Thursday, September 5, 2013


Journalists Adriano Remedi Miraldina and Gabriel , both in the service of STV Group SOICO , were arrested yesterday in Beira , during three consecutive hours in 11 . Precinct Police of the Republic of Mozambique ( PRM ) in the capital of Sofala province . It all started when , after a complaint , those reporters and a third journalist , Francisco Anger, intercepted hundreds of young party Frelimo a selection procedure to fill the posts of presidents of polling in the upcoming elections . The story begins with an announcement released by STAE ( Electoral Administration Technical Secretariat ) , that would elapse tender aimed to recruit about a thousand presidents of polling in Beira , to assume these functions in the next elections . So far the issue was peaceful and normal. Only, however, journalists were alerted that STV previously selected by young Mozambican Youth Organization , organization d Frelimo Party , were at the level of the cells of his party in the border districts to be recruited in a process illegal and parallel to they were just young Frelimo party to fulfill the thousand vacancies such that STAE was announced, the presidents of polling stations . It is not known for sure if this recruitment parallel operation was in fact agreed with the provincial STAE , but suspicions arose and journalists were made to where it was happening , alerted by a complaint . Journalists were warned , on the basis that the operation was to recruit only young Frelimo Party for the presidencies of polling stations and the operation stemmed in collusion with officials of the conservatory .
WTS alerted journalists were the Committee of Frelimo at the city of Beira in Munhava where actually found hundreds of young people to be subjected to such selection " secret " . Surprised these maneuvers and aware that they had been detected , members began OJM for assaulting journalist Francisco Anger, who suffered veiled threats between them that he would take the camcorder .
Another colleague of Anger, Adriano Remedi , would also suffer threats and abuse . Eventually arrested by police and journalists Adriano Remedi Miraldina Gabriel . The police took the defense of partisan maneuvering thus trying to intimidate the press . The elements of Frelimo enraged eventually hold the car using the STV barricades block . And since they called the police in order to get under threat from the authorities compel journalists to move away from the site without registering the evidence visiuais the ongoing attempt to promote recruitment of young Frelimo only to fill vacancies in the polling stations upcoming elections , apparently to better " promote the Frelimo Party power match-fixing ." According to sources who spoke to the Daily Reporting and weekly digital Canalmoz Mozambique Channel , the resistance of Frelimo members that were filmed derived from the fact that they have been caught on the back foot and so have been dismantled its plan with the arrival local press .
" They had prepared the entire process with prudence but finally had appeared journalists " WTS to catch the " maneuver " .
" They started in the cells of the neighborhoods . Began with the selection in the base core , to the Secretaries of OJM neighborhoods . So the list of young people to go to polling stations to fill vacancies in STAE came out of the neighborhoods . These compiled lists and referred them to the Committee of the city of Frelimo in Munhava . The requirement was to have a red card Frelimo party , "he told us one of our youth who spoke on condition of anonymity for not reporting retaliation . The same information we have been advanced by other young people in different situations . The selection aimed at framing " young believers to Frelimo in the polling stations in order to ensure the victory of Frelimo in Beira ."
In Beira odds Frelimo recover the Municipality are quite remote and in this connection are trying by all means could reach the goal of winning local elections scheduled for November 20 . " Frelimo tried everything in detail . STAE put the announcement in the local newspaper . The notary public servants were enlisted to be in office on that party headquarters . " " To host the Frelimo were highlighted conservatory officials dealing with the issue of criminal records . Health officials dealing with the issue of medical certificates were also enlisted to perform tasks at the headquarters of Frelimo that everything be assured . " Here in summary reports of young people who after all have nothing to do with Frelimo and were who gave the warning signal to the press to have been suspicious of the fact that state officials are working at the headquarters of the party for such purposes . In the selection of candidates for presidents of table assemblies employees asked the youth to honor commitments , some young people told us . " All documents requested by STAE are being treated at the headquarters of Frelimo . The documents will be delivered by the party to STAE and spent it all as if the candidates had submitted applications directly to STAE , "notes one of our sources . Some young people denounced the practice that was in progress , the press , because for them it was clear why the Frelimo anyway do not want parity in electoral bodies , as they had heard and that is what is on the table in the rounds of the of the deaf between Renamo and the government , dominated by Frelimo . " They want to ensure the fraud," said one of those young people in our Report. The selection process , by STAE , candidates for presidents of the month voting started yesterday and ends on Saturday . Just to Beira thousand people are needed . The purpose of the episode reported to the press in Beira , our searched Reportage hear the provincial secretary of Frelimo in Sofala , Henriques Bongesse . This told us that it is the City Committee of Frelimo and only these to speak of . We tried to call the secretary of the Committee 's headquarters city. The number was out of service . Francisco Manjate , deputy director of information WTS and delegated to the border , when heard by Canalmoz to be able to comment on what happened to journalists of his television station to the point of being detained by police , said : "We were in the 11th Precinct of police and agents do not know what kind of crime set impendia on journalists , which were eventually released. Were drawn up and an auto commander informed us that journalists may be called or not , "he said .

Manjate eventually report to our reporting that " PRM tried to retain the cameras " to journalists . " I asked what law required such a procedure and finding no response to PRM did not insist ." It should be noted that last July the PRM arrested freelance journalist , Edwin Hounnou on the allegation of military secrecy . Hounnou was released after about one week in terms of identity. The process never progressed . At the time Edwin Hounnou was caught photographing the PRM within the Police headquarters to be transported on the bus company ETRAGO similar to that at the time were being attacked by armed Renamo in Muxungué acting in retaliation for the attack that forces special Police - FIR , had made ​​shortly before the civil Renamo headquarters at the administrative post of district Chibabava National Road N1 .         ( Canalmoz )

Monday, September 2, 2013

Core narrowest uncooperative towards bringing it!

A well-placed source within the Mozambican Government has assured the Official " CM " that a fund is available to forty professionals who have the responsibility of presenting verdaedeira the image of the president of the republic. Analysts unfold in different fronts , namely scrutinizing the thesis Renamo , now in dialogue with the Government . However , responding to the question of allocation of two million dollars for this operation , the spokesman of the presidency , Dr.Edson Macuácua was laconic to claim to be " totally and absolutely false." These funds are being used not only to counter voices outside the party , but as those who have taken within the Frelimo a position far from Armando Guebuza as advance sources . Inside has been the target of these Graça Machel , widow of Mozambique 's first president before it the Secretary - General of the United Nations recently said that the country is poorer today . The incidence of analysts is felt not only in the press ( " News " and "Diary of Mozambique ) , in radio and audio -visual , as on facebook and other social networks , where analysts hired guarantee a living presence 24 hours to counteract the critical voices , conducting dialogues or participate . System analysts ( who have nothing to do with the name that is given to the computer system ) have a weapon the enhancement of President Armando Guebuza , this wife and daughter of the same , tracing a picture flawless regarding its policy of " self -esteem " of povomoçambicano.A posture of these analysts is the preparation of analyzes and that the title corrosive bleach dismantle the social beliefs that Renamo leader Afonso Dhlakama is for democracy and peace , showing up in the disqualification of the same and every journalist that emphasizes their claims from Sadjundjira . Therefore , any citizen today that give delight and substance to the claims of Renamo , particularly with regard to parity , that Frelimo using your experience and sense of opportunity to qualified as valid , clear , relevant and urgent , can be targeted by analysts connotations system . But the concern Frelimo aims to not allow recovery of the legitimacy and moral authority Dhlakama has gained visibly known that in October 2012 was very low . The voices of analysts that have come to light are at the forefront as the emptying of Renamo claims , reducing them as founded on bellicose threats and blackmail . And any opinion
rational on parity is to be " devoured " the same level of freedom of expression , the listed fiercest parading in the Great Debate and Thursday Night , both programs TVM . Any manifestation of human freedom and thought, any manifestation of independence ideological relation to the target system is cataloged as "Cannibalism " by powerful institutions .
The succession of President Guebuza is the crux of this climate we live . According to the " CM " found , has degenerated into a growing sense of unease in Mozambican society , as well as within certain sectors of the " drumming plus cob " defrauded with expectations created around that . At the same time , it is known that Armando Guebuza has unfolded in action on two poles , throwing cartadas to control the party and convince annoying internal voices that should remain in power after 2014 , constitutional limit . There is a feeling of Mozambican society of discomfort regarding this assumption , considered claims based on business and the advent of oil and other minerals which aims to ensure at the same timem keep receipts , so that the " holdings " and " front" survive to his succession . " If the succession Chissano / Guebuza was ahead two years , the President of Mozambique has been preparing the transmission of testimony in a meticulous manner , taking into account all the details that guarantee a strong influence after his retirement and that does not reduce a cosmetic figure as was the case with its predecessor . At this time the opposition within the party concerned than the actual domestic political opposition , "says one well-placed source in fear of Frelimo , thus explaining why the 10th Congress of Pemba reference figures , regarded as radical , which
threaten to take control of the party were left had been . The concern of the hosts in the wash Frelimo image Guebuza is to ensure that certain suitability lost in certain spheres party in recent times " I am talking about veterans of the armed struggle for national liberation , now also interested in the control of the Party and repossess their influential positions . To these are not mutually exclusive demobilized led by Herminio dos Santos , who were reprimanded in about ten years the mandate of Guebuza , and together these former combatants residents of Military Zone , which are being removed to make way for a development of daughter daughter of President Guebuza . These are a campaign against his comrade, which in table wears politically Frelimo , which lost some of its influence in the city of Maputo , said our source , who is pushing the blame of suaimpopularidade and party for independent newspapers more warned of nepotism . " However , the belief on the part of Guebuza that any press is hostile to his person a lot has to do with the illusion produced by laboratories ideological " good catch " approach advocated by analysts of the system , which has exacerbated founded on the assumption that the criticism stems from jealousy manifested the empire he built beneath the ceiling of the presidency as soon as the voices to be silenced are reminiscent of scribes anti -patriotic and a second nation, " the source said I said not a new feeling , because dominated the thinking of Frelimo in 1989 , when remission then by journalists of the petition , entitled " the Right of the People to Information " . "The president is on many fronts , and faced with the factor of having little time to solve all the issues that came to the waterfalls . Hence his advisers are not seriously informed that there is no deliberate attitude to ostracisar , but it is a question of a society that is changing, is not the same as 1975 or 1989 . The danger is that your core narrower uncooperative in the sense of bringing it he has for enemies , which creates a climate of revenge and resentment on the part of the president , "said our witness .
" The malaise of Mozambican society met in crisis Government / Renamo the rub , for the last five years have been marked by Guebuza wear your Executive has not always lived up to expectations , but through palliative and unfulfilled promises as combating poverty , which has been ineffective and instead of results there is a growing gap between rich and poor, " said our source as the all demonstrations and political rights the system responded with violence. Reina why a growing skepticism about the State, the citizens who sent their sovereignty in exchange for security . " It was here where he lived in hope Guebuza , who were true implementer of a modern rule of law " , the source said the " CM " who without mincing words stressed that , ironically , " there where the people had more hope in him which was more disappointed . " According to the source that we have been quoting , not settled the demilitarization of Renamo in a context of political openness , but twitching dialogue with this old belligerent party in the past ten years suffered at the hands of the repressive machine through the Force Rapid . " The impact of these events was echoed in the independent bodies , while government agencies were instructed to stifle them , told fonte.Aliás the public media have certain guidelines to keep twitching around in recurrent low government security forces . The coryphaei regime generally enraged , not only oppose the disclosure of these clashes , as well as advocating for redundancy any manifestation citizen Renamo , nicknamed , the source said , the party " not nationalist ," as opposed to Frelimo and MDM , " true nationalist " . " Now , any coverage that makes the party " not nationalist , "and especially the importance that is given to their hypothetical operations of self-defense against attacks from the FIR and FADM is nicknamed by current analysts as obvious misuse of the press law that independent journalists enjoy thanks to Frelimo . This is the feeling within the Frelimo " , as clarified our witness , who said that before this scenario reigns ceptismo that the legislature was distracted when deuprovimento the press law in force in the country and that the nãopermitir cautions that make the same with regard to the law on access to source .
Still a lack of political will on the part of Frelimo historically constitutes the " Achilles heel " with regard to access to official sources , whose bill was rejected by the majority in parliament bench . Government agencies suffer interference in editorial decisions and they are not free of pressure that descends into self -censorship of journalists and editorial responsibility . " Just as the group of analysts now says that the turmoil in average is promoted by expatriates and journalists who have a second home , in the past to attempt to impose the necessity of the press law was regarded as a conspiracy of the "whites " . " In short , I must say that the present press law , whose merit the champions of truth attach to Frelimo , was due to a carefully thought imposition of professionals who put the former president, Joaquim Chissano , before an impassable barrier , and emptying all any attempt to discredit the petition , "concluded
the source . ( Adelino Timotio )