Thursday, January 31, 2013


The World Bank has announced that it will provide Mozambique with 700 million US dollars in soft loans over the next two years.The Bank’s Vice-President for Africa, Makhdar Diop, announced this funding on Wednesday, after an audience with President Armando Guebuza.The money takes the form of soft loans from the International Development Association (IDA), the World Bank affiliate set up to provide money on easy terms to poor countries. The money is to be repaid over 50 years, and no interest is charged.“The government can use these resources for various types of activity, including support for the state budget”, said Diop.He added that during the hour long audience, Guebuza had expressed in interest in receiving support from the World Bank for dams, rural roads, and for investment in agriculture. Diop expressed his solidarity with the victims of the current floods in Mozambique, and announced a donation of 50 million dollars to support the flood victims.
In an overall assessment of the country’s situation, Diop stressed the macro-economic successes achieved, but pointed to challenges that require the attention of the authorities including poverty reduction and job creation.“We agreed that the challenge for the future is to create jobs and to speed up the reduction of poverty”, he said. “To achieve this, it is important that there should be greater development of agriculture, to increase production and productivity and generate more employment”. Diop said he had also told Guebuza of the World Bank’s concern at the quality of education in Mozambique. He said reforms were needed to bring the Mozambican education system into line with the needs of the productive sector, and to expand technical training, thus giving young people more employment opportunities. “It’s very important to go to school”, he said, “but it’s still better to leave school with qualifications that will be useful for the productive sector”.


The United States has promised food aid worth 1.7 million dollars for people displaced from their homes by the current flooding in the Limpopo Valley.According to a press release issued by the US Embassy in Maputo, the aid will be distributed by the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP).In addition the US Agency for International Development (USAID) is planning a supplementary donation for shelter, water purification and support for the management of the temporary accommodation centres. In an immediate response to the disaster, US ambassador Douglas Griffiths, on 24 January, provided an initial sum for clean water supplies and sanitation, which is already being distributed in the flood-stricken areas, and for hygiene promotion activities intended to reduce the risks of water-borne diseases.
The US government also pledges to cooperate with other international partners, such as the UN and the World Bank, to explore other possible disaster relief measures. The embassy restates the willingness of the United States to act in solidarity with the Mozambican people affected by the natural disasters which strike the country regularly. Since 2000, the US has donated more than 230 million dollars for such emergency relief.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

In California style ...

An inmate who was serving a prison sentence for robbery with greater use of a firearm in the Maximum Security Jail Machava, aka BO, slipped away from the hands of the police on the morning of Wednesday, January 23 chain. He was rescued by an armed group that paralyzed an ambulance where, escorted by police, the registered returning from hospital after receiving assistance. The leak happened Soares Osias Tausene in Labour Avenue, specifically at the stop of the hoses when this was back in the BO after treatment of an alleged illness, the Jose Macamo General Hospital, and was rescued by a group of eight men at gunpoint. According to sources Chain Bo, the event took place at 11 am, when the ambulance carrying the registered Soares Tausene Osias, better known in the intricacies of crime Sultane, escorted by four agents of the Police of the Republic of Mozambique (PRM), was challenged by a group of eight heavily armed men who eventually achieve neutralizing agents escort and rescue the prisoner, apparently his partner. In the rescue operation, according to the same source, the robbers, armed with AKM-47, blocked the ambulance and asked the driver to turn the key to the car, opened the rear door of the vehicle and "rescued the prisoner." The "kidnappers" of the prisoner, now at large, pulled guns to police officers of the garrison ambulance and took them. A source who witnessed the assault on ambulance says the cronies Inmates were armed with AK47. The police allowed the escape of dangerous prisoners were registered and, according to the source information PRM, are incarcerated in the 18th Precinct PRM Maputo City, adjacent to the Mounted Brigade, Lhanguene on the outskirts of Maputo. The four officers of the garrison ambulance were armed with two guns of the Makarov pistol. The ambulance belonging to the Machava prison, was intercepted at a traffic light near the facility where the inmate had been receiving treatment. Criminals who staged the assault redemption dangerous inmate took with them two guns and the keys of the ambulance. The reclusive Soares Tausene Osias, better known in the intricacies of crime Sultane is natural Manhiça, residing in the neighborhood of Intaka, block 22, house no. 30 and serving a 13-year court for robbery. He was imprisoned from 2009 in Chain Machava. The National Prison Service (Snapri) confirms the occurrence, but not no more details. It claims that an investigation is being conducted by the BO, in partnership with the PRM, but still have no concrete data. Only on completion of the investigation will be able to provide clarification.

In the wake of hipotises

There are several factors that may cause the divisive discourse Renamo find increasingly militant in the near future, to enable. Paragraphs list of such factors to social inequality and wealth accumulation without observing the consequences resulting therefrom by a Frelimo elite and the growing level of social exclusion resulting from the lack of political and social institutions inclusive. It is consensual - with the exception of the Government - that poverty levels are rising. Hanlon (2010) not only defends this position, but also emphasizes that poverty is increasing and deepening in Mozambique, thus widening the gap between the poorest half of the population and half of which are in better condition.
This idea is also supported by the report of the African Peer Review (2009), when referring to the number of people below the poverty line is growing and the gap between rich and poor widens, creating a potential exclusion and social conflict. Although it makes sense, we should not underestimate the Renamo speech on the grounds that the party was reduced, at the polls, their insignificance, coupled with institutional problems caused by its dictatorial leadership and lifetime. Although it is losing influence in the design and definition of decisions or national public policy, Renamo continues to have a large support base, both in terms of cities and the countryside. This support base that left his party at the polls can join a new strategy that may be drawn by the leadership of his party. No support at the polls can not mean that the electorate abandoned the Renamo. It may not be reviewed in the current personality of its leader. A change of discourse Dhlakama can revive the electorate who left Renamo not feel identified with the current discourse and behavior of its leadership. As I mentioned above, the current levels of poverty, social inequality and accumulation of wealth by a small group of political elite of the ruling party and social exclusion resulting from the absence of political institutions inclusive constitute a threat to political and social stability of the country. These are factors that, in the future, may make the speech Renamo, which makes no sense today, tomorrow makes sense.
In the book "Challenges for Mozambique 2012," Brito publishes an interesting article - "Poverty, PARPA and Governance" - in which he made calculations about the number of poor in the period 2003-2009 and concludes that in 2009 there were nationwide More than 2 million poor people more than in 2002. These are studies that constitute what Acemoglu and Robinson (2012) called "Critical Juncture", indispensable for the development of a nation, that irritate the Head of State, Armando Guebuza, giving the authors of such works names as "apostles of disgrace, "and most recently" professional agitators ". In last year's onslaught against the "professional agitators", Guebuza noted: "There are countries that, because of this kind of intrigue, gossip, are knocking up tribe against tribe, religion against religion, and they are there to extract resources . And then come here to say that the gap between rich and poor is increasing ... "and that" Many people talk and we hear that wealth does not reach everyone. It's true. But the problem that arises is that wealth is built ... the potential is there, but while we do nothing, we bring home, the energy, the road for us, through hard work, they will not come. " He concluded: "We speak today of natural resources everywhere and some say only enrich the few. Others do it for lack of information, but there are those who do so out of malice. " This reaction of the President demonstrates that the Government, while recognizing the phenomenon, not to assume that this is a reality. Allergy to "critical juncture" that can result from Galbraith (2007) considers "effect sicofântico bajulatório or" the leader. This is a phenomenon that has to do with the origin of the power of the leader, ie, when the leader's power stems from his personality, this seeks to be surrounded by sycophants, people who see it as a phenomenon and a mirror of the organization, hence reprimand or isolate those who try to say what he wants to hear.
Attests allergy to "critical juncture" in consequence of "sicofântico effect" to the president's public pronouncements or rulers or members of Frelimo in their interventions, from the young to the elderly. All Guebuza refer to as "a visionary leader" who "knows how to drive the destiny of his people." According Acemoglu and Robinson (2012), a corrupt elite sees no problem in plundering the state if there is an institutional counterweight. The emergence of inclusive institutions only occurs when there is a "critical juncture", which provides a redistribution of political and economic power. Brazao Mazula (2008) reinforces this idea, arguing that the development history shows us that societies develop socially and economically when they were opened to what he calls "think different."
Another problem that is threatening sociopolitical stability in Mozambique is what Fork (2011) considers "low degree of institutionalization of democracy", resulting in political and social institutions not inclusive, that is, according to Acemoglu and Robinson, an obstacle to the enrichment nations. For Acemoglu and Robinson, inclusive political institutions are the foundation is built where the rest of the institutional structure of society. What happens in Mozambique is that institutions are highly partidarizadas, cells are installed in them the dominant party. The phenomenon of politicization of the state, in the context of multiparty democracy, may lead in future to political instability, which could have a domino effect in a society increasingly weakened by poverty. This effect can be felt by popular demonstrations, similar to what happened in February 2008 and 1 and 2 September 2010. Is that the politicization of state institutions leads to the emergence of institutions and therefore not inclusive social exclusion, since only these institutions can benefit - for example, access to employment in the state, by the way, the biggest employer - who has affinities with the political party in power. This is also reflected in the distribution of wealth, to the extent that the criteria for benefit or access the area of ​​wealth is their party affiliation. If not Frelimo party, can hardly have room for progression, either as an employee of the State, whether as an entrepreneur. Otherwise, you must join one of the elite to permit access to the area riqueza.O dismantling the party cells should be a priority in negotiations between Renamo and the government, rather than the creation of a transitional government or unit nacional.O speech Renamo supporters can find even in regions rich in natural resources, by the way, where conflicts emerge between the state and the population. These are regions where populations are removed from their areas fertile regions for dry areas to make way for mega-projects. The wealth generated does not benefit the locals, but the same political elite linked to the ruling party, as advocate and Mandlate Castel-Branco (2012): "The extractive capital presents an opportunity for rapid accumulation of wealth for the political and economic elite national ". The authors say that "the primary focus of industrialization is not fighting poverty, nor the increased mesh density and economic production or transformation of the pattern of capital accumulation, but the intensification of extractive accumulation, represented by the alliance of multinational capital and national economic and political elites. " For emerging conflicts between state and population, and Selemane Fly (2011) report that this conflict will depend on the positions of the bureaucracy from the options in its resolution. They argue that "If there is an inability to agreed solutions, it is likely the loss of credibility of the state, the emergence of social instability and animosity between multinationals and populations." One or otherwise prevail if the problems raised above, the current discourse Dhlakama and Renamo, the rejected may win more supporters and be accepted as the solution to the problems that face the Mozambicans, why can not underestimate it in the context of a society mostly poor and politically and socially excluded. (L.Mabubda columnist / OPAÍS)

Friday, January 25, 2013

Water invades Mozambique

The Mozambican government is mobilizing two light aircraft to assist in rescue operations for people surrounded by flood waters in the Limpopo basin, particularly in the districts of Chokwe and Guija, which face each other across the Limpopo river.On Thursday, the Deputy Minister of State Administration, Jose Tsambe, flew over the flooded areas, and could see many people clinging onto trees or stranded on rooftops.Tsambe instructed the troops of UNAPROC (National Civil Protecton Unit) to leave Chokwe town and move to Chilembene, a critically affected area of Chokwe district. By midday on Thursday, UNAPROC had rescued 49 people in Chilembene, and the operations continued into the afternoon.Three accommodation centres have been set up for flood victims, at Chihaquelane and Hokwe, in Chokwe district, and at Javanhane, in Guija. But the numbers fleeting from the flood zones are so large that the centres cannot accommodate them all, and do not have enough food. According to Ana Cristina, an official of the Mozambican relief agency, the National Disasters Management Institute (INGC), briefing the Minister of State Administration, Carmelita Namashulua, on Thursday, there were now 500 families at Chihaquelane, and there were not enough tents or food for them. People without tents are sheltering under trees.To deal with this crisis, a further five tonnes of foodstuffs arrived at Chihaquelane on Thursday.Although the flood waters at Chokwe are now receding, families are likely to stay in the accommodation centres for a considerable time, until they have rebuilt their homes. The flood completely swept away huts and other houses made of flimsy materials. Even brick houses will need time to dry out and become habitable again.But attentions are now switching to the city of Xai-Xai, capital of Gaza province,near the mouth of the Limpopo. The flood wave is moving inexorably down the Limpopo and is forecast to hit Xai-Xai on Saturday. Low-lying parts of the city, near the banks of the river will inevitably be flooded. The waters will also spread out across the farmland surrounding the city. It is calculated that 23 per cent of Xai-Xai district will be submerged.
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Friday, January 18, 2013

Mozambique needs no "heroes invented"

The cult of personality so characteristic of political regimes founded on anything but democracy is a worrying phenomenon. In Mozambique some currents understand that pursuing such an approach is ensuring achievement of political space. Some quadrants or political strategists believe that the maintenance of power needs to play practices reportedly corrosive of democratic precepts.The antics that unfortunately has given us to see and hear in various forums and is worrying sign that there is a planned offensive in the centers of power in order to give light and exposure summit to those in power and the potential heirs of that same power.With a majority of citizens lacking information, illiterate and politically influenced by policies at length monochrome, see Mozambique, its mass media surrendering to the effects of an official policy of "cult of personality".It's embarrassing occupying important space in the national information channels "hammering keys" and praising leaders "smearing" them as if they were little gods.
There is no known normal democracy, that stands unsubstantiated figures and personalities and partisan government under cover of achievements that not belong to them. Cut ribbons and inaugurators pubic works, speakers "glorious" scribes mercenaries and sycophants professionals combine and take turns trying to convince her that Mozambicans supported are the best that the country has and that their hold on power is a imperative.
The current avalanche information that RM and TVM, aided by some private media, deifying the figure of Armando Emilio Guebuza (AEG), has much to say about them. It is not clear nor is it acceptable for a country to be subjected to bombardments media to promote the image of mediocre politicians. The editors of major media seem lost without wisdom, shame, common sense, sense of ethics and deontology. It is understood the misery in which many Mozambicans but no hunger or need to be any cause for exaltation of human figures. "Men are born equal and are equal before the law."
People who took possession of power, which is mounted in power and who takes advantage of his inside information to grow their businesses and companies in a move that appears lionized patronage denotes basic and numbing.
The setbacks that occur in normalization of governance in the country are based on a position of leadership without leaders. Architecture and organization of votes that go through your purchase of the same unscrupulous manipulation and bring out a dangerous situation of rampant corruption at all levels.
Political parties turn into platforms aggrandizement and individual members in "lambs obedient and disciplined."Cleavages and frictions loom larger though carefully hidden by veils of silence.Democracy is so much talk did not sit well with the cult of personality in the high country. Our leaders deserve respect from the lowest in the hierarchy. Respect what is expected of the governed happens via an effective relationship of openness, consultation, exemplarity and confidence.
It must be clear and permanently terminated the servility of editors who cover themselves and spokespersons of political parties, parliamentary leaders, top executives in the public sphere lead to creating a false image and conditions for the fermentation of cults personality that has nothing to do with democracy and national development.
AEG however that individual does not need flattery, lambebotas, engraxadores or oil to "shine in the sun."There are people who know the evil that makes the country persists and insists on a path of false praise, the concealment of facts of public interest all in the name of an alleged partisan agenda. Party discipline often presented as the basis of policy exceeds suits up as a strategy always changing. Yesterday was Joaquim Chissano who sought to deify one can also say that when the living are not enough rescues to an association of the living with the dead. Samora Machel has been used and used as election dates get closer. The posters that line up the top leaders of Frelimo since Mondlane Guebuza to have concrete goals.
Mozambicans will be grateful when the next opening sessions of Parliament, Members save your eyes and ears of the nonsense praise, addressed to leaders of political parties. We want to see the government work in your day-to-day, seeking appropriate solutions to the various problems of the country. We respect our leaders, our government but it is clear that we will never accept that they are "gods".
Do not hide the crap "proclaiming saint" who is even sinful.Mozambique needs no "heroes invented" by a political agenda of maintaining power. Building a national history that brings to the fore the Mozambicans showed that the anti-colonial struggle and in building the Mozambican state or the struggle for democracy must be something concerted and consensual because only then is it ensures fairness and tolerance.One must understand that the statues are not this or that to be reflected in national development.Today there are people who are tempted to "close your eyes" and defend the indefensible perspective of ensuring "bread." It is clearly set down and lightly million Mozambicans to criminal because criminals are also complicit ... (N.Nhantumbo)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dear compatriots

On Sunday morning announced a general strike of Mozambican doctors. This position is the culmination of years of peaceful attempts to resolve the deplorable situation of doctors in the public service and I think they have a right to know how we got to this extreme situation.When an individual started his career as a doctor in 1975, had net earnings as ± 15,000 mt which at the time amounted to ± 454 U $ D, and could live comfortably, for example, with 9 salaries could buy a Honda Civic again, today, 37 years later and on the eve of retirement, as an expert consultant on top of career and personality internationally recognized in the area, receives a base salary of 29,629 mt which added to give a total net subsidy
± 42,000 mt, ie ± 1400 U $ D.A medical graduate with 7 years of career have a base salary of 15.531mt (535 U $ D) and liquid ± 24 000 mt (827 U $ D), which does not reach the 5th of the following month, I'm pretty sure auferiria more like washing cars or used in some homes. And today to buy a new Honda Civic will cost at least 60 salaries.A nurse usually receives a base salary of ± 5100 mt and 7800 mt liquid ± (268 U $ D), a servant of hospital receives a net salary of ± 2700 mt (93 U $ D). Might check it out at: - And there are official documents that show the same.In the history of this beloved homeland, doctors were ever (including the civil war period and until recently), the only top-level professionals to be placed in districts, say in passing mainly for political purposes, because we are often asked (especially outside Maputo) to participate in partisan political tasks rather than the exercise of our profession. We gladly accepted, because we are aware that we graduated at the expense of the people and to serve. However we made no vow of poverty and we are very resentful of the way the government has treated us.The government's policy was to always put doctors in districts and was never rejected, but we feel wronged when we are almost always housed (sometimes literally in stores converted into houses) in substandard housing, often without water and / or electricity, and work without time and few resources to meet the needs of patients, and we see a young man like that but we chose the judiciary be placed only where there is water and electricity, get about twice as much, have the right to home and other perks not think and work under normal time for 9 months a year. Do not envy your situation but have difficulty understanding and accepting because they think we do not deserve this negative discrimination by the Government.We feel powerless and angry to see some of our nurses and orderlies make illegal charges for a patient can pass the queue and be served in emergency services at the expense of patients who arrived first and sometimes in serious condition, and that by tiredness commit omissions and errors in drug prescription. But what have we as moral leaders of health teams to rebuke the members of our team who have a family to support and to educate children, who receive lower pay than many domestic workers and violate labor standards to make shifts in hospitals and clinics and can neither physically or psychologically to give patients the treatment they both need and deserve?.
As the practice of medicine for dealing with the lives of our countrymen, a profession of great responsibility, and it requires the sacrifice of living of our family, we feel wronged because we can not give our wives and children the that our colleagues from the Universities of banks can provide for their families.With wages the government pays us how we can live in the same neighborhoods and our children attend the same schools and kindergartens. We do not know how to respond when our children ask us why we choose to be doctors rather than other professions or even merchants. Perhaps the answer is that the scale of values ​​of our society are the most important activities so that more paid to save lives.When some of us, exercise private activity to try to match the pairs in our society, we are criticized for allegedly descurarmos care to patients in the NHS at the expense of private patients and yet his own Vice-Minister of Finance said "we we can not afford, but you guys have to go get some more money. "We would like to stay clear of the vast majority of private medicine physicians has not choice but by necessity as such and only happens in some provinces capitals, otherwise abandon the state to devote themselves exclusively to private. I would particularly like to know that from about 1200 doctors trained by EMU, one in four, some of which are renowned experts in search of better living conditions, left the NHS to go to work in NGOs, exchanged the public health clinic. Who of you feels free to criticize them when they shared a salary of 24,000 mt for wages generally superior to 60,000 mt and 200,000 mt can overcome? We feel insulted, humiliated and disgusted when the Government says that not only does not have money to pay us better, but rather to improve our working conditions that could help save more lives, but has tax money for all of us to pay our fellow South Africans and others, not only treatment but also the routine check ups, the senior of the three powers. We can only conclude that mistreat us and despise us because they need us. That's how the President thinks we cultivate self-esteem?
The Government says not having the money you need for Health Fails percentage budget proposed by the WHO. We agree, but would like to know how after 37 years of Independence have not found that health insurance can be an alternative source of funding, not to mention the microimpostos megaprojects. Travel for everything in this world and the site is that they have learned? Our state of exasperation is why it seems to us that the problems of the people and our and rather than propalam, are the least of your worries. As servants of the state know that many in the public have bad wages and we are sympathetic to all professionals. However, it is documented that in certain sectors things work very differently, for example, a servant of the Bank Mozambique receives between 20,000 to 30000MT, a driver in the same bank receives between 20,000 to 50,000 mt, an assistant clerk of court has a base salary of 17,584 mt, a legal secretary has a base salary of 31,970 mt, a judge on top career has a base salary of 37,366 mt, a commissioner general tax / customs has 47,453 mt, many of them have 100% of emoluments and perks as home and car service, fuel, and other expenses homemade, but the good of truth have a commitment of exclusivity. And the deputies?
Apart from MPs, do not mean it's wrong to pay them more, I would like to know why was the doctor who devotes all his time to work some more and have a lower recognition in terms of salary that an assistant registrar and is not equated with other graduates who earn much more. There is in the public weights and measures clearly different. Throughout our history post independence, at no time was made to revise the salaries of doctors as happened to other classes, countless worlds and fund managers promised but never fulfilled, and they have their guaranteed health care in the private sector or outside the country at the expense of our taxes. In 2011 the current Minister of Health promised to doctors specializing in a grant that could help address the difficulties they face because it is difficult to have to devote the time to learning and paying bills with just meager salary and so far nothing was made. In November 2011 we presented the health sector concerns to President Guebuza, and the current claims were reported, and was promised that it would resolve the matter and to date nothing has been done.
The current direction of the Medical Association of Mozambique (AMM) was elected and took office in May 2012 and this ceremony the current Minister of Health expressed his satisfaction and urged and pledged the cooperation between the two institutions.
 ut since the beginning of the activities only difficulties were encountered, even in ways that would benefitting the doctor, for example, blocked and prevented the execution of an agreement that would allow the creation of a web page that is also intended to be a source of scientific information for associates. They documented the numerous requests for clarification on the status of the status and salary review that is underway and we knew there was never reply. Against this silence is convened in November 2012 a general meeting that approved the continuation of attempts to clarify the situation by letters sent to MOH, OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER, THE CHAIR OF PARLIAMENT all these knowledge with the Secretary General of the FRELIMO Party and the response was silence. The
AMM part then for the pre warning strike that disperta the Government's attention immediately and it makes a meeting between the Prime Minister and the MOH, and the Medical AMM and this came to a determination to find a solution. Following the MOH and AMM initiate negotiations to review the status and salary in specific committees which involved only medical officials. It was then that the MOH has a starting salary proposal that there would be a rise in base salary for the newly formed 20.000mt to the newly formed and 38.000mt for the specialist consultant, on balance the rise of real net salary would be 24,000 mt of ± current to ± 28000mt for the newly formed and 42,000 mt for ± ± 48000mt. This had never been discussed with representatives of the class and had cabimentação budget in June 2012, in a document signed by the Minister of Finance: This proposal is made in the general meeting of physicians today by historic turnout. Never at any time in the history of MMA joined a meeting so many doctors, and the amphitheater of the Faculty of Medicine was little to close to 400 that occupied the entire space of the room and outside were several, besides those who attended this meeting on the internet, it is estimated that certain quarter of Mozambican doctors in the public service have been at present. This assembly chumbou the government's proposal because it was clear she was not dignified the doctor and following the principle of fighting for a decent base salary supplemented by subsidies that can be withdrawn at any time and has delegated to management the AMM to advance to the negotiation with a proposal for a minimum of 40000MT of basic salary in view of what is paid to other classes of professionals in the public, because the doctor is no more or less valid than the other professionals who earn these wages.
In negotiations were agreed the composition of committees and deadlines (with a document signed by the parties) for completion of negotiations with proven solutions, Jan. 5 for salary review committee and January 31 for the commission to review the status.
The review committee status did his job without much precalços.
Contrary to what was agreed, should integrate the salary review committee members from the Ministry of Finance and the Civil Service but was never explained his absence, this negotiation was conducted with the steps chameleon unexcused absence by MOH on December 24, not being permitted AMM's participation in meetings in finance, for only the 3rd of January to submit a proposal AMM minimum wage indecent because it was smaller than initially sinker with an initial base salary of 18000mt sinker and that was obviously the MOH was to present a new proposal for the next day. The argument made was that the state budget had already been approved, there was not much room for maneuver because there was no more money, and that a revision in the base salary of the doctor would require a revision of the entire salary structure of the employees. WE ARE SPEAKING OF MEDICAL 1274. Now there is money to revise wages but no money for luxury cars, helicopters, first class tickets, bridges to nowhere, during discussions at the negotiating table was none regretted that because of lack of money had not been possible to Directors buy new cars in 2012, and wonder what was done to the previous? And the previous ones? Passed on to family members? It is claimed that there is no money but the government spends on each Cuban doctor in the country that is $ 6000 per month. It is claimed that there is no money but was recently published in the Journal News that the National Assembly will review in March its Statute and Rules, which will be verified with costs that are too high (880 meticais per year) and will reduce them?
 he meeting on January 4 did not happen and AMM was forced to announce the guidelines for the strike, and that's when doctors AMM senior counselors are called to a meeting with MOH and senior officials of the Ministry of Finance that expose the situation current of dissatisfaction and distrust in the class who have fallen by the successive failures over the years and the recent and present counterproposal that salary. At the meeting were instructed to find a new proposal.
We know that it exists but has not been filed within the time agreed, and probably, if an acceptable proposal - a compromise with guarantees to keep improving until they reach the desired, the AMM - open to negotiation as to be clearly demonstrated, cancel this shutdown. The Government again guided by silence, the same silence that led to the November General meeting and the same silence that led to the pre warning strike. But this was only silence at the negotiating table and because the Health Minister is publicly attacking some members of the AMM, refers to values ​​proposed not true values ​​and also not true that pays few experts in the provinces but says it does not pay it to Maputo, puts up against the doctors and try to put the public against doctors. There are recent examples of the way that such behavior has led, or not? And on such extra allowance is paid to medical experts, the former Directorate MOH had removed the such $ 500 for household income are actually 13000mt and rents are 20000MT in many provincial capitals, besides factode such subsidies "topping up" not count for reform. Then leaves the public with a press release threatening doctors and is touted as the doctors' strike is illegal. Several legal experts consulted were of the contrary opinion because the fact that the strike is not regulated in General Statute Employee and Agents of the State does not make it illegal for there other legal instruments that make it legal, including the Constitution, the Labor Law and Statute of the Medical and its Code of Ethics. My compatriots the strike is legal, yes and will be held during its duration will be guaranteed minimum medical services. I would invite those compatriots who argue the illegality of this movement to publish their salaries, perks and subídios not published in the Government Gazette. I ask everyone to understand our situation and we want to be treated just like other professionals in the civil service. In closing I want to remind that Mozambique is today an independent country because a group of young people became aware of a series of injustices and joined and formed the FRONT OF LIBERATION OF MOZAMBIQUE. (Signed: A young doctor and attentive)