Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Lourenco  Rosario, rector of The Polytechnic, defends the need for the Frelimo party meeting in Pemba in its 10th congress, focus the discussion of substantive issues on the daily national, such abstentions massive who register in the elections electoral in the country.He believes that since the ruling party Frelimo, must reserve a mission to understand the causes of abstentions and find solutions to the situation.He so enjoyed the academic performance report Frelimo since the last congress in 2006, which presents encouraging data in the context of the increasing number of party members and accomplishments.Lourenco do Rosario said that although the party has been fortified, there was increasing rate of abstention in the elections and Congress should discuss what is wrong, "to avoid capitalization of malcontents."The source stated that two issues should dominate the attention of lawmakers, including national unity and achievements between the 9th and 10th congresses.He noted that in its assessment noted the need to emphasize the difficulties experienced in the space between 2006 and 2012 and this is the ideal time to discuss them.Meanwhile, journalist Mabunda Moses said not to expect major changes in the structure of Frelimo, but guess what Congress will leave "decisions that will contribute to speeding up the print fulfillment of government programs."He referred to the construction of infrastructures, offering more services to citizens, especially health, water and education, while in the latter the focus is on literacy. As for the speech of the moment, which puts national unity as a priority, the source says that this comes at a good time. However, it believes that the recent discoveries of mineral resources recommend that greater attention to the need to elevate the principle of national unity, to assess the reality of other regions.Mabunda Moses cites the cases of Nigeria and Angola, where no record of conflicts fueled by the existence of mineral resources, the fact that in his opinion should be taken into account in the country.The 10th Congress of Frelimo since Sunday that arises in Pemba has the presence of opposition parties and foreign parties friends.However, Mabunda considers the invitation to opposition parties as "a tragedy for the country," as they "offer nothing new to the event."He explained that discussions were witnessed by all parties in no time one of the opposition parties is booked for expression of its position in relation to the report of Frelimo."They are only provided spectators and not get up to say that you promised and what more did not. They are almost all comrades, "he said.The vision of Moses Mabunda defend arises from the fact that democracy is good causes divergence of opinion, which is not the case.On the other hand, indicated that, because extending the invitation to opposition parties and allowing them to witness the debates, Frelimo reveals its solidity.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Slap on the wrist

After meeting with leaders of the Muslim community, Armando Guebuza, to have the meeting with the generals Police, threatening mandar stop them if they ran out to the web and operating principals of kidnappings in Maputo and Matola. Reportedly agents Information Service and State Security (SISE) members walk behind this type of crime long ago.The reports submitted to the police is that they were not executed with the required accuracy, allegedly because of the web of commitments existing among some generals and the 'gang' of sequestros.Mas the intense pressure exerted by public opinion led the police began to experience a remarkable performance, with the arrest of the first group of suspects, succeeding if the arrests. Still, the continued kidnappings, scenario seen as an attempt to devalue the work Initial visible and that the police had done. What is certain is that kidnappings continued until the last Friday was arrested Bakhir Ayoob, who, reportedly are still assigned homicide crimes against fellow entrepreneurs from the square. There is much that the alleged mastermind, now in command of the Rapid Intervention Force (FIR) under tight security, given the their apparent dangerousness, is being followed by agents of SISE. The various interventions, spontaneous, some leaders Interior Ministry whenever they speak out about the kidnappings, did realize that the detention of "true" principals was a matter of time. Probably, the order was to stop suspects in Portugal and when these less were prepared. And the surprise effect if Bakhirpermitiu, including the seizure of some materials that may constitute evidence in court seat. Reportedly Bakhir was recently in South Africa, where he spent R21 thousand in a Casino.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"It is forbidden to put the handcuffs on the words."

Worryingly the news published by the Africa Intelligence Monitor in issue number 692 of September 11, 2012 (also published in the Official Savannah on September 13, 2012), who realizes that Edson Macuacua, Secretary for Mobilisation and Propaganda Frelimo promoted recently at the headquarters of the Central Committee in Maputo, a meeting with staff journalists and commentators, aka panelists, the main organs of Social Communication (OCS) Public and Private in order to toughen action against the regime of work of the CST.
According to the Africa Monitor Intelligence Edson Macuacua main speaker of the meeting stated:
"- Abound in OCS criticism of Frelimo, you have to temper or alter this evidence, through measures of responsible editorial.
- There are municipal elections in 2013 and general in 2014, to ensure a victory for Frelimo is necessary to promote a climate of rapprochement with the party's electorate and population, and the criticisms of Frelimo disfavor this desideratum.
- Those that do not proceed in accordance with the creation of a more benign climate for Frelimo could be jeopardizing their seats, "because Frelimo has that power" (sic). "
This method demonstrated by Frelimo Machiavellian represented by Edson Macuacua and assisted by Renato Matusse, Gabriel and Muthisse Nkutumula (members present at the meeting) reveals a culture anti-democratic, anti-constitutional, hopelessness, intolerance and lack of boundaries and party State (which we all participate and pay taxes and as such it is not owned by any political party). There is talk now of freedom of expression in various sectors of society, is indeed a universal human right, which must run in the family, church, school, finally, on all other public spaces, then there is no reason that in the XXI century there citizens in Mozambique who want to destroy what little we have achieved in Mozambique in terms of freedom of expression. Today the concern is to silence the OCS, my fear is that this culture evolve tomorrow and begin to silence intellectuals in universities, in churches and other religious spaces that work with the public, in fact it is a phenomenon that has already been occurring because the regime considers itself the owner of the organs of state and public. The period of totalitarianism, fascism, Nazism, Marxism and state corporatism has passed in the history of the world. It seems there are still nostalgic these days. It is necessary that these citizens not to forget that culture corporatist state always brought negative consequences to the world with the death of thousands of people. Can mute people to speak, but can never silence the ability to think and express their thoughts in other forums. Individuals wishing to regress the country as freedom of expression are slated to enter as villains in the history of the country, moreover, there is a popular saying: "prescribes the justice of men, but justice in history it is permanent," to name these demagogues citizens have their place in history. The world is full of reports of adverse effects of silencing the press. Just look at the case of Syria, Tunisia, Libya, China, just to name a few. Let journalists and commentators do their job. Have fear of criticism is synonymous with insecurity, despair and spiritual weakness, the contrary should we stimulate and exploit the criticism to improve our work performance. The country's development depends on these analyzes and critiques (understood as debates of ideas) because only then can we see our shortcomings and failures and through dialogue and tolerance we promote more effective action to the desired development. Does Edson Macuacua dome and is aware of what they are committing mistake?
Finally I would like to recall the famous phrase that gave title to the book alludes to the death of Carlos Cardoso "it is forbidden to put the handcuffs on the words." This phrase this very clear memory of Mozambicans.

10th Congress of Frelimo

The general secretary of Frelimo party, Filipe Paúnde, was apprehensive about seeing fully completed works of the complex which is being built in the neighborhood Muxara in the city of Pemba, to host the 10th congress of the party Frelimo, starting next Sunday. On Saturday morning last, Paúnde, who was accompanied by members of the political bureau and the secretariat of the Central Committee of his party, visited the works and said the Chinese contractor in charge of assembling the pavilion that will host the sessions of the event, be imperative to see the infrastructure completed and delivered to the party until the 19th day, ie four days before the start of the congress.According Paúnde, only with this term is that you can the infrastructure be available for the next phase which is the decoration and assembly of various types of devices connected to the event.Now the contractor, who has been showing his work efficiency, assured that the pavilion will be delivered before Wednesday, bearing in mind that at this moment we are in the assembly phase of about three thousand chairs, from China, like all of the material that was used to raise the flag. Another concern is the accommodation of the equipment for accredited media organs, suggesting the assembly of containers until they finish the building works crafted.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Moçambique must walk to 10 hour ...

The debate on the model of exploitation of mineral resources in Mozambique and its benefits for the state continues ... Last week was the economist and university lecturer, Firmino Mucavele, arriving on the scene. Criticized the model used by the government to manage resources and warned that "if current levels of advertising and exploitation of mineral resources continue, in a few years will only Mozambique with holes, while others will take money and go away."
According Mucavele, "we're moving at 200 kilometers per hour (in the exploitation of natural resources) and run too." According to the academic, to monitor current levels of resource exploitation, "Mozambique should send 10 thousand students per year to Australia," he said, repeating that "we will stay with holes while others will take money."
The economist said that the existence of mineral resources in the country it is not no discovery, because already in the 70s had a lot of coal in the country and the Russians and Germans spoke of these phenomena. "But now, anyone announces the findings, which is dangerous."
According to this scholar, the fight against poverty can only be effective with the work. "To teach young people do not need to use the policy, but rather simple words. Using science to create wealth. "The wealth is in the field. Leaders must know how to drive, listen. Young people have to use science to contradict dirigentes.Mucavele spoke last week at a meeting organized by the Mozambican Youth Organisation, under the "celebration of 50 years of Frelimo".

Poverty is inaccurate and useless

In 2011 the Government decided to change the name of its most emblematic instrument of public policy, the so-called Action Plan for the Reduction of Absolute Poverty (PARPA) that was being implemented with the concurrence of the World Bank (WB) and International Monetary Fund (IMF) from the period between 1999/2000.
Of PARPA call went up in 2010, PARP, ie Action Plan for Poverty Reduction. Was removed the word as an adjective absolute poverty. In this context, the government brought a new definition the word poverty, which came to be understood as "impossibility disability or lack of opportunity for individuals and communities to have access to the minimum according to the basic rules of society."
The previous definition officially adopted by the Government in their PARPAS referred to poverty as "the inability of individuals to provide for themselves and their dependents a set of basic minimum conditions for their livelihoods and well-being according to the norms of society."
In "Challenges for Mozambique 2012" launched last week during a conference at IESE, the investigator Anthony Francisco highly critical of the current definition of poverty and the effectiveness of the famous PARPAS. The researcher says that the current definition of poverty found by the Government under the objectives of PARP, has no limits and therefore is inaccurate and useless. "The concept of poverty and engaging in the futility inaccuracy for measuring" he says.
António Francisco says the new definition of poverty elementary lost the attributes of an operational definition, ie "be specific, concrete and measurable useful to play a guiding role and structural analyzes and methods applied in specific circumstances."
The new definition, according to the researcher, distances itself from the monetarist sense of poverty, much blame for the inability of the authors of PARP in conferring intelligibility of the multidimensional nature of poverty. "As if there was no better way to make the multidimensional nature (lack of access to health, water, sanitation, education ...) poverty intelligible, the authors seem to distance itself from the monetarist sense getting rid of the word" absolute ".
The investigator also criticizes the fact that the current PARP in no time explaining the reasons for the replacement of the previous document name and its abbreviation, and states that, take the word "absolute" may seem a minor detail, but the truth is in this case denounces analytical impoverishing an option. "The decision to remove the word poverty was simply unhappy because the definition of the word poverty has become enlarged without limits."
To the economist, the current definition of poverty suggests that the words began to choose the meaning and not the opposite. The investigator also criticizes the failure of the main objectives does not appear sufficient reason for the extinction of PARPAS. "The recent failure of the objectives and goals with the PARPA 2006-2009. Instead of reaching the target in 2009 from 45 percent the incidence of absolute poverty stood at 55 percent, a level statically equal to 2003 but that can not hide the worsening poverty in several provinces, especially absolute poverty. "
Moreover, according to the economist, defaults in any previous authors inhibited PARP in the current state even more ambitious targets: "The PARP 2011-2014 aims to reduce the rate of incidence of food poverty from the current 54.7 percent to 42 percent in 2014 ". (M. Guente)

250 millions

The volume of investment in the tourism sector in Mozambique grew 38.8 percent in the first half of this year compared to the same period last year.According to the National Director of Tourism, Martin Muatxiwa, the government approved during the reporting period a total of 160 tourism projects worth more than 250 million U.S. dollars.The $ 250 million, according to Martin Muatxiwa, corresponding to an increase of 38.8 percent compared to the figure recorded in the same period last year when the government approved tourism projects valued at more than $ 180 million.
"We are talking about tourism projects such as hotels, restaurants and logdes, which are being built in various regions of the country based on national and foreign private investment," said the national director of Tourism for later added that "with the coming into operation of the 160 projects, hopefully, on the one hand, increasing the accommodation capacity and other new jobs. "
For example, of the 160 projects approved, yet according to the National Director of Tourism, will allow increased accommodation capacity of over three thousand beds and creating over five thousand new jobs.
Inhambane tops the listAlso according to data disclosed by the National Director of Tourism, Inhambane appears as the main destination for investments. Of the total of 160 projects, 32 are being implemented in the province of Inhambane. After Inhambane, followed by the province of Cabo Delgado with a total of 14 projects and third-lying Maputo province, with 13 approved projects.
The beautiful beaches and facilities are mentioned by Martin transitability Muatxiwa as the main reasons why most investors both domestic and foreign to choose the provinces of Inhambane, Cabo Delgado and Maputo province-like main destinations for their investments. (R. Moiane)