Friday, July 12, 2013


As a matter of intellectual humility, I must confess that the title is not my responsibility. The original words are a humble lady who in response to the interruption of water supply for manifest incompetence of the government, told STV the following words: "Mr. Guebuza, if not to govern leave us alone!" The statement could not be more immersed in the pit of lucidity, as the intervention could not be more inspired by the most elementary canons of patriotism.
Mr. President, I took the liberty to write you this little comment, as a citizen to disagree in toto with its procedures. But, like before, to inform you, if you do not know who the President is, at this time the most unpopular citizen of our square. Contrary to what its supporters say, the President is simply the least dear citizen of a total of more than 22 million Mozambicans. And that's not fixing, Mr. President, is the stark reality. In fact, more than half of the Mozambican population is in the Lord Guebuza to blame for their failure, hopelessness and frustration. One is that citizens had the opportunity to say yesterday before the television cameras.
And this thick fringe of the population have their reasons. Some voted twice in yourself and believe in what you've been promising during the two campaigns. Others simply already knew and believed in the Lord and do not see themselves now living the apocalypse sociopolitical a country that was going to happen, and be a normal place to live. But agree enlighten you Mr. President, where it all began. Although Carlos Cardoso in 1997 predicted that everything would start with your nomination a candidate for the presidency. Prophecies, although certain apart! it all started with management expectations. You have presented themselves as the savior of the country, with a speech aimed at putting the scheming President Chissano in a situation of villain. Promised to end all that in his view, was introduced by Joaquim Chissano. But time and events are proving that it was all a lie! Corruption to poverty, all increased. Opportunities for hope, all privatized. Freedoms? Simply coarctou them. Frelimo transformed into a religious sect that spreads fear and hatred. Guebuza fear and hatred of those who do not worship Guebuza. Transformed into authentic pacóvios smart people. Could lead young people with higher education and with so much energy and knowledge, and turned them into union delirium. Walking television television and social networks to demonstrate the urgent need for a psychiatrist in their lives, all in defense of the indefensible materially embodied by Sir.
Mr. President, you presented as "savior" of the country, and it appears that will surely come out as the "destroyer" of the country Actually Mr. Guebuza is now a victim of his populist campaign. What happened actually is a kind of "inflation expectations" and the corresponding effect "boomerang" treaty Political marketing. Mr. inflated expectations of voters and failed to meet a third of what walked the promise. Everything you said you would fight tripled or quadrupled in his reign. Everything you said you would not give to and accumulated for themselves. It is no coincidence that all their neighbors are richer citizens of the country and are among the richest in Africa. What say their eldest daughter, Mr. President.
Over the past six months, it is still strange, Mr. President, that all newspapers and television news services open their victims with the "Guebuzismo". For the purposes of this review, we define them as all citizens that you're harming with their desgovernação. Why are employees who are denied the right to strike, doctors are now being held are to be demobilized beaten and illegally detained, thousands of young graduates who are still hanging in the residence halls and terraces without any hope, we are young spend their lives subtract days of his own life expectancy with spirits that you let in as "investment", opposition activists are being harassed and illegally detained, veterans that you both speak to be displaced from homes in living for 38 years for uncertain place, is the population that will go without water in the coming days by the fault of the arrogance of his team. Until now military assault citizens! All those who know the culprit of all is called Armando Guebuza. All they know is that Guebuza is taking them out of life. All these, know that they are as they are, by the fault of Mr. Guebuza. In social networks only speaks of the Lord, the more discredit motivations. Incidentally in churches, hospitals, bars, in brothels, in schools, "sheets" and cafes only speaks of the President as the most unpopular citizen. The televised debates deal with the negative sir. Everyone says you are ruining the country and this unfortunately is true, Mr. President.
I know this comment will come to my hands, and will be a group of people to tell you that all this that lies here elenquei are inspired antipatriotismo. I know that, Mr. President. But if you think all this is a lie put up the following challenge: between a school, market, church or bar and introduce yourself as Armando Guebuza and pay attention to what will happen in the next few seconds. You had the merit of putting the country in a situation of extreme poverty and hopelessness have seen more. There is no record of so much misery in families, and anger accumulated as now, except when we were at war. And this is the work Mr. President! Work disability! In the name of common sense subscribe myself with a patriotic request sincerely hope that your party a spoon affable receptivity: Mr Guebuza, stop sanding this country! (M.Guente)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


 With only a fortnight to go before the end of the voter registration period ahead of the Mozambican municipal elections scheduled for 20 November, just 50 per cent of the estimate municipal electorate has registered, reports the latest issue of the “Mozambique Political Process Bulletin”, produced by AWEPA (Association of European Parliamentarians for Africa) and CIP (Centre for Public Integrity).
The figures from STAE (Electoral Administration Technical Secretariat) show that 1,877,813 people have been registered, which is only 54% of the 3,495,566 voters expected. STAE spokesperson Lucas Jose, cited by the Bulletin, claimed that turnout at the registration posts is now increasing, as STAE steps up its supervision and voter education efforts.But there are great variations across the country. Thus the new municipality of Nyamayabue, in Tete province, was only expected to register 4,623 people but has already signed up 5,901 voters. Equipment problems are continuing in some registration posts. Thus in the Namicopo primary school in the northern city of Nampula, the computerized registration equipment continues to break down regularly. In another school, in the Muhala Expansion area of Nampula, people still have to wait for an hour before they can register. The “Bulletin” also reports that STAE has expelled three members of registration brigades in the southern municipality of Vilankulo for mistreating would-be voters, and refusing to accept valid identification documents. STAE also found that a security guard at the Fraternidade Secondary School in the northern city had been telling people who arrived to register not to bother, because the main opposition party, the former rebel movement Renamo, had warned there would be war if elections are held this year. STAE believed that this disinformation had reduced the number of people registering at that post. In fact, Renamo had not promised a return to war, although it did threaten that it would make it impossible to hold either the elections or the voter registration. But since registration began, on 20 May, there have been no reports of registration posts sabotaged by Renamo. Last Sunday a registration post in the Maputo George Dimitrov neighbourhood was attacked and unknown thieves made off with a computer, a camera and a printer. But this seemed a simple criminal act, without political motivation. 


The Mozambican police have denied reports in some of the media that Saturday’s attack on a camp of armed men loyal to the former rebel movement Renamo resulted in fatalities.Antonio Pelembe, head of operations of the General Command of the Mozambican police, told reporters in Maputo on Tuesday that there was no clash with the Renamo men on Saturday, since when the police and military units reached the camp, its occupants had already left. However, on their return from the camp, the police heard shots fired in the distance.“Those shots didn’t kill anybody in our forces”, said Pelembe. “Some of the media have reported that there were dozens of deaths. This is not true. We suffered no losses at all”.He added “whenever there are losses, we inform the media”.He confirmed that in the operation, the 53 huts in the camp were destroyed. These huts had housed an unspecified number of Renamo fighters, who used the camp as their base for the attacks in late June against vehicles on the main north-south highway, near the small town of Muxungue, in the central province of Sofala.In those attacks two trucks were burnt out, and two people, a truck driver and a driver’s mate, were killed. “We are pursuing the people responsible for the armed attacks on the public highway”, declared Pelembe.

Mozambique of the South Korean

Businessmen from Mozambique and South Korea met in Maputo on Tuesday to discuss investment opportunities, including the possibility of establishing partnerships in the mineral resource and energy sectors.The business forum was organised by Mozambique’s Investment Promotion Centre (CPI), the Ministry of Mineral Resources and the Korea Trade Investment Promotion Agency (Kotra).It was held as part of the official visit to Mozambique of the South Korean Deputy Minister for Industry, Trade and Energy, Choi Kyong-Lim.Choi Kyong-Lim is being accompanied by a trade delegation of 37 entrepreneurs interested in natural gas, petroleum, energy and infrastructure.The Director of the CPI, Lourenco Sambo, told the meeting that “Mozambique does not need to invent anything to develop. What we need is to find serious partners”.He added that South Korea could also use its experience to help with financial and professional training and the construction of infrastructure.He stressed that “we have to push forward with the Special Economic Zones covering the centre of the country. We only have poles of development in law and not on the ground. Financial capacity plays a fundamental role – everything begins with money”.The South Korean delegation also held separate meetings with representatives from the Ministry of Public Works and Housing, the hydrocarbon company ENH, fuel company Petromoc, electricity company EDM, port and rail company CFM, energy fund FUNAE, and the National Petroleum Institute (INP).