Nacional, was commissioned with an installed annual capacity of 250,000 tonnes. 
Also, Cimentos de Mocambique, the largest cement factory in the country, located in southern province of Maputo, saw its production increase with the inauguration of a new mill with an annual capacity of 400,000 tons. 
As a result, there was a sharp increase in the availability of cement in the market, though domestic production is yet to meet the demands of the market. 
In 2010, total production capacity was estimated at 1.3 million tons of cement per year, which increased to two million tons in 2011. 
Therefore, this translates into a remarkable decrease in imports, said Dos Santos. 
This was witnessed last January, when domestic production reached 79,000 tonnes, while imports settled at just 16,000 tonnes. On the following month, the country produced nearly 90,000 tonnes surpassing the 26,000 tonnes of imported cement. 
Last March imports reached 37,000 tons, far less than the 108,000 tonnes produced across the country. 
'We believe we will meet the government's 5-year plan for cement production, because investors are implementing their projects to increase production and build new factories,” said Dos Santos. 
Currently there are five cement factories in the country. The government expects to inaugurate another three cement factories soon, including GS Cimentos, with an annual capacity of 500,000 tonnes; ADIL Cement (120,000 tonnes); and Maputo Cement and Steel Maputo (130 000 tonnes). All three factories are located in the province of Maputo. 
This led Industry and Trade Minister, Armando Inroga to announce last January that the government is considering imposing a quota system for imported cement later this year, in order to protect Mozambican cement producers. 
He hopes that soon all the cement used in Mozambique will have been produced in the country, and will be sold at competitive prices.
He predicted a fall in cement prices, so that imported cement would no longer be cheaper than the local product. 


Two car parks are due to be opened in July to ease the serious lack of parking in the Mozambican capital city, Maputo.According to Maputo’s municipal councillor for transport, Joao Matlombe, “in July a car park in Maxaquene will be opened with spaces for 1,500 cars. Following this, parking will be prohibited along Avenida 25 de Setembro. The other car park, with a capacity of 1,200 cars, will be opened in the downtown district along the railway line”.Matlombe stated that the council will continue to introduce more parking meters in downtown Maputo.He stressed that these parking initiatives are being promoted to ensure that people do not park on pavements and to keep roads passable.According to Matlombe, there are areas where the private sector is calling for the introduction of parking meters to improve parking, which will help them can carry out their business. “Within weeks we are going to tackle Avenida 25 de Setembro and by the end of the year we are going to cover the entire downtown district of the city”, he said

Friday, June 1, 2012

Today I write to President Guebuza

Mr President, with all due respect I have for you, as head of state, though not much sympathize with you, I urge you to read this letter I write to you on a day when my heart begins to ache. On Monday, His Excellency. was in my town, Inhambane, where he inaugurated the statue of Samora Machel.
You know, Mr. President, I was very close to each other, and one of his bodyguards came to ask me who I was and I told him I was a journalist, and then did not call me anymore.
I tried to get closer to you, Mr. President, to advise you to return to his word after unveiling the work is mediocre at present there, but the barrier that surrounded him was impenetrable and I did not confront me with the cops.I tried to bring me to remind you about the size, the size of Samora energetic, a reality that the architect selected to design Samora managed to bring us not, neither near nor far. Samora Machel macrocephalous is presented to us, old and sick, contradicting the joviality that always managed to maintain.
Mr President, I, in place, the referees who have resigned since he pushed for ridicule, because, in fact, that statue is ridiculous, bizarre, macrocéfala. That is a mamarracho. Samora Machel is with an enormous head, his face old and sick and a whitlow (xivessane in the language of southern SAVE), the right index finger.
The buttocks of the man Xilembene are small, a body too small for a big head and ugly.
That statue, Mr. President, I repeat, is a mamarracho and, if I could hear, sent to remove and look for another architect who was to honor the people's idol, though it be known his uncontrolled madness, their ambitions and a series defects than any human being can have.
An idol of the people, Mr. President, can not be treated so low, so insulting, and his aides left him give consent to a mamarracho. I wish the President to interrogate his aides about the fact that they have deployed the statue of Samora back to the city and with that look ridiculous. Can not be, Mr. President! Samora Machel had many samoras macheis within himself, as he once illustrious Nguenha Severino, and each with an intense madness.
Samora Machel was an actor of the first water, wherever he was. Samora faces the sea, where was the statue of Vasco da Gama, as if the Gaza Machangana wanted to do the inverse of the sailor.
The President should incorporate, in the team of his aides, an artist, a madman, to help you in the sight of the things that have to do with art. Samora Machel was an artist and architect who made that statue, it has absolutely nothing artist. It is a mediocre, I say mediocre because our quality or inqualidade is measured by the works we present. If I were one of his aides, Mr. President, this legislation would have prevented public.
The President has immense responsibilities, for sure! And I have the right to write you this letter as a citizen, and tell him that I disagree with this attitude in Inhambane.
Mr President, I write to him with high regard and would be happy if you could read this letter and hear what I think. His Excellency has the right to refuse some things of his comrades and fellow workers. It also has a duty to listen to me, as a citizen, even though I know you can agree with me or not.
Mr President, please hear my cry, which is the cry of many of the people, and have to remove that statue and others who walk around, insulting Samora Machel. I would be very happy if I could hear.I could not talk to you when I was very close to him. But I have the privilege of having a space, through him, stamping my ideas, my thoughts, my feelings, my wounds, my joys too.
It saddens me, Mr. President, your attitude, but who am I, a mere chronicler, to do whatever it is against his word?
Still thank you for hearing me, but I would be even happier if the President could go back with his decision. And it never will make you small.
On the contrary! (A.Chauque)