Friday, September 12, 2014

Questions for Reflection

Have seen, by means of national media a "spot" advertising produced to disseminate the campaign of presidential candidate by the party currently in power in Mozambique, Filipe Nyusi. Similarly, a common denominator is presented to voters: half a dozen young to testify in favor of the candidate saying "Nyusi, I trust you" .Achei a very interesting expression. I then decided to do some instant research around the concept of trust and its various "nuances" to better understand the extent and understanding this propandístico speech. Generally, confidence is a feeling of safety or the conviction that one has against another person or something. Trust can also be a belief that an expectation about something or someone will be realized in the future, based on previous experiences and results that reinforce this feeling. Therefore, to rely on something or someone there who necessarily have previous evidence. Without such proof or evidence, the individual who has to rely on something or someone tends to be based only on the information given (simple phrases like "Nyusi, I trust you"), ultimately potentially follow a line of thought away the verdade.Como can we be sure that Nyusi will be a good President of the Republic? Just because it is the candidate of the ruling party? Or because I was Minister of Defence? Or because it was also a senior official of the Railways of Mozambique? Or why was President of the Railway Club of Nampula and he won the National Championships in 2004? Sane, these "prior experiences and results" not convincingly reinforce the confidence that Nyusi supposedly conveys. All who have eyes to see know that choosing Nyusi as Frelimo candidate in the presidential election is more a result of the internal dynamics of the distribution of power in that party than personal qualities of leadership and / or accomplishment that he has. 
Was "urgent" time to appoint a President of the Republic come from a different region of southern Mozambique and because of the historical founders of the national liberation movement "inherited" by the Frelimo party, Alberto Chipande was the name that followed. Due to his advanced age, this obviously used its powerful internal "lobby" to patronize and promote Nyusi, equal to its origins. Nothing more. In parallel, evidence of leadership of Philip Nyusi are almost all built of reed pillars. He was Minister of Defence yes, but everyone knows that this is a position for which the President appoints only people from absolute political trust. Therefore, would not be far from the clarity of the truth if I said it was not due to any element of personal technical competence of Nyusi he was appointed Minister of Defense. Certainly the same can not be said of the position he exercised with Nyusi senior official of the Railways of Mozambique, due to their area of sudden death when trying to relate to the fact that he was champion national football as a sports leader. It's just that everyone knows that any railway club in the country has in its structure Directive senior-level along the Railways of Mozambique - soon, these positions are not occupied by the competence of its members but by culture or norms of internal protocol - and only in this way, any of their top leaders can not become a good President of the Republic only because I won one and another national championship.
 Moreover, reliability is also related to familiarity with form of treatment. Normally, we trust "instinctively" in our parents, siblings, partners, friends or colleagues. Therefore, the people with whom we have lived in our day-to-day and with whom we have had professional, social or emotional ties. But objectively, the Mozambican people do not have any ties to empathize with Philip prior to his selection as presidential candidate of Frelimo Nyusi. The only people who knew Nyusi, beyond their family and friends were his comrades in Frelimo and colleagues in the Railways, the Ministry of National Defense and the Railway Club of Nampula. Just to remind, Nyusi was quoted less hopeful with masses of party Frelimo and national public opinion initially. It was literally imposed on others by one hundred and fifty members who form the ruling Frelimo elite with its Policy Committee. It was no accident that, after its choice, if orchestrated a "consensual strategy" of support and a heavy industrial propaganda campaign without memory in the country to promote his image as well as its "previous experiences and results." It is here where I situate those young people who appear in the "spots" propaganda witnessing his blind trust in Nyusi. Here is where I situate the "friends of Nyusi" in vogue by the media and social networks. Young people who voluntarily froze their conscience in the fridge mandatory trust in Nyusi imposed by the ruling elites and manufactured in the kilns of an artificial consensus sold to potential voters with colorful unanimity refinements.
In conclusion, trust implies a suspension of uncertainty regarding the actions of something or someone we trust in the future. Therefore, when we trust in something or someone, fully forget all the evil that probably in might be done for you. When someone comes in to say that trust Nyusi or whatever we trust Him, the screens of our televisions, in our streets and in our markets or murals on social networks, is saying to bury any doubt about it. I am not such a fool. I suspect Nyusi, particularly by saying that his election manifesto is full continuity with the previous presidential governance. Is that the previous government achieved historic levels of popular discontent (expressed by systematic surveys and demonstrations and by turning to the opposition in the last local elections), in addition to having been an invariable succession of failed public policies reflected in the erosion of quality of life , education and health provision to citizens (remember the reports on the human development index produced by national and international institutions), the collapse of public security (armed conflict between the Frelimo government and the Reman conflict upsurge of crime and violent crimes associated with the unequal redistribution of wealth), the triumph of corruption and sequestration of assets, resources and services of the State (involving senior members of the ruling party) and the exponential emergence of islands of prosperity (mansions, condos and resorts luxury) surrounded by ocean robes of extreme poverty in urban areas, and rural expansion. If trust Nyusi means automatically and blindly vote for him and the continuity of it, then I prefer to distrust him. And to begin to report it. (Edgar Barroso)


Anyone who wants a stronger Mozambican business class should vote for the candidate of the ruling Frelimo Party, former defence minister Filipe Nyusi, in the 15 October presidential election, declared the head of the Frelimo election brigade in Maputo province, Veronica Macamo, on Thursday. Speaking at a rally in the town of Marracuene, Macamo claimed “Voting for Frelimo and for Filipe Nyusi is to guarantee that the local business class will become more robust”. She stressed that voting for Frelimo also meant guaranteeing the sustainability of agriculture, as the base of the country’s economy.  “With Filipe Nyusi in power, the farmers will have more inputs to guarantee the food crops that the country needs for its people and for export”, she said. Before the rally Macamo met with one of the country’s best known musicians, Dilon Djindji, who lives in Marracuene, to ask for his vote. “I’m a musician, I’m the king of marrabenta (a popular dance style)”, said Djindji. “I’m going to vote for Frelimo because there’s no other party here in Mozambique”.In the morning, Macamo asked for support from local Marracuene elders and religious leaders, claiming that “to win any battle, Frelimo always relied on support from the elders and from religious leaders”.In Maputo city a brigade from the Mozambican Women’s Organisation (OMM), which is affiliated to Frelimo, visited the sprawling informal market at Xikelene, on the outskirts of the city, to ask the vendors and their clients for their votes.Led by the head of the Frelimo brigade for Maputo city, Conceita Sortane, the OMM claimed it was important for the future of the country that Frelimo should remain in power. “On 15 October, we must all go and vote for Frelimo and our candidate Filipe Nyusi so that we can remain involved in the governance and development of Mozambique”, urged one of the OMM activists. They claimed that trade is of major importance in the fight against poverty and the promotion of food security, and promised that a future Frelimo government will expand the trading network.

Daviz SimangoMeanwhile the opposition Mozambique Democratic Movement (MDM) was campaigning in the Maputo neighbourhood of Magoanine, and promising that, if it wins the elections, it will dramatically improve public transport.Venancio Mondlane, coordinator of the office of the MDM presidential candidate Daviz Simango, told Magoanine voters “the transport problem is extremely serious and has a major impact on household income. We want to put into place a more efficient and more social public transport system”.Mondlane said that, according to international norms, people should not be obliged to spend more than 20 per cent of their income on transport. “But here people are using around 50 per cent, which is not acceptable”, he claimed.


Hamilton Saene is a young man aged 26 , born in the city of Beira and where he did Accounts Course. In 2011 he began working for Bolloré Logistic as disbursements analyst (Accounts department) in Beira, Bemba and Maputo. It was on 21st December, 2013, in the company of friends and colleagues went to Malhapsene Lodge in Maputo with an aim to swim in a pool. Inadvertently, while a group of colleagues and friends was at the reception to pay for the use of the swimming pool, Hamilton launched himself at the pool where he hit violently against a wall purposely built for separation of children and adults, that caused an immediate injury at the back bone (the cervical spine) and
consequently paralyzed the lower and upper body parts. However, this separation wall is submerged and painted blue that is easily confused with a painted background line in the water. Hamilton was immediately taken to the Maputo Central Hospital where he stayed for about two months. Hamilton is currently paralyzed dependent on a very slow recovery through physical therapy. Some medical medical diagnosis indicates that he will never ever move again in life.Contacts have  been made as an effort for his surgery possibility abroad, particularly in India. The necessary cost for his surgery is estimated between US$ 7,000 and US$8,000 without companion on journey.
This cost includes his travel and treatment. Hamilton is a patient that requires a care taker because he is unable to do for himself lots of things, therefore there is a need for him to travel with a relative. If he goes with a relative to India the cost goes between US$ 20,000 and US$25,000 of which the family can’t afford, that’s why we are seeking financial support for Hamilton’s treatment.
Contacts: Paulo Virgilio Saene (Father) Cell: +258 820167490.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Six Elephant Poachers Caught in Mozambique Reserve

Six suspected poachers were arrested in Marrupa on Sunday in a joint operation conducted by the Mecula District police, Luwire scouts and Niassa National Reserve Wildlife Conservation Society scouts. The arrests were the result of a 10-month investigation informed by crucial on-the-ground intelligence about their activities in the Niassa National Reserve, according to the Wildlife Conservation Society, based in New York City.The Wildlife Conservation Society has been co-managing the Niassa National Reserve with the Mozambique government since 2012. During the early morning raid, 12 tusks and two rifles were confiscated. Two of the tusks, 23 kilograms (57 pounds) each, were from an elephant about 40 years old. The worth of the tusks was estimated at over US$150,000. The suspects have been charged with cooperating with poachers, illegal possession of firearms, participating in poaching, and organized crime. If convicted, all suspects face fines and jail time.Full story at

Image: Guns, ammunition and elephant tusks seized in raid in Mozambique’s Niassa National Reserve, September 7, 2014 (c) Wildlife Conservation Society

Saturday, September 6, 2014


Thursday, September 4

12 hours. The Maputo International Airport begins to have an unusual movement. Children, youth and adults join in a field next to the VIP room of the airport, with Camisetes and placards with slogans in favor of Renamo and its leader Dhlakama.
13 hours. The move intensifies and, in a flash, there was already a sea of
​​people, supporters, onlookers and passengers who were on board, or who had just landed, but preferred to join the human frame. Among the population, there is a poster that has become attraction for the whole day. "Dhlakama is not Savimbi. Mozambique is not Angola. Dhlakama alive, "read up on the poster, the red ink written wielded by a group of young people.

Time later, a vehicle American brand Ford, dual cab, comes in front of the VIP room carrying custody Renamo. The arrival of the car and how the eight members of the security Dhlakama left the car reminded epics of John Rambo. Unmistakable: black beret, olive uniforms and a wig who do not do not cross with the barber there ever a good time. A detail: the boots are not identical, creating contraindication to the concept of uniform. The fanciest pants boots of giant shoes Massachusetts. It is Timberland. The people reaches madness, between applause and cheers. "Troops of freedom," cries a young student, who wore a gown of civil aviation school, which runs a few meters from the airport. He and his colleagues simply abandoned classes to see get Dhlakama. Police were mobilized in weight and Jorge Khalau commands, briefly, personally operations.

15 hours. Another agitation created by the arrival of Renamo leaders gives the idea that the plane is about to land on Mavalane. The press elbows up, and the police begins with his usual "hunt protagonism", that pushing and shoving to organize journalists. False alarm. There was not any aircraft to land Dhlakama. On the other hand, the people oblivious to this whole mess, dance to a song made for the occasion, with the refrain "Dhlakama is the man of the people". Dance, sing, hug each other. "You are the Messiah to come," cries a young there more to the background, words which then become general chorus: "The Messiah is back," responded the other, and so was sentenced. It was even the return of the "Messiah" Renamo.

Therein, the Police try to control the crowd, who almost joined to the press, using mobile phones and other platforms, can take a picture to Facebook infallible, or even to the latest social networks, Instagram.

"Stand back and let this place just for the press," commanded an officer of the Police of the Republic of Mozambique, with an air of be like and the odd moment of popular madness which we live. "You must not send us away from here, because we want to receive the Messiah. If it was not the Messiah, you would all be in slavery, "shouts a young Shangaan in the crowd, which then runs to avoid being caught by the police. The agent looks at the young man and is smiling. We do not know if the smile said he agreed with the young, or not. But smiled.

Moments later, pulls off the VIP room of a car high cylinder Toyota Prado VX, black. Agitation increases, and journalists run from one side to the other, the false be sure that the vehicle transporting Dhlakama. "Remember that Dhlakama said he wants a" by four by four "[as he says], says my colleague André Mulungo, recalling one of the interviews given by Dhlakama, made
​​it clear that his penchant for cars" four by four "[" four by four "]. All very busy.

At that moment, out of VIP room two leaders of Frelimo, notably Manuel Tome, former head of the bench, and the spokesman of the Standing Committee of Parliament, Katupha Matthew, who had just arrived from trip. Do not believe what they saw. But, as the event did not concern them, the press tried to ignore them. Wanted the "Messiah." The Prado car high cylinder was those Frelimo, which, by the size of the event went unnoticed.

Time later, another car brand Toyota Prado, with a banner covered with Renamo and photographs of the leader of Renamo front, also pulls off the VIP room. "This car can only be what will take the leader," said a colleague of television. Agitation back to settle. The car, out Bissopo Manuel, Secretary General of Renamo. Since then, it became clear that the "Messiah", Dhlakama incidentally, was to get even. Agitation increases dramatically. People who were there at that location for more than four hours still with energy to sing and dance. Meanwhile, Antonio Muchanga organizes people to give a stamp of civility to the reception. One note: in contrast to the events of the ruling party that the decoy is the food and musicians financially captured, there was not given food for free or had famous artists to attract people. Citizens mobilized itself, heart, soul and conscience to see the leader of Renamo. Starved and cold to witness the arrival of their "Messiah."

The press around the huddle, when Renamo leaders enter the room and then go to profile the mouth of the plate. The certainty that the coming of the "Messiah" was granted began to gain more body. Outside the drums drumming, accompanied by clapping between songs and slogans. The agitation of the press is a constant note. Colleagues of a chain of foreign TV, Al Jazeera, almost entering a crisis of nerves. Are in that place since the 11 hours and have already sent some seven orders that none of them announced the arrival of the leader "of the rebel movement," as they said. The camera operator, who even amused by the dances of the cultural groups seemed calmer. The reporter, not so much because he had the tough task of going idealizing the intervention below as soon as your Smartphone called to give appointment to come into direct. The hassle of waiting interspersed with a pack of cigarettes, until a citizen of the protocol starts calling the organs of communication that should come to the track to record images. Only could get the cameras filming and cameras. Journalists should remain outside. I went into despair because he did not want to lose time. It was there I met a young man assigned to protocol, he read my name on the badge I wore around his neck and said to be a big fan and regular reader of my "Canalmoz" and the "Canal of Mozambique." "Come Guente, and it was not me who let you pass," he said, looking away. No more, skirted the police officers and there I was on the track.

A careful look, and I can recognize a three secret service agents disguised as journalists and cameras and film. It is not necessarily the appearance of new agents of Intelligence and State Security (SISE) events in the opposition and tried just to pretend that neither had seen, because the event was too big for the highlight was given to spies regime. The busier wore a vest press offered by one of the mobile companies as part of its marketing and wielded a small video camera that self denounced that he was a citizen more there.

18:02. We are already profiled on the board, to record the images. The police officer returns to dwell: "Only photographers are here and 'cameramans'. I do not want confusion. "The statement leads me to despair and I am forced to borrow a non-professional photo contraption, only to deceive the agent. But as the machine was little, I hooked it to a charger for a computer to give a more ostentatious printing and confuse the agent, who wanted to see the machine or large chamber in the hands of those who were there.

18:10. An Embraer LAM, operated by Mex, lands on Mavalane and creates excitement. "Not this," António Muchanga quiets us with an air of great happiness for what was happening.

18:15. Another Embraer, operated by MEX also lands on Mavalane and stir the press. "Nor is this," reassured us an agent of the State Protocol, which had been assigned to the big event.

"After all, the 'Messiah' arrives, or not enough?" Said a foreign colleague. I replied that I was sure that would come Dhalakama operated by an Embraer Mex, based on the last update made
​​the "timeline" on Facebook Mrs Ivone Soares, who was in the motorcade.

18:25. Reaches the plane carrying the Renamo leader Afonso Dhlakama. It was operated
by an Embraer Mex. "Is this the plane that carries the President," the protocol. Total hysteria Mavalane. Almost all airport workers abandon their posts and come to the board to witness the arrival or return of the "Messiah." The event spread to everyone. But the aircraft door remains closed. Opens the door, and behind a goodlooking lady with hair imported and crew aka "extensions" out the Renamo leader Afonso Dhlakama. All present in the plaque area people, including airport workers, who had abandoned their posts, start clapping. "He's the leader. Long live the leader. There is the grand old. The old Dhlakas is back "were the frásicas formulations we can register. Dhlakama waving with his right arm, and the motorcade reaches reception goes wild.

Outside the plane, Dhlakama receives a wreath of two children properly "filed" and reciprocates the affection with two kisses. Incidentally, also gave kisses to the male child. Between kisses and hugs, the longest was with Antonio Muchanga, his spokesman, who was detained more than a month and was "saved" by the amnesty. The press is disorganized, trying to scoop the first reaction of the leader who left the capital in 2009 On the track, Dhlakama just said "thank you" and asked permission to spend.

Went to the VIP room, where he held a brief meeting with the ambassadors of the USA, Britain, Italy and Portugal, who accompanied him on the trip. On leaving the VIP Room, gave a short interview and in his characteristic way, he tried to deny information that would be sick as a pro-Frelimo advertising tried to invent. "I am fine. I'm chubby, cute and tie ", made ​​a point to clarify. While giving the interview, the group receiving sings: "Your trip to Gorongosa was important for our freedom. Its history is the history of the people. "With the choir as background sound, Dhlakama talks to the press and says he is satisfied with the fight he put up, because every Mozambican can now see that Frelimo was exploring the people. He said his fight was for the youth to have a future less experienced than his youth.

Already outside, the people reached the madness. "Messiah, Messiah, Messiah," shouted the population, even before seeing Dhlakama. When Dhlakama leaves the VIP room and waves, the entire population would touch him and salute him. The security did not allow excesses, and who had got lucky. "Viva Papa Dhlakama. Father of democracy ", sang the population. Dhlakama rose to a makeshift car and made his first speech in Maputo. Utter madness. "Yeah, yeah, daddy's." "Yeah, yeah, It's Daddy," "Yeah, yeah, daddy's" sang the population that does not contain the excitement. "Thanks for the welcome. I am Dhlakama and I'm here, "said Dhlakama, while the population went into delirium. "Dhlakama is charismatic," said a young man who could not see the leader of Renamo, but did everything to listen to him. After the widely acclaimed speech Dhlakama entered a Ford car escorted by Police Protection, the FIR and his bodyguard, and was followed by a long caravan, from the airport to Plaça WMO area in which disbanded because Dhlakama thence proceeded to his residence. By the way, motorists immobilized the car and greeted with hoots Renamo leader, creating gridlock on the opposite side of the avenue. "This gives us Dhlakama nuisance," a police officer who organized the traffic on Avenida Joaquim Chissano. And it was a bore. Never after Samora Machel, another citizen created a similar stir. For all avenues that Dhlakama passed, the traffic just stopped. This is the closest picture of the return of the Maputo Dhlakama, five years later. Is registration. Dhlakama paralyzed the capital and went to deserving the title of "the beast which rejected any beast"! 

Friday, September 5

The President of the Republic, Armando Guebuza, and the Renamo leader Afonso Dhlakama sign in the Presidency of the Republic, in Maputo, the peace agreement que ends the politico-military tension in the country.

The President of the Republic, Armando Guebuza, said the signing of the agreement for the cessation of hostilities in the country awakens just and legitimate expectations of a better life and prosperity for the people of Mozambique. "By signing this agreement, wake up and just legitimate expectations of our people, which are summarized in the hope of a better life and prosperity, "said Armando Guebuza, in his speech after signing with the Renamo leader Afonso Dhlakama, the Agreement on Cessation of Hostilities Militares.Segundo Armando Guebuza , all Mozambicans expect, with the signing of the agreement, they can enjoy the rights and freedoms molded in the Constitution. "All Mozambicans expect to enjoy all their liberties and constitutional guarantees, working alone, performing their ceremonies of evocation their ancestor alone, joining in religious ceremonies in peace, organizing their social activities in peace and circling with their goods, for any geographic area of our homeland in peace, "said the Head of the actors Estado.Apelando the national pautarem its action within the political Constitution of the Republic, Armando Guebuza urged Renamo leader and his party to be the height of their commitments under the Militares.O leader of Hostilities Agreement of Cessation of Renamo, Afonso Dhlakama said that the country's future is one of hope, if recent cessation of hostilities commitments made
​​by the Government and his party are met.
"The future is one of hope, among brothers, each assuming their responsibilities and commitments are respected day-to-day in words and in deeds.'s For this future hope that all Mozambicans with watching us in are calling, "the Renamo leader.
President Armando Guebuza and Dhlakama today ratified the agreement on the cessation of military hostilities, which resulted from negotiations between Renamo and the government in order to end the military crisis that rocked the country for over a year and a half, causing mortal victims and wounded, including civilians.