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Want to rescue the memory of his grandfather...

CM-What is your full name
K: Alberto Augusto Junior Kavandame.
C: Is there any relationship to the historical figure of FRELIMO during the National Liberation Struggle, Lazarus Kavandame? What was his first name?
Jr. K: Yes His name was Lazarus Full Kavandame Chinamuenda Jacob.
C: What is it for you?
K Jr: Lazarus Kavandame, as it is known, is the father of my father. So my grandfather.
C: It has come to know him?
K Jr: He died when I was very young. I never got to meet him.
 Channel: How old is Alberto?
K Jr: I'm 35 years old.
C: When did your grandfather was killed?
Jr. K: I am not aware of the exact date on which he was killed. It is believed that was in the late 70's, 77 or 78 years.
C: Where?
K Jr: Mtelela in Niassa.
Cl: Why Mtelela in Niassa?
K Jr: He was a political prisoner. He was deported to there. They brought in Tanzania and after it was brought to the prison where he was Mtelela of political prisoners.
C: In Tanzania where he was arrested?
K Jr: In Nachingweya (NA: Base main FRELIMO in Tanzania, during the National Liberation Struggle). That's where he was arrested on charges that were not true. They were forced to declare, to confess to crimes they had never committed.
C: If not why not practiced denied? Why confessed?
K Jr: The confession of them had right to target certain people who were leaders, intent on taking the direction of the Liberation Front of Mozambique (FRELIMO).
C: If you knew your grandfather, how do you know this story?
K Jr: (wry smile) It's really funny. I live with people who knew Lazarus Kavandame. That do not face the press and others. People who lived directly with Lazarus Kavandame is that I tell the story.
C: Who are these people? Know them?
K Jr: I avoid saying the names. I know these people, for they become members of Frelimo derived from the invitation made by Lazarus Kavandame in that sense. They are great figures in the national arena in the country.
C: Do you know someone who has a relevant position in Frelimo and to join FRELIMO has been invited by Lazarus Kavandame?
K Jr: I know two people in great shape and that are natural Mueda district. When I refer to such natural Mueda people can identify them naturally. Kavandame Lazarus was one of the first people to join FRELIMO. He entered political life between 1957/8. Before the founding of FRELIMO. Therefore, he is a founding member of FRELIMO. The others came to him to serve as soldiers join the National Liberation Front. I say this because young people on 25 September that joined the fight and who joined him in Tanzania did not know what day, time, would begin the struggle for national liberation. But Lazarus Kavandame knew. He was a person of great trust Dr. Eduardo Mondlane, who therefore appointed him head of the Liberation Front of Mozambique (FRELIMO) in Cabo Delgado.
Channel: Mueda spoke of figures. Whether referring to Alberto Chipande?
Kavandame Jr.: Alberto Chipande and Raimundo Pachinuapa entered the Frelimo thanks to the invitation of Lazarus Kavandame. Pachinuapa was private secretary Kavandame Lazarus.
C: Did you ever have will approximate those figures that you mentioned?
KJR.: I never approached these people, for simple reasons. In Cabo Delgado, particularly in the district of Mueda, if someone confesses that he is familiar Lazarus Kavandame will be treated with a certain ostracism. We are discriminated against, stigmatized.
Cl: Can you describe how this manifests stigmatization?
K Jr: I like to say real things. I avoid talking about things you know. When I express about the relationship with Lazarus Kavandame, among former combatants, they ask me what I mean Lazarus. So when I say that I refer to Jacob Lazarus Kavandame Chinamuendo people are amazed, then with that penalty, have him as an innocent man who helped FRELIMO, comrades, until the conquest of national independence. There were problems that led him to be away from Frelimo. I can not deny that. In his assessment that they do, they can only see a small part of that hypothetical was negative, leaving a largely positive that characterized him.
C: The appointing negative part is actually negative or the result of an antagonism within FRELIMO? Or are people in Frelimo found that negative?
Jr. K: Exactly! It was not what they say. They consider a person who was negative because at that time subjected to think that all the same. Out of mind was considered common enemy. It is this fact that led Lazarus Kavandame being treated by FRELIMO enemy, but he was not particularly enemy of FRELIMO. He had a philosophical conception that thought was wrong FRELIMO.
C: But how do you know?
Jr. K: I wanted to know why Lazarus was away Kavandame FRELIMO. One reason is that we are following, and it took at the time to call Lazarus Kavandame reactionary. He advocated capitalism and private property. When FRELIMO penetrated in Cabo Delgado to the release process, then Lazarus Kavandame already had their tractors, had their property, farms. I can say that was the only time he had and the leading tractor and car. He had his projects. Some comrades caught a ride through the car Kavandame.
C: You can consider him a victim of envy?
Jr. K: Yes!
C: But jealous of what?
Jr. K: Of capitalism, property that he owned. I can defend it. It strange that some people wanted to take, make use of their property for the majority. Collectively.
C: Your father says that on the death of Kavandame and circumstances that mediate the disagreement / misunderstanding with Frelimo? How did your father describes the trajectory of Kavandame to clash with their fellow strugglers in FRELIMO?
K Jr.: My father, son Kavandame, Frelimo militant is today. Many do not like my dad because I'm not a party Frelimo. They see this fact very seriously, to the point of thinking that something happens to my father. My father never repudiated the fact that I am not Frelimo nor speaks of his father who was killed by itself be militant Frelimo.
C: Your father is afraid of retaliation?
K Jr.: My father receives a grant of ex-combatant. My father sold cards Front, was a professor of FRELIMO in Tunduru. In northern Mozambique Frelimo implemented a design that subsidies that veterans receive come from Frelimo's own pocket. They say that money is not the state but Frelimo. And they say that he who deviates from the relationship with the party fails to receive the money. Frelimo Mueda considers a dump-cradle of birth and how many fighters there are threats impose on veterans alerting them that the opposition can not win in that area.
C: Lazarus Kavandame at the time of his death, had a wife who was widowed?
Jr. K: On the paternal brothers he had. The mother had nothing. He has nephews, brothers, not shown, to omit the names. I have brothers that omit the names to not suffer retaliation. To find a job. Because what happens, I am discriminated against because I am Kavandame. I can not get a job, just because I'm Kavandame. Can you believe that?!
C: Where have attended, whether for a public or private company, is nearing completion of being discriminated against?
Jr. K: I avoid facts pointing open, because then I will be mentioning people. I think they are people, believe it is not the Government.
C: Either people are afraid to facilitate access to employment and suffer retaliation because of that? Tell me how that works ...
Jr. K: Is there a special way so that the family Kavandame should be treated in a certain way. Do not know if it's just in case the family Kavandame, Simeon or Simango. In the case of this family Simango think they are neglected because this can not depend Frelimo. The family Simango not need help from anyone who is Frelimo. For my case, I believe that there was a systematic. First they had to create poverty in the family Kavandame. A family Kavandame in absolute poverty and illiteracy. Outside the children of my father did not believe in the family Kavandame there who has the twelfth class, a high level of education. I think it's a way to control.
C: Can you tell how this manifested? Do others were subject to systematic disciplinary offenses, were banned from studying?
K Jr.: Poverty sown by discrimination itself. We were going to school, but when we arrived at some stage we had no possibility to continue their studies due to lack of money.
 It will take the matter to court?
Channel: You ever thought to take legal action against the Mozambican state around the disappearance of Lazarus Kavandame?
Kavandame Jr.: For me as a family member Kavandame, this case is shocking and is the first opportunity to speak with journalists. It is a support. I believe this is a light at the end of the tunnel, a lighthouse. Never before had anyone thought to notify the death of Lazarus Kavandame. My age did not favor. In the past when I wanted to know under what circumstances Kavandame Lazarus died, never could get a wire, as well as the reasons. Only now, since age is advanced and because of coexistence, by the media, who can describe Kavandame Lazarus was and why he died.
C: In your house you can not know about your father?
K Jr.: My father will never speak. My father is a pensioner. Fears that the board will be removed.
C: Think initiate legal proceedings against the State or Frelimo?
Jr. K: At the moment we left the story, which can judge their tormentors.
C: If a lawyer put his services free of charge in defense of their cause will you admit the possibility of making a claim for recovery from the losses and limits which has suffered by being grandson of Lazarus Kavandame? Would be willing to redeem the good name of his grandfather?
Jr. K: Of course! I am willing to go to the ultimate consequences! Other relatives could not be heard, but since the disappearance of Lazarus Kavandame is the first time someone comes to the public about it.
C: Have you ever had the opportunity to speak to the media?
Jr. K: Never before had such an opportunity. When I say that I am Kavandame people just limited to asking "Kavandame? Oh! .. Kavandame!? .. "They just ask me questions about who he was. Even journalists know many journalists who never asked me anything. This is the first opportunity that offers me to speak of Lazarus Kavandame.
C: Is that journalists are not to suffer self-censorship? Do not be afraid?
Jr. K: Journalists can raise this issue and the Government do not like, because that kind of research that journalists could do me a problem that was already closed. I can not believe someone may appear to talk publicly Lazarus who is Kavandame.
Channel: You do not see a way or another any possibility of reconciliation with Frelimo?
Kavandame Jr.: At no time can I forgive Frelimo. I'm serious. I can never forgive Frelimo. Now I know why they killed him, created a great sorrow to me. Even as a kid I was instrumentalized. Sang "Lazarus Kavandame is reactionary," "Lazarus Kavandame is reactionary." Do not know why they called him reactionary. I wrote the tests in school names reactionary, in response to the question "who are the reactionaries of Mozambique?" The first name that was put there by my grandfather. I never failed. Always write the name of my grandfather first. Only now I can see who is Lazarus Kavandame. Lazarus is Kavandame national hero. I speak in a way that some people might not like. Lazarus was dead Kavandame be as reactionary by the northern Mozambique. Never heard that there was a reactionary southern Mozambique.
C: Do you think if he was from the south would not have problems?
Jr. K: I never heard that there was a reactionary south. How many things have happened? I never heard nor ever happened that there was a reactionary southern Mozambique. I know the case of Father Gwenjere, which is Sofala, Silverio Nungu.
C: But there was the case of Gwambe Adelino, who was Inhambane, Southern Mozambique.
K Jr.: He was Inhambane, but had a strong influence of Sofala, by having lived and worked here. He lived in Buzi, Sofala province. He was a founding member of FRELIMO.
C: Do you know the story well, why? Learned from your father?
Jr. K: I've always said that living history of Mozambique. If I could I could mention the names of people who tell me the story in the first person. They call me no attention to the quote as individuals who have ma.
Channel: Given the situation, someone has already approached to talk about the last moments of his grandfather's misfortune?
Kavandame Jr.: I know someone who attended the death of my grandfather, but sadly died last year. He lived in Nampula. A gentleman well known that told me that in fact is what killed my grandfather. Honestly, is the first person who can forgive. He told me he did not know why it was killing Lazarus Kavandame. He participated in the death of Kavandame.
C: How would you describe this last moment?
Jr. K: It was very cruel.
Channel: Tell us, please.
Kavandame Jr.: He told me it was one afternoon where political prisoners in number two hundred and such were taken, bound, thrust into jeeps, a place opened up a huge hole where there was firewood. There were tucked. Drizzled with fuel and stabbed. While the prisoners died performers sang revolutionary songs.
C: How would you describe the silence of the international community and the Mozambicans for these deaths?
Jr. K: The international community knows this case and shut up. Not once or twice that the executioners were called to the media where they confessed to have us killed by vigilantes. Two months ago a saying national hero spoke out about this murder and shocked me.
Channel: How do you identify heroism in Frelimo? It has to do with action or with nationalist liberation killings?
Kavandame Jr.: In Frelimo is relevant to be a hero for having killed people.
C: Do you know anyone who has a close relative who died in those circumstances?
Jr. K: It is the case of Patrick Vingabuje, whose father, Gaspar Vingabuje, died in the same circumstances. Patrick Vingabuje lives in Nampula. He is silent because he enjoys retirement pension. Patrick studied at Tunduru. The father was killed in Mtelela. He says nothing. Grant pension benefits. He fears to rule, but will lose that privilege.
C: You mean some of the relatives of the victims are being silenced Mtelela in return for a pittance?
Jr. K: I know someone whose father was killed in Mtelela, but that says nothing, because it receives this grant. They exchange money with silence about the life of a person.
C: He is a person of Cabo Delgado?
Jr. K: It Niassa.
C: I mean, you know some people whose relatives were victims of Mtelela and shut up because they are getting money?
Jr. K: I know!
C: But is not that a shame?
Jr. K: What to do? We are in Mozambique. I do not know if that could happen if we were in another country.
C: Do you think your future in Mozambique is committed to the professional point of view?
Jr. K: You are engaged! I do not believe that will have a prosperous future. Now I'm talking about, do not know what kind of consideration in Mueda people have about my person. Virtually'll be isolated, but I am willing for any eventuality. But I pronounce because of the pain I feel over the death of Lazarus Kavandame.
C: The day you take legal action against the Mozambican state, which would require the killing of Lazarus Kavandame?
Jr. K: My first concern is that the masterminds were tried and convicted. That I require. I do not have anything else to change the life of Lazarus Kavandame because if he were alive I would not be in this condition. I have no job or housing. I have nothing. I have dignity as a person.
C: Do you believe in justice Mozambique?
Kavandame Jr.: No justice!
(F. Veloso, A. and Timothy L. Conceição)

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Look, that may be it ...

Guebuza finishes his second and final term as head of state in 2014, and the party will have to find a consensus figure to replace him in that position. The Xth Congress decided last September not the presidential candidate. In the center of the movement for succession arises again and with some justification, the name of Joaquim Alberto Chipande figure as consensus candidate for the party's presidential Ace 2014. The probable candidacy Chipande is also partly related to the Frelimo initiative to introduce some amendments to the Constitution, a scenario in which they will want to reduce substantially the executive powers of the President, which are likely to be shared with a First Executive Minister, representing the party with the parliamentary majority that Frelimo believes to be within reach.The plan is to have a president who is head of state, is above party political interests, with a Prime Minister who is actually the head of government with jurisdiction to indicate figures for the government and respond directly before parliament. The Head of State will continue to be the Commander in Chief of the forces of defense and security, but at the same time sharing with the Prime Minister the responsibilities of conducting foreign policy. Moreover, there is a strong feeling within the Frelimo party and that State are dominated by people from the south, and that 2014 would mark the end of this hegemony, with the candidacy of an individual center or north. The emergence of the candidature of Chipande, now 72, seems to have been a compromise reached to avoid further tensions within Frelimo, which is increasingly noticeable decline of charisma with the current President took office in 2005. The wing Chipande will tax their supremacy to those who understand that Guebuza President should be the last generation of September 25 ... although the continuous visibility of biologist Maria da Luz Guebuza, First Lady, former combatant, natural central province of Manica can be another asset.

Monday, December 10, 2012


The first congress of the opposition Mozambique Democratic Movement (MDM) has re-elected the mayor of Beira, Daviz Simango, as the party’s president.Simango was elected, unopposed, in the small hours of Saturday morning, after a second potential candidate, Laurinda Machava, was ruled out because she was nominated past the deadline. In the election Simango won 661 of the 676 votes cast. There were also 14 invalid votes and one blank ballot. In his speech made on taking office for a five year term as President of the MDM, Simango said his re-election was the result of the trust deposited in him by the party’s members, through the Congress delegates.Describing the MDM as “a party for all Mozambicans”, Simango said “we have proved that we are a party committed to the building and consolidation of democracy. We are a great family and we are growing by the day. A family which has shown that it is possible to overcome differences through dialogue”.Simango added that the MDM has taken on the mantle of modernity, and is the only Mozambican opposition force which has shown that it can be an alternative to the ruling Frelimo Party in governing the country.
“This wasn’t given to us on a plate”, he said. “It is the fruit of a lot of hard work and dedication by all members of the party”.“We have reached this stage with the certainty that new paths are opening up for the construction of a free and democratic Mozambique”, he declared, “A Mozambique for all”.
The MDM’s elections began on Friday with the election of the 60 strong National Council, the highest body of the party in between Congresses. The delegates worked through the night, and only broke for breakfast and a rest at 06.00 on Saturday. Earlier, the Congress in a lengthy, and apparently heated, discussion behind closed doors had rejected proposals for any coalition in the 2013 municipal elections. Armando Cuna, a delegate from Maputo city, argued in favour of a coalition, on the grounds that the MDM is still very weak in some of the country’s 43 municipalities. The opposite position, strongly argued by MDM parliamentary deputy Geraldo Carvalho, was that the MDM should stand its own candidates in every municipality. He believed the MDM already has enough committed cadres for a national presence, and there was no need for any coalition. Simango did not intervene in the debate, other than urging delegates to debate the matter seriously.The Congress spokesperson, Sande Carmona, told reporters that the majority of the delegates disagreed with the MDM entering into any coalition.

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Letter of Veterans Affairs

We, Veterans and Founders of this Republic, safe and uncompromising in the pursuit of Peace, Progress and Prosperity for our country, you dedicate this message on the occasion of death Premature First President of the Republic. The history of the struggle for liberation of the country has been the foreign ger, busy mother earth. The conclusion by the tragic accident which President of the Republic has been the victim is also thought that the child Veterans, who believed that the universe was limited to the earth. We sommy those who dare to see the facts with the composure necessary to avoid false conclusions, resolutions easy and free, but are not solutions. Judge that we are immersed in the darkity by the death of the President of the Republic, is the same as attempt to consider the political leadership of our country is summarized and our dear late President. However, the facts prove precision and pastcally opposite. We believe that this view goes too far about the tribute we must pay to our dear President, not if only because the limit of the human will is the objective reality tive opposes it. And the only reality is this: we men able to continue and pursue the difficult task of researchers expensive to find and, in fact, the solutions to serious problems knows the Nation. What matters most is that these patriots have and are fully aware of the suffering of their people and the necessity urgently close the wound (or wounds) where the blood flows of the country.Read here on the French version.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

MDM "hunting" LPD

Is installed controversial Law on Public Probity, which has been in place for about two weeks in Mozambique.It is a law that aims to ensure morality, transparency, fairness and respect in the management of state assets, by public servants, who are thus prohibited from accumulating functions and benefits in more than one organ of the State.Despite having been approved by the national parliament deputies illegal to refuse to comply with the law, arguing that it should not those in accumulation before it is approved.At the level of Parliament, about a dozen members accumulate the post of parliamentary others such as Presidents of the Board of Directors in public companies, consulting and university teaching, receiving salaries of state funds.
Backstage, MDM, with a small party representation in Parliament has already hinted that the media will put the debate the matter at its congress scheduled for this year.
Luther Simango not go into details, but hinted that the television station Gungu resistance to compliance with the Law on Public Probity can be useful in the campaign for the local elections next year
Under the new law, deputies or other officers in situations of accumulation should abandon part of the sectors in which they are, choosing just one.Waty Teodoro, head of one of the largest major committees of the Assembly and shall exercise in parallel as Chairman of the Board of Mozambique Airlines (Public Company), in addition to being a university lecturer and business sectors is linked to the face Most notable of dissatisfaction with the new lawWhile some deny abandon part of the positions they occupy, there are others who are divided between vagueness and conformism, and argue that the law must be complied with by all, despite not having been yet, no waiver.The Constitutional Council approves the entry into operation of the new Act but before the controversy installed, says it can only give an opinion, when called upon to intervene. At the level of civil society organizations asked to clarify the law to avoid duality of interpretation, but whatever the interpretation validates, society is outraged by the actions of some MPs in the situation of illegality, as expected of them, an example to give.