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Qatar Airways has announced that it is increasing connections between Mozambique and Qatar by introducing, as from March, direct flights between Doha and Maputo.According to a report in Monday’s issue of the Maputo daily “Noticias”, the announcement was made at a ceremony where Qatar Airways distinguished the company Cotur Tours as its main agent in Mozambique. The current twice weekly Qatar Airways flights between Maputo and Doha stop at Johannesburg in both directions. Cutting out the stop in Johannesburg will reduce travel time by two hours. The decision reflects confidence that there is enough traffic between the two cities to make the route profitable, without stopping in Johannesburg to pick up more passengers. The new direct flight may also prove attractive to passengers who wish to travel on to other destinations in the Middle East, Europe and Asia. The Maputo-Doha route will use the most modern of large aircraft, a Boeing 787 Dreamliner.
The director of Cotur, Noor Momade, told “Noticias” that the prize awarded to his company by Qatar Airways is of great importance since this is generally regarded as one of the best airlines in the world, and this is the first time it has awarded prizes since beginning operations in Maputo. “This prize shows once again that we are on the right path, and that our clients are pleased with our work”, said Momade.


http://media.withtank.com/6bce71fdc6.jpgThe government of Morrumbala district in the central Mozambican province of Zambezia plans to meet in the near future with the local leadership of the former rebel movement Renamo in the locality of Sabe, reports Tuesday’s issue of the Maputo daily “Noticias”.Sabe is where the illegal Renamo militia set up a new military base last year, which Renamo leader Afonso Dhlakama called a “general staff headquarters”. The instability in Sabe led to the interruption of classes in primary schools in the locality last October, and unless a solution is found rapidly about 9,000 pupils may be unable to continue their studies.Morrumbala district administrator Pedro Sapange told reporters on Friday, in the provincial capital, Quelimane, that a meeting with Renamo to negotiate the reopening of the schools could happen before the start of the school year on 5 February.Sapange plans to meet on Tuesday with State employees who have fled from Sabe in an effort to persuade them to return to their posts, since the military situation is currently calm.Not all state workers have abandoned Sabe. According to Sapange, the Sabe health centre is continuing to operate. Every day the health workers, who are currently living in Morrumbala town, travel to Sabe, work at the centre, and return to the town in the evening.Sapange thought that Sabe teachers, who are currently also in Morrumbala town, could do the same. He wanted the teachers to return to their schools, even if they have to commute between Morrumbala and Sabe, “to guarantee that the children can study. We are worried because the school year is about to begin”.There are about 170 teachers in the Sabe schools. They have fled from Sabe to take refuge either in Morrumbala town, or in neighbouring districts. At the end of 2015, 1,200 seventh grade pupils in Sabe were supposed to sit final exams (for the transition from primary to secondary education) but the military tensions made this impossible.The presence of armed Renamo gangs has also had a serious impact on the Sabe economy, hitting agricultural production because farmers feel it is not safe to work their fields.

Test takeover

Four Renamo members are individuals held in Ribaué district, Nampula province, accused of trying to seize power by force.The police in Nampula said that neutralization of individuals was made in a popular rally in Lapala, which transmitted messages to the effect that Renamo is a party in powerSérgio Mourinho spokesman Police in Nampula said that in addition to trying to take power by force, individuals are also accused of inciting violence.The police in Nampula urges people not to get carried away with speeches that violate the National Unity and Peace in Mozambique.While it is not clear the real motivations according to police, individuals remain detained in the cells of the District Command Ribaué, Nampula province.

There are elements to clarify attack

The commission of inquiry set up in Mozambique to investigate the shooting attack on the secretary general of the largest opposition party already has elements to clarify the case, announced today the spokesman of the Mozambican police."Our team is already in Beira [Sofala province in central Mozambique] and already has elements for clarification of this case," said Inacio Dina, speaking in Maputo during the weekly press conference of the Police of the Republic of Mozambique (PRM ) concerning the attack on 20 January, the number two of the Mozambican National Resistance (Renamo), Manuel Bissopo.The spokesman for the PRM stressed that the priority is to stop the perpetrators of the crime, reiterating that there are already indications from witnesses of the attack Bissopo."We are working with everyone, including the victim," said Dina, indicating that, in due course, the police will have concrete information to present to the media.The secretary general of Renamo, Manuel Bissopo, was shot by unknown on 20 January when driving his car in Beira, taking your safety died on the spot.According to António Muchanga, spokesman for Renamo, Bissopo continued on Monday in hospital in South Africa but had significant improvements (a bullet along the aorta / heart).On Friday, in an interview with Lusa, the Renamo president Afonso Dhlakama, blamed Frelimo (Mozambique Liberation Front) by the shooting attack Bissopo, accusing the ruling party for 40 years in Mozambique to promote "terrorism State".Frelimo, in turn, he regretted the incident, which sees no political motives, and insisted on the urgency of the largest opposition political force disarmament.The general commander of the Police of the Republic of Mozambique (PRM), Jorge Khálau, announced on Friday a commission of inquiry to investigate the attack against the general secretary of Renamo, regretting the incident and condemning the perpetrators.The European Union and the United States has condemned the balemaneto of Bissopo and asked the determining liability in a climbing context of political violence in Mozambique.Mozambique is experiencing a situation of political uncertainty for several months and the leader of Renamo threat to take power in six northern and central provinces of the country, where the movement claims victory in the general elections 2014.Afonso Dhlakama has not been seen in public since 09 October, when his residence in Beira was raided by police who disarmed and detained for a few hours, his guard, the third incident in less than a month involving the leader of the delegation of opposition.In recent weeks, government and Renamo have accused each other of abductions and murders of its members.Renamo recently asked the mediation of South African President Jacob Zuma, and the Catholic Church to dialogue with the Government, which has been blocked for several months.Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi, has reiterated its willingness to be sighted with the leader of Renamo, but Afonso Dhlakama believes that there is nothing to talk after Frelimo have leaded the Constitution of timely revision to accommodate new administrative regions claimed the opposition and that dialogue will resume after the seizure of power in the center and north of the country.

Minister requires the return of 7 million USD INSS

The Minister of Labour and Social Security, Victoria Diogo, instructed, recently, the Director-General of the National Social Security Institute to recover the value of an investment of more than seven million dollars, equivalent to 210 million meticais in participation with the company CR Aviation. Ltd, belonging to the president of the Association of Economic Activities (CTA), Rogério Manuel, according to newspaper Magazine Independent this week.A business bad debts from the start and contoured to blend with a big fraud, the National Social Security Institute (INSS) signed a memorandum of understanding with the company CR Aviation, a company of the civil aviation industry to operate one for investment the acquisition of certain aircraft.The memorandum between the INSS and the CR Aviation aimed at setting up a partnership in the context of diversification of the investment portfolio, further to the materialization of the guardianship recommendation given in Nampula Province to Members of the Board of Directors, in order to provide support to small and medium-sized Mozambican companies owned by nationals.However, according to a file of the entire process, held by the Magazine at the time of the negotiations there were a number of irregularities, since it does not comply with the requirements established under subparagraph e) of paragraph 2 of Article 106 of Regulation Compulsory Social Security, approved by Decree No. 53/2007, of December 3, which states that the INSS values ​​can only be invested in equity securities quoted on the Stock Exchange.A requirement that Rogério Manuel firm did not meet at all, but even so, there was one blind eye and moved up to the memorandum, to then be asked the requirements for quoting the CR Aviation Stock Exchange of Mozambique as evidenced by the craft 537 / INSS / GAB-DG / 2014 dated September 29, 2014.The amount invested by the INSS, three million dollars intended for the acquisition of 15% of the share capital of CR Aviation Ltd; two million, eight hundred thousand US dollars was the advance to guarantee entry of the INSS in the Company CR Aviation Ltd, whose aim was the acquisition of four aircraft in the process of its operating leverage and the remaining one million and two hundred thousand US dollars were related to administrative costs, in particular, inspection of 4 aircraft, insurance and maintenance.For this reason, funding and partnership agreement with the INSS, so that the latter acquired 15% of shares, is still ongoing, because the CR Aviation waits for the 2015 accounts closing to start the sale process of its shares at INSS, in the Mozambique Stock Exchange.Even before finishing the dossier from the sale of 15% of the shares to the INSS, Rogério Manuel is selling the last part of their shares to AVS Investments Ltd without the consent of the INSS, which according to the composition of the CR Aviation Ltd, furnished to the Bank to which the AVS investments are requesting financing for the transaction, the INSS does not even appear in the shareholder composition of the CR Aviation.For this reason, the AVS Investment company underwent a park bench a request for funding of investment credit in order, worth over 35 million meticais, to acquire shares of Rogério Manuel, corresponding to 49%. With this acquisition, AVS Investment will hold 100% of shares of the company CR Aviation, Lda. More developments in the newspaper Imprenso Magazine Independente. Reginaldo Tchambule

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MKAPA3Mozambican musician is causing furor in the land of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, 
MKAPA1Russia. It is Monteiro Francisco or simply M KAPA [Artistic Name], is a young man born in Maputo and currently resides in Rússia.Começou his career in Maputo, around 1998, when in 2012 he went to Russia in order 
MKAPA7to continue your studies, you are presently attending Engineer Electronic.Jay Russia did not derogated, will reconcile their studies to what more needs to bom.M KAPA is not only more student is also musician, poet and will lecturing in many parts of Russia, praising the Mozambican culture abroad and has accumulated many awards, medals of honor.Download one of his musical worked on the following link: https://soundcloud.com/m-kapa-novalei-1/fl0co31yol26

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Two analyzes

Nyusi: humility and simplicity
There IS a theory which states that if you want to know the true character of a certain person, give him power. In fact, there are two consequences that can occur when granting power to someone, or remains immutably good person, that becomes an overnight arrogant and difficult to treat, even towards his old friends.After meeting the humility and simplicity of Philip Nyusi, most while covering the final stretch of his election campaign last year, before, so he was elected President of the Republic on 15 October 2014, I notice, with growing satisfaction, that power which holds 11 months ago, did not degenerate in arrogance or the mania known all generally takes possession of most of those who ascend to power, be it political, economic, religious or any other nature.Unwittingly falling into flattery, Nyusi is proving to be, therefore, a great man, because it maintains the same person as before the power. Have not lost "your child's heart" which, according to human age-old wisdom, is what engradece and makes men, great men, and that only very few can keep it when they reach adulthood. Even those who knew him well in the days of his youth and adulthood have I asserted that Nyusi does indeed, poverty of others, including that still crushes most of us, his fellow countrymen. Ensure that when he says he wants to fight against poverty is not to say that only lip service, as is common among politicians who often only sing what is not going on the soul so that the poor the Look upon as their saviors and so can remain in power.Some say Nyusi is clear proof of the thesis of the great Swiss writer, Stefan Zweig, which states that, in general, every man that grows in the midst of great hardship and suffering, it becomes a great man and defender of other greedy. The reprieve that has just granted this December, a thousand our compatriots who were in prisons is for me one of the proofs that embodies itself, the suffering of others. The same can be seen in his visit on the eve of this holiday season, the Wholesaler of Zimpeto Market in Maputo, for, from there, to urge all the country sellers to not greedily raise product prices, so they can be accessible to all or at least most of the less affluent.For large possessions that do not go hungry, or who have never experienced in life how it hurts hunger and poverty, can see these goings of Nyusi to markets as evidence that does not know what to do as head of state. But far from it, are for me the revelation that this President knows himself, which is to go to bed without having eaten enough or nothing. One must bear in mind that over 60 percent of about 24 million Mozambicans do not eat enough and there are many among them who come to spend one or more days without eating anything. There are many who will transition to the year with nothing to eat. So it is very important and commendable that Nyusi dedicate part of its agenda to ensure that this most Mozambicans eat something. It is no coincidence that the then Brazilian President Lula da Silva, has devoted much of its government action to fight hunger and is now believed to have been a good president by the majority of Brazilians. If Nyusi get away with hunger, will have done a great work to his countrymen, as important as those who liberated us from colonialism that has denied us the right to own food, which was "per se", the same as in deny life itself, because who does not eat, he dies.Nyusi know how hard it is tragic and not eat anything or being poor, because he himself went through it in your life. Not one of you imagine what hunger and poverty. From the little I know of Nyusi's life trajectory, convinces me not heard of poverty - himself suffered from poverty, and the evidence of that is to have made their TPCs lighting is xiphefu, which in this case is a lamp improvised, or sometimes even under a public lighting when did his high school in Beira. He himself never tires of recalling these is that they were indeed difficult times, when referring to this chapter because it passes together with other colleagues at the time, as the current Minister of Transport and Communications, Carlos Mesquita.Although 11 months is very little time to evaluate this man that fate catapulted him to third Guebuza position after Samora Machel, Joaquim Chissano and Armando Emilio Guebuza, there is consensus that he remains as humble, simple and friend of his friends and that boils wanted to see eradicated from time poverty that still affects the majority of his countrymen. One of the proofs that it is more than ever predisposed to help their compatriots to fight against hunger and poverty is to have already started to create material conditions for Mozambican farmers can make a production with more appropriate means in respect of which so far used. I mean the parks of machines in order of Nyusi are being implemented throughout the country with an agricultural potential.I believe this is a fervent proof of their desire to want to see hunger and poverty rampant in eliminated Mozambican rural areas. I think these are issues that sadden and that led him to give his first Report to the Nation, an atypical outcome that he was proud of what has been done in these 11 months, but at the same time is still not satisfied. For me it was a happy outcome and consistent with reality, nevertheless can give the idea of ​​contradiction, as I have heard some people claiming so. That is, you can not be proud of something that does not satisfy us. It is possible yes sir to-be proud of what has been done or is doing still up, but at the same time not being satisfied or completely satisfied.For the dear reader understand how it is possible to be, proud of something you did or what you're doing, not being yet satisfied, I can give the example of the time that Frelimo was fighting against the Portuguese colonialism. In fact, as the fight progressed, and was adding more liberated areas, such feats filled with pride fighters, but at the same time could not they be fully satisfied because they had not yet reached the ultimate goal - which was the release the country and the people of Portuguese colonialism. Now all that has been done over these 11 months in which Nyusi is leading, aims, ultimately, the release of Mozambique's poverty in which almost all still living. So it makes sense that despite the advances that have been achieved in these 11 months, and even over the 40 years of our independence, it can not leave satisfied, while most of his compatriots really suffer from the poverty.I believe that there is no contradiction in this its outcome. All one is heroic, can cause you proud even if some gains and fail, because at least succeeded in trying to do, although it was not successful or completely successful. When we evoke the memories of our compatriots who heroically died fighting for our independence, as Dr. Eduardo Mondlane Chivambo and many others do it because they make us proud for what they did good, but above all because they are the living proof that we are not a coward but heroic people, despite not having succeeded in life beat our enemies.One of the most important evidence of this Nyusi of children's heart is his selfless commitment to the pursuit of lasting peace for our country. Shortly after taking the helm of the country, Nyusi all made to meet with Renamo leader, and did so for two consecutive days. Unfortunately, despite its willingness to reach an outcome with Dhlakama, this has proved not predisposed to dialogue. Unfortunately still, despite this predisposition Nyusi to meet with Dhlakama to run out of time with the apparent political crisis spectrum, there are those who do everything to present the idea that those who are not collaborating is even President Nyusi. It is unfortunate that there is this bad judgment Nyusi but not surprised to be accused of what is not guilty. Even before it made many innocents, including highlight Nelson Mandela who was kept in jail for 27 long years. It was proof that in this world there are saints in jail and criminals in the churches. But the fact is that Nyusi deserves more to be our "Figure of the Year" and not Dhlakama as already elected some media.
(Mozambique News Agency)

The hope is the people!

Resultado de imagem para canalmozThis is the last editorial we wrote to our esteemed readers in 2015. When the journal is in the hands of dear reader, will miss few hours for the bells announce the New Year.The year ending was editorially rich in events, but events were, overwhelmingly, not prided to any common sense citizen. It was a difficult year, so not to forget. We can not forget the blunders that were being committed, because we run the risk of becoming pathological as normal, and we move from mediocrity into mediocrity. It must break.The year ending gets hectic with an electoral coup equal to 1999 and the enthronement, once again, of the votes of thieves, established winners Numas nuts elections, which should embarrass anyone. We were forced to watch a degrading spectacle of the Sting agents, with each blaming the other on the whereabouts of the notices, which, to date, no one has ever seen. Neither Nyusi himself knows how to win, and perhaps that is why, to this day, does not know whether the rule is or is to be governed. It is the material coefficient of illegitimacy.We are required to attend a retired as Chipande without official indication whatsoever, to go public dictate the cornerstones of governance, as if he were the guardian of the "boy president," that is, give us to understand that everything Nyusi says that is just fun, and it should only be taken seriously if the Chipande say. While Chipande do not, then you are not to take into consideration.Days after the legalization of electoral Sting, are collected by a fat inaugural speech on false pretenses, which only took 24 hours for the period of validity expired. In less than 24 hours after it was announced that would be formed a competent Government and all Mozambicans, behold, they are called friends, in-laws of former colleagues daughters, nieces of former creditors, young men which dealt with hours in the campaign and not to disappoint, the usual friends who were working in several fronts occasion.It was clear that one could not expect anything but the usual "it was our time to eat." And that's what you see. There is no initiative to give hope to the people, let alone collective construction projects of the Republic. A desert of ideas, with ribbons cuts in markets and opening of scaly fish machines.And as we face the extent of destroying saga of the previous flock, there is no interest in clarifying financial crimes as the EMATUM, which launched the country into the deep end. By the way, it would be like asking a rapist to choose its criminal frame. Result: no exemplary accountability, we were reporting severe cases of misuse of public funds and nothing happened to offenders. Cases like EMOSE are the antechamber of what happens in almost all public companies, where the notion of public good has been cleared. The Prime Minister visited all these companies and found that reality, and the only measure that was taken was to put managers to self-regulate themselves.Civil War episodes have reached extreme levels. Innocent died. There was displaced citizens in despair. Schools and health centers were closed. Students were not examined. The head of the largest opposition party lives hidden in the woods, as he walks to be hunted by gunmen of the ruling party.Simulate up political negotiations and is chosen as mediators the most degraded sections of society. We are entering the New Year without any prospect of peace, reconciliation and tolerance. On the economic front, the prospects are the same. There is a generalized increase in prices, with the metical to decline to levels never seen before. Opting for dubious projects dragged us to this point: projects such as EMATUM not differ from new and millionaire building of the Bank of Mozambique, whose purpose so far no one knows.All this is because as a people we have been adopting an attitude of apathy towards frightening abuses that are committed. With lack of civic engagement of young people, those who govern there's nothing left but to issue a signed certificate of collective stupidity. We must be brave and say "no" when necessary. No one will respect the people while the people not to assume its role as owner and boss of the land. The leaders are to serve the people, not to be leaders of the people. If the civic conscience of every Mozambican awakening, we have a New Year 2016 more hope, because hope comes from the people themselves. No one better than the people themselves to decide their priorities. We would like to end this reflection wishing happy Christmas and a Happy New Year, but we prefer complete demanding more civic awareness of participation in 2016. We will meet us here in this very room, in a week, when 6 January 2016, ie New Year. The fight goes on.
 (Canalmoz / Mozambique Channel)


Trains laden with coal will soon be travelling regularly between Moatize, in the western Mozambican province of Tete, and the northern port of Nacala-a-Velha, the Tete Provincial Director of Transport and Communications, Romeu Sandoca, has assured. Sandoca said that everything is ready for the line to move the Tete coal to the new coal terminal built at Nacala-a-Velha. This port was built from scratch, and faces the existing Nacala port across a sheltered bay, which is regarded as one of the best deep water ports on the east African coast.The railway has been built across southern Malawi, as an alternative to the Sena line from Moatize to the central port of Beira, which cannot handle the huge amounts of coal expected to be exported from Tete in the medium term.
The line to Nacala-a-Velha is 902 kilometres long, and was financed by the Brazilian mining giant Vale, which owns an open cast coal mine at Moatize. The original, optimistic forecast was that the line would be ready by late 2014.The projections were for about 20 coal trains a day. This will require a fleet of 100 locomotives and 2,700 wagons. 12 ships a month are expected to call at the coal terminal.But the opening of the new line was repeatedly delayed – particularly because of the damage done by the floods that hit northern Mozambique in January and February 2015. However, Sandoca insists that everything is now ready, and the regular transport of coal between Moatize and Nacala-a-Velha will begin this month.The first shipment of coal reached Nacala-a-Velha in November – that was when the line was fully inspected and tested, and shown to be fit for its intended purpose. Sandoca said the test run was carried out by four locomotives carrying 120 wagons of coal. The line will be used, not only by Vale, but by other mining companies based in Tete, and who currently use the Sena line. In addition to Vale, two other companies, both Indian, are exporting Tete coal. They are International Coal Ventures (ICVL, which bought the coal assets formerly held by the Anglo-Australian company Rio Tinto), and Jindal Africa. Nacala-a-Velha can export up to 18 million tonnes of coal a year – which is more than the current production of all three mining companies combined.


Resultado de imagem para danish satar raptosThe Mozambican police have confirmed the deportation to Maputo of Danish Satar, one of the men believed to have masterminded the wave of kidnappings that hit Mozambican cities as from late 2011.The arrest of Satar was thanks to collaboration with Interpol, which picked him up in Rome in November. After contacts between Interpol and the Italian and Mozambican authorities, Satar was returned to Maputo, where he arrived on Friday.According to a report in Monday’s issue of the independent newssheet “Mediafax”, Satar is currently being held in the cells of the Maputo City police command. He must now be presented to a judge to validate his detention. The crime for which he was arrested is not kidnapping, but “disobedience” – however, “Mediafax” suggests that the crimes of kidnapping and “private imprisonment” could be added to the charge, in the light of cases currently in the hands of the courts and the Public Prosecutor’s Office. Apparently Satar did not know that his name was on an Interpol watch list. When he and his wife checked into the Rome hotel, the staff did a routine search, found that he was a wanted man, and contacted Interpol.The Mozambican police first requested Interpol assistance to track down Danish Satar in mind-2012, when he was believed to be in Dubai. According to a report at the time, carried by the independent weekly “Savana”, the police believed that Danish Satar was a middleman between the kidnappers on the ground, and the men ordering the kidnaps. One of those men giving the orders was thought to be Danish’s father, Asslam Abdul Satar, last heard of living in Pakistan.Asslam Satar was one of the masterminds of the gigantic bank fraud of 1996, in which the equivalent of 14 million dollars was siphoned out of the country’s largest bank, the Commercial Bank of Mozambique (BCM) on the eve of its privatization. The money poured out of the bank into fraudulent accounts that Asslam’s accomplice, BCM branch manager Vicente Ramaya, allowed to be set up in the names of members of the Abdul Satar crime family. Key members of the family, including Asslam, fled the country and thus escaped arrest.Asslam’s brother, Momade Assife Abdul Satar (“Nini”), and Ramaya were sentenced to long prison terms for their part in the BCM fraud. By that time, both of them, plus another of Asslam’s brothers, Ayob Abdul Satar, were serving sentences for ordering the murder of investigative journalist Carlos Cardoso in November 2000.A high ranking (but anonymous) police officer cited by “Savana” said that, during the police interrogations of the arrested kidnappers, Danish Satar’s name has been repeatedly mentioned. 
Resultado de imagem para danish satar raptos“Our investigations indicate that this young man is the main bridge between the alleged kidnappers and those who are ordering the kidnaps”, said the paper’s source.The police, “Savana” claims, believed that Satar negotiated the ransoms to be paid for the release of the victims, and gave the orders to release them once the money had been paid. The police searched Satar’s house, in the plush Maputo neighburhood of Sommerschield, and seized two luxury vehicles, one belonging to Satar’s brother-in-law.Danish Satar has also been one of those looking after Nini Satar’s business interests, while the latter serves his sentence. Nini Satar used to enjoy an extraordinary liberal regime in the Maputo top security prison, where he had no problem in obtaining mobile phones, and in using members of his family (such as his sister Rachida, his wife Sheila Issufo, and Danish Satar) to run his businesses. However, when a major kidnap trial took place in September 2013, the accused claimed they did not know Danish Satar.As for Nini Satar, his name too was repeatedly mentioned as supposedly ordering the kidnappings. Satar denied this, of course, and claimed that he was collaborating with the police in order to ensure the arrest of the real masterminds behind the kidnap gangs.Infuriated by such claims, the general command of the police retorted that “Nini is not helping the police identify kidnappers as some of the press would have us believe. The sole truth is that Nini is the boss of the kidnaps, and the police will continue its role in fighting this phenomenon”.In 2013, prosecutors tried to include Nini Satar in a list of those accused of the kidnappings. A Maputo judge, Aderito Malhope, ruled there was not enough evidence to charge Satar.Nini Satar was released from prison in September 2014, after serving half his sentence for the Cardoso murder. His early release was justified on the grounds of “good behaviour” in prison – despite his repeated use of equipment that is banned from prisons, such as mobile phones. Prisoners on parole are suppose to stay in the country and report regularly to the court that freed them. But the Maputo City Court – judge Malhope again – authorized Satar to travel to India for medical treatment. Once outside Mozambique Satar decided he would like to be treated elsewhere, and so he decided to fly to London. He should have reported back to the Maputo Court on 15 April 2015, but did not do so.He is thus a fugitive, and may well still be living in London – although some of the recent photos on his Facebook page seem to have been taken in Lisbon, and he has also used Facebook to boast of regular visits to Monaco.