Monday, August 13, 2018

SME’s should take advantage of gas exploration – president

Mozambique’s president on Friday called for the country’s small and medium-sized companies to be more competitive and take advantage of gas exploration in the Rovuma basin, saying the government would not adopt protectionist policies.
“Better use of local opportunities should not be made through protectionist policies that don’t enable and prepare national policies,” president Filipe Nyusi said at a seminar on local opportunities for the exploration of natural gas, in the northern Mozambican city of Pemba.
Resultado de imagem para nyuse“We believe such an attitude does not favour the emergence of a healthy industry,” he said.
Nyusi also said small and medium-sized Mozambican companies should focus on reinforcing technical and professional qualifications.
“We believe that only by investing in offering fair opportunities can we, in the medium and long term, attract a significant participation from local industry with an ability comparable to providers of goods and services from other countries,” he said.The Mozambican people must “unite” so that the country can take advantage of the benefits of gas exploration and avoid the “curse of natural resources,” he added.Nyusi also pointed out that Mozambique will experience an “economic boom,” with more than US$30 billion (€26 billion) invested in the country’s natural gas sector by US oil company Anadarko, which is expected to make a final investment decision in the first half of 2019.
The government and the private sector are meeting in Pemba, Cabo Delgado, today at a seminar where US multinational Anadarko will present business opportunities adhering to the natural gas project to be developed in the country, and which may see its final investment decision in 2019.At the opening of the event, Max Tonela, Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy said that the event was the materialisation of one of the challenges taken up by President Nyusi at the time of his inauguration in 2015.
“We look forward to this event translating the vision of your Excellence on the way to move towards integrated and inclusive development and a full and sustainable exploitation of the resources of the extractive industry,” Minister Tonela said.The minister also said that the event was the result of a plan being developed with Anadarko since the government approved the start of the natural gas exploration project. Over a thousand participants have signed up for it.“With this event, we intend to provide a broad and integrated view on the natural gas exploration project, and to ensure that all Mozambicans can access information on the opportunities generated on an equal basis,” Tonela said, adding that the seminar brought together representatives from all sectors concerned.

Dog unit will operate in airport

Resultado de imagem para dogs in airportA dog unit will operate in Maputo International Airport from September to combat the smuggling of banned wildlife products such as ivory and rhino horn.According to a report in today’s issue of the weekly newspaper “Domingo”, finishing touches are being made to the dog kennels including the installation of water and energy supplies. The unit will have facilities for six dogs and their handlers.
In its first phase, four breeds of dogs will be on patrol: Malinois Belgian Shepherd, German Shepherd, Dutch Shepherd, and Cocker Spaniel. All the dogs were bred in Tanzania. They will be led by four handlers and one instructor who received training in Tanzania.
Resultado de imagem para dogs in airport
According to “Domingo”, eventually dog units will be introduced to all the country’s international airports.Mozambique has become a conduit for smuggling ivory and rhino horn into Asia. As both species of African rhinoceros, the black and the white, are extinct in Mozambique, the rhino horns are very likely to have come from animals slaughtered by poachers in South Africa’s Kruger National Park. There are around ten thousand elephants left in Mozambique and they are under threat from poachers. However, much of the smuggled ivory also originates in neighbouring South Africa.
Despite the efforts of Mozambique’s police and customs service, Asian citizens are not infrequently caught in countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, or the autonomous territory of Hong Kong carrying ivory or rhino horn.

Monday, August 6, 2018

"I'm leaving soon"

Resultado de imagem para nini tailândiaThe month of July was quite rich in interesting information from Thailand. First was the incident involving a teenage soccer team, and only science, technology and human wisdom managed to prevent it from becoming an international tragedy. Only after three weeks had the boys been able to withdraw, who inadvertently found themselves trapped in a completely flooded cave. But already of direct interest to us, it was the heroic act of the Thai authorities to deactivate the most media bandit today in Mozambique. 
Resultado de imagem para nini tailândia
Momade Assif Abdul Satar, also known as "Nini", was detained by the tourist police of that Asian country, in compliance with an arrest warrant issued by the Mozambican authorities in cooperation with Interpol. Nini, sentenced to 24 years in prison for his role in the death of journalist Carlos Cardoso, was granted parole after serving half the sentence in accordance with the law. It was subsequently granted judicial authorization for medical treatment in India. While in India, claiming to need more time, got another further authorization. It should be noted that all these authorizations were challenged even at the level of the magistrate class, because it was understood that by their behavior in the prison, Nini did not deserve to benefit from Conditional Freedom, which, as the title suggests, is conditional on behavior that shows repentance on the part of the beneficiary. Nini systematically violated the internal regulations of the prison where he was located, having on several occasions been found with several cell phones, in communication with the outside and even accused of involvement in criminal actions, including abductions and murders.
Already out of the country, and in flagrant violation of the terms of his parole, Nini launched, via his Facebook page, a veritable crusade against the Mozambican judicial system, insulting all those who have never compromised with their criminal activities.
Imagem relacionadaIn particular, the insults were addressed to Augusto Paulino, the judge who convicted him in the case of the murder of Carlos Cardoso, and Attorney General Beatriz Buchili. Media and journalists who objectively reported on their activities, and who did not want to reproduce their Facebook accounts, did not escape their insults either. To divert attention, he even tried to sue some media outlets, claiming to have defamed him, even though he knew he would not be present to follow such proceedings.With all the money at his disposal, all of them of criminal origin, and making use of corrupt officials, Nini set up a network of informants who informed him of all the cases that were of interest to him and that they proceeded to the proceedings. level of the Attorney General's Office (PGR). Whenever it suited him, this information was leaked by this fugitive criminal even before his official announcement. Unscrupulous lawyers, driven only by greed for easy money, were at his disposal to draft all the expedient that suited him.
Resultado de imagem para nini tailândiaA prosecutor who was working on a case of kidnapping and alleging Nini's involvement was brutally murdered on his way home after a day's work. It is obvious that Nini also had privileged contacts with senior police officers, who informed him of all the initiatives aimed at neutralizing his activities.This is how, in fact, the Nini case is the mirror of a whole system of highly corrupt, rotten and permeable justice administration. It is clear that Nini should never have benefited from probation. Because in a system where integrity is the command of the institutions and the officials who serve them, prison services would have attested to the fact that their behavior, even in conditions of deprivation of liberty, was far from being considered exemplary.
Imagem relacionadaA fully-fledged judge, acting in strict respect for the law and in conscience, would never have allowed him to leave the country with such ease, without considering the possibility that, given his irreproachable delinquency instinct, there would be the possibility of finally fleeing justice Mozambican. But Nini has plenty of money to distribute to all those who are willing to serve him on time, be they prosecutors, judges, police officers, or correctional officers. The lesson that all these should learn is that with a globalized world,may take time to neutralize international criminals, but the space for them to hide is becoming increasingly scarce.