Friday, July 25, 2014

Who is telling the truth?

The page of "Frelimo Yes" on facebook just make up a lie saying that the Leader of the Mozambican National Resistance, General Afonso Dhlakama Macacho this seriously ill in the mountains of Serra de Gorongosa and the supposed wife, Anita Malizane, shifted Beira City seeking support from Sg Renamo. The "Yes Frelimo" point in his libel that whoever wrote this news was the CRV Journal Magazine published in Beira.
1-Because I like to investigate, carburei to any gas, and my research brought the following results:
a) The leader of Renamo-oriented, yesterday, a meeting of Tables in Quelimane and today, has supervised over a meeting of Tables in Beira-Dondo that took two hours using electronic media from its base in Gorongosa;
b) The woman alleged that with the Renamo leader in Gorongosa called Lucia Fate and not Anita Malizane as "Frelimo Yes" says;
c) The Secretary-General of Renamo since it was to Beira at the meeting of the National Council of Renamo never been in that city;
d) The Secretary-General of Renamo, Manuel Bissopo today out of Maputo to Quelimane on mission Caucus;
e) - Mahamad Hanif Mussa Editor-in-Chief of Journal Magazine CRV edited in Beira, denied this news in his commentary on the "Yes Frelimo" page but this page adiministrador deleted the comment CRV Magazine newspaper publisher;
f) The leader of Renamo tried their criminal record certificate last week and was in good health.
 g) - Renamo has a network of secret collaborators that makes link between their bases inside and cities, so this supposed woman could not have left the base in Gorongosa to intercede to the Secretary General of Renamo.

The leaders of Renamo inside has communication with the leadership in cities. (L.Chisseve)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Simango tuning machine

To achieve victories in the next election balloting, MDM, began with the training of its staff from central and northern areas of Mozambique in Beira, including the presidents of municipalities governed by the party of "bump" in the field of Training and Marketing election campaign, Media training the trainers Presidencial.
Os candidate are from Brazil, and Marcelo Castillo Gil Weiss, Marketing experts Politico, that apart from Brazil have enabled members of parties of Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Spain, Portugal, São Tomé and Prince among others. The duo who have passed in all countries formed parties oposição.A training lasts for two days, then the center area will form the MDM members living in the south of the country.

Problems with the left knee

The Renamo leader Afonso Dhlakama, is seriously ill in the mountains where it installed its cave, as a result of chronic diabetes, today reported Mayoral Journal, based in Sofala Province. The Journal quotes the woman with whom the leader of Renamo lived in the forests of Gorongosa, Anita Malizane, who traveled to Beira seeking support from the General Secrectario Renamo. Anita Malizane, reports that the leader's health is delicate, "he is no longer the big man before and that is in the flesh. Not enough food, not drugs or insulin.'s Few guerrillas who are with him have to charge it when you need to change camp, "reported. Another journal, edited in Beira, CRV Magazine, writes that the alleged woman Dhlakama said that, in addition to chronic diabetes afflicting the leader of RENAMO, suffers from high blood pressure and has problems in his left knee, result of leakage of the Armed Forces of Mozambique.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Next President Of Mozambique

One day before the final between Argentina and Germany at the recent World Cup held in Brazil in 2014 that the Germans were anointed winners, the Frelimo candidate for presidential elections on 15 October with Filipe Jacinto Nyusi set out its vision for how you think Mozambican journalists can contribute to the development of various socio-economic activities of our country, including the Sport, which according creased, not only entertains and inspires joy when our team wins or our national team, as it is a testament to the strength unity and coordination in support of an objective comum.Na dissertation he made in Muzingane, in Gaza province, where he was on the 12th of this month as a guest of the ceremony in which, again, is honored journalists who have won prizes the past 24 months, as Anabela Massingue newspaper "Noticias", Alfredo Mueche, the newspaper "Sunday", he explained that sports teams are alive and revealing expression of the strength of the unit can achieve with respect to objectivos.
Nyusi urged us to elegêssemos sporting activity as one of should be promoted in our media, as well as have fun and catalyze our spirits when our team or selection plays a goal or win a championship, sporting activity is a true practical school of unity, and shows that only when we fight as a group or people united and cohesive, got hit os.Ele served if the Sport to prove that only when we act together if you can best resultados.Para Nyusi, whosoever is part of a team, as 11 players of a football team, is normally disciplined because learns to obey the commands issued to it by his coach, captain, umpire or inspector of the line. Stressed that each player knows he has to play in coordination with their colleagues, always in favor of one and the same objective - which is to win the match or campeonato.Ele pointed these aspects as a practical school that teaches us sharp minor but or less with this teaching, how is critical that we as a people, we are always united and fight together for the development of our country Creased that the strength of the unit was proven when joined by Eduardo Mondlane, fought against colonialism until our victory and proclamation of our independence in 1975. As a dissertation, reminded me of the African proverb that states that if you want to go quickly, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together.Stressed that in this aspect, it is imperative that journalists make a major Sport flags of their activity, and therefore should pay their greater attention because the men indelibly shapes the spirit of unity, discipline and know how to fight together to achieve the same objective.
"He played football or practicing another kind of sport is generally disciplined and know how important it is to act as a group to get the win," said Nyusi in mild but very convincing tone, in their effort to explain the importance of Mozambicans remain united as one and indivisible people, who should oppose against all divisive tendencies as that Renamo has proclaimed.
Its recitals around the importance of sport, has inspired me this article, and see myself sporting activity as one that is in fact a catalyst for cohesion and harmony of men of all races.
As Nyusi was speaking, I was noticing that he is one of the sports lovers, and caused many of which were at that ceremony won another dimension on sport, and not just see it as a simple fun, as above all a powerful catalyst of unity and desfazedor quintessential racism and all other forms segregacionistas.Eu itself gained more conviction that the promotion of sport in its different forms is as important as the dissemination of the culture of a people as did question also refer to it as an important promoting factor in the media.
Sport is, in fact, as he well has stressed that its didactic communication on how we journalists can leverage the development of our country, as well as being a great catalyst for our health, one of the human activities that helped shape the common consciousness that men of all colors and races are equal and have the same capabilities. Sport is a great force that attracts and unites millions of people worldwide, and causes those millions sitting one and the same community humana.Aquela explanation Nyusi brought me more understanding of how the Sport also contributed harmony racial. To do so, just as we remember the multiracial composition of the teams that competed in this World. And then in Brazil, where there are only a few decades, we arrived to paint with white paint their black players, so be tolerated teams playing in white. This narrow-minded racism primitive type was being scrapped with the advent of talented black players like Pele and Eusebio Black Panther. So I write this article, that increasing numbers of players of all races in all teams that participated in this event, including the high number of black players in teams of countries which until a few years ago, occurs in Minhs memory would not have been even permitted to sit up in the stands as fans teams of these countries! inspired me to actually see teams from countries such as Switzerland, France, Germany, Netherlands, United States, with players of all races. Only 50 years ago, blacks were scorned, despised and even brutalized and killed only because they have the color you need. The Sport was one who did much to undo the erroneous idea that the black only served to load when the magic players such as Pelé, Eusébio, Column, and many Matateu outros.
Para me, came the teams have brought to this world light of the World, which in fact people have realized that humanity today is like a human garden as a garden itself, it's just beautiful or handsome when you have flowers all cores.Quem saw the football expertise of these teams multibreed, it was proved once more the fact that as men are essentially identical in human, and the only difference lies only in their color which makes them be such human garden. If you look at the different colors of human beings in religious perspective, is the way that God met us to show that the combination of colors creates a more even that of a single color beauty. Every time I look at a crowd of people of all colors to the mix, fascinates me, and I consider myself blessed for being a citizen of a country that was born of a struggle involving Mozambicans of all colors and tribes. I confess that I'm quite shocked when I hear certain fellow who still dream to share in this country on the basis of our tribes or regions in which we are born. Perhaps because they grew up in a union of young people from all parts of our country environment - which was within Frelimo in Tanzania there and then in the Secondary School Marre, since after independence of our country - Nyusi see people and not races must live apart one of Brazil's World outras.Este proved that the struggle that people fought over years, rather centuries against tribalism and, above all, against racism, was successful. Humanity is already experiencing what our liberators of colonialism, racism and tribalism, as Eduardo Mondlane, Samora Machel, Joaquim Chissano, Armando Guebuza, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Ruth First, Joe Slovo, Jacinto Veloso, Marcelino dos Santos, Nkwame Nkrumah, Julius Nyerere is already an irreversible reality. 100 years ago, it was unthinkable that a black would be accepted as a citizen of a European country, much less to be one of the members of the national team that knows País.Nyusi proved that the contribution to the eradication of tribal or even racial divisions, because when was in Nampula province as one of the leaders of CFM, strove to promote local Railway until starring in unheard of winning the national championship, which was the first time for a formation of a province.(G.Mavie)

Guerrilla with clean criminal record

Mozambique’s former rebel movement Renamo on Monday delivered the criminal record certificate of its leader, Afonso Dhlakama, to the Constitutional Council, the body that vets all presidential candidates.When Dhlakama’s nomination papers were delivered on 11 July, the criminal record certificate was missing, although this document is a legal requirement for all candidates. Speaking to reporters immediately after handing in the document, Renamo representative Andre Majidir said that his party had now complied with all the legal requirements for Dhlakama’s candidature. “Renamo has now delivered the document that was missing”, he said, “It doesn’t matter how the document was dealt with. All the legal steps were followed. So there is a guarantee that our president will participate in the 15 October elections”.Majidir thus refused to explain exactly how the document was obtained. The appearance of the certificate surprised reporters because Dhlakama is still in hiding in a Renamo base on the slopes of the Gorongosa mountain range, in the central province of Sofala. To obtain a criminal record certificate, citizens must present themselves physically, and their fingerprints must be taken.It is therefore suspected that a notary went to Dhlakama’s base where he took the Renamo leader’s fingerprints, and issued the document. This would be the second time that Mozambican state bodies have accommodated Dhlakama’s requirements to become a presidential candidate. 
In May a voter registration brigade went to meet Dhlakama to register him as a voter and issue him with a voter card – only registered voters are entitled to stand as election candidates.Dhlakama’s criminal record certificate was delivered on the final day for the submission of nomination papers for presidential candidates. According to Tuesday’s issue of the Maputo daily “Noticias”, by the end of the day the Constitutional Council had received nominations from 11 would-be candidates. In addition to Dhlakama, these include the candidate of the ruling Frelimo Party, former defence minister Filipe Nyusi, and the mayor of Beira, Daviz Simango, who is running for the second largest opposition party, the Mozambique Democratic Movement (MDM).There are also candidates from eight minor parties, including Raul Domingos, once the number two figure in Renamo, and now leader of his own party, the PDD (Party for Peace, Democracy and Development); Yaqub Sibindy, leader of the Mozambique Independent Party (PIMO), which is a thinly disguised Islamic party; Cornelio Quivela, a former Renamo deputy, who now heads the Mozambique Humanitarian Party (PAHUMO); Miguel Mabote of the Labour Party (PT); and Joao Massango, general secretary of the Ecologist Party.The Constitutional Council must now analyse carefully all the documentation submitted, to check that the paperwork from the candidates is in line with the legal requirements. In particular, the Council will check the validity of all the supporting signatures.Each presidential candidate must submit supporting signatures from at least 10,000 registered voters, each of them authenticated by a notary. This is the hurdle at which the candidates of minor parties fell prior to the 2009 general elections – the Council found that they did not have sufficient valid signatures, and in some cases had forged signatures.


Residents in Murrua in Angoche, in the northern Mozambican province of Nampula, are obstructing trucks belonging to the Haiyu Mozambique Mining Company.Tree trunks and other barricades have been placed in the road to stop the trucks moving between the Chinese company’s heavy mineral sands project in Sangage and the port.Residents are protesting against what they consider to be the company’s failure to implement promised corporate social responsibility programmes.However, a spokesperson for the Nampula Provincial Directorate of Mineral Resources told the daily newspaper “Noticias” that there was no truth in the allegations. Fila Lazaro told the paper that there has been no violation in the memorandum of understanding between the company and the government over corporate social responsibility.Lazaro stressed that the mining company has regularly disbursed funds to finance income generating projects, institutional support and government initiatives. Since the memorandum was signed, one and a half million US dollars has been disbursed.Among the projects supported are the purchase of an ambulance for the rural hospital, the rehabilitation of the local mortuary and the restoration of a significant part of the hospital. In addition, residents have received funds for income generating schemes.The company has also recently allocated 27 million meticais (about 875,000 dollars) for the construction of an electricity line linking Sangage with the national grid.In June it was reported that work to rehabilitate the rural hospital in Angoche district had been paralysed for nine months. The contractor complained that it had not been paid, whilst the local government accused it of taking the money and failing to complete the work. Haiyu has paid the Provincial Directorate of Mineral Resources for the work.Haiyu began mining at Sangage last year for zircon, ilmenite and rutile.Ilmenite (iron titanium oxide) and rutile (titanium dioxide) are used to make white pigments for paints, paper and plastic. Titanium can be extracted from these ores and used to manufacture metallic parts where light weight and high strength are needed. Zircon (zirconium silicate) is used for abrasive and insulating purposes.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Electoral victory

The warmongers directors of President The Head of State whose image, especially in the last five years has been heavily battered by harsh criticism and accusations of systematic violation of the rules of good governance in a democratic rule of law; the establishment of an autocratic regime and clientele, in fact; the use of public office entrusted to him to enrich himself, the enrichment of members of their own family and strengthening its influence in government and in the party itself; whom the national and international public opinion imputes greater responsibility for the return to a state of civil war, after twenty years of peace, of course, citizens expected their advisers to help him open a path of political compromise that constringisse your Government and the largest opposition party - Renamo - to sign a peace agreement and open avenues for fair and transparent general election on 15 October. To everyone's surprise, the directors of State - judging at least from the results - increased fuel to the fire. Whereas the agenda (publicly announced) the Fourth Session of the State Council of 7th July was the "assessment of the political and military situation affecting the country," the waiver of immunity spokesman Renamo leader and member State Council, António Muchanga, and his subsequent arrest outside the meeting, makes you think the rest of the directors has recommended that President Guebuza to end the civil war was enough to Jail spokesman of his political opponent, Afonso Dhlakama . If so, or should we conclude that the component members of the State Council are not sufficiently wise and thoughtful, capable of providing good and timely advice to the Head of State, or should we conclude that this institution (the State Council) - alongside many other political institutions such as the Mozambican National Assembly (RA), the Constitutional Council (CC), the Attorney General's Office (PGR), the Central Office for Combating Corruption (GCCC), etc. - its main function (although not confessed) is that of giving legitimacy to authoritarian designs Armando Guebuza and the most influential members of his party. In fact, according to article 15 of Law No. 5/2005, of 1 December, which regulates the organization of the State Council and sets the status of its members, "no member of the Council of State may be detained or arrested without the authorization Council ... ", which leads to the conclusion that the decision to halt the spokesman Renamo leader was taken independently of any idea of ​​a meeting of the State Council and to legitimize it was then called the IV session. Counselors in this case were literally exploited to give legitimacy to kidnap spokesman Dhlakama plan. Well, in a democratic nation, where every political institution boasts of a certain autonomy and independence from the executive, on the publicly lie propagated by a Head of State announced that as of the fourth session of the State Council agenda "assessment of the situation and military policy that live in the country, "when the real intention was inadvertently kidnap one of the Board members, the minimum that the board members could (should?) have done was to leave the bulk of the meeting room, asking the president to schedule another session to address is the issue of lifting the immunity Muchanga. 
This time, however, the absolutist maneuvers of President Guebuza, or their mere recklessness or incompetence in the management of the crucial problem of the Mozambican nation can have disastrous consequences for the country and, therefore, the need to pay special attention on the part of citizens. Therefore, doing a reading between the lines, stopping Antonio Muchanga for inciting violence, Armando Guebuza simultaneously plow their own condemnation. Indeed, throughout his administration, Guebuza, not only incited violence, but systematically inflicted political-administrative violence to citizens and allowed members of your circuit and officials of various institutional levels inflict harsh political-administrative violence to citizens . So if, for having incited violence, the appropriate place is the prison Muchanga, the proper place of those who use political power entrusted to him to systematically inflicting violence to his people is there where is Mr Muchanga. The options left to Mozambicans are confined to two: either get rid of Guebuza, as soon as possible, or to meet their own self-destruction as a political entity ruled by a democratic right. The second alternative - political chaos - is favorable to Plan B Guebuza. When he realized that the idea of ​​continuing in office as President after two terms granted by the Constitution, was harassed by members of his own party, his preference for a successor, although it may protect the interests of Guebuza family, does not ensure electoral victory, led him to adopt the plan is to promote chaos to make the elections are conducted only in constituencies where Frelimo is more likely to collect most votes. Renamo has publicly appeared saying that (but poorly drafted) President Guebuza Machiavellian gesture "would further complicate the political situation to which Mozambique is layered." Was it not necessary that the Renamo to say it was realized that the measure taken by Guebuza was politically incorrect and strategically disastrous: it is clear that although peripheral points agreed at the negotiating table in the center "Joaquim Chissano" are compromised, and the meeting Guebuza / Dhlakam that seemed to be brief and, for many, such a meeting would mark the end of hostilities, was postponed sine DATEE it is most likely that in the coming days if a watch escalation of violence. The political violence that, until now, was inflicted to most Mozambicans, through the use of political power for private purposes was, anyway, manageable state of peace that allowed developing several able to ensure their own survival activities. The radicalization of the state of war - sought by the president - while increasing the grieving families in Mozambique, reduce the possibility of developing self underpinning those populations which have always been abandoned to their fate by the Frelimo government activities. The waiver of immunity and the subsequent arrest of the spokesman of the Renamo president within a session of the State Council and the premises of the Presidency of the Republic, may also be a pre-announcement of the extension of the battlefields and the brigades death: enlargement of forests and EN1 to cities and extending the military field to the calendar field. In fact, it was Muchanga the presidency as state councilor and came out prisoner, the Renamo deputies may one day get ca House of Commons as Members of RA and out of there as prisoners or as corpses to be accompanied to the cemetery. Therefore, as a matter of attribution is vague:. "Incitement to violence" "incitement to violence" means any citizen may, in the coming days, penitentiaries cells to be collected for any action to be considered part of the category's zealous members and supporters of the ruling party, may with impunity form of death squads and conduct mass executions or other atrocities in their own residential neighborhoods or villages, in the name of defense against "incitement to violence." in the veterinary field, an angry dog (angry) is automatically eliminated. In his famous Treaty II Government, the English philosopher, John Locke argues that the monarch who, using political power entrusted to him to put himself in a position opposed to citizens who rely power, therefore ceases to be king and like a wild animal that is slaughtered to protect the human race to which constitutes a hazard, the monarch can be eliminated, without thereby being committed a crime of regicide. In contemporary democracies, one dead, incompetent and incapable of promoting appropriate solutions to the key problems of the country government is constrained to resign. (Alfredo Manhiça)