Tuesday, October 29, 2013

It is unconfirmed news

Unknown armed men , returned to star in a further attack on the morning of Tuesday , the leg - Muxungue Rio Save.Uma source of Police of the Republic of Mozambique ( PRM ) in Sofala , who preferred to speak on anonymity because he was not authorized to speak now attacks " but the director of the Order " , confirmed the attack and said it was the same register of deaths and injuries . Also some civilians traveling in the column and were unharmed ataque.O confirmed the target of the attack that occurred shortly after 7 am to 30 kilometers after Muxungue , this time according to the same source , was a column of vehicles that made the journey in sense Muxungué -Rio Save.A source said the injured were being transferred to the Rural Hospital and Muxungué column had pursued her viagem.Durante the attack , only two cars could pass, while the remaining were on the ground blocked by clouds smoke caused by firings of the two forces , the armed men and the Defence Forces and Segurança.Estamos trying to talk to the director of the Order of the Provincial Command of PRM in Sofala , Aquilasse Kapangula " which is a person who talks about these matters " , but your phone is out of network. ( 9h45min / Bernardo Alvaro )


Members of the community police attacked and injured six members of Mozambique’s main opposition party, Renamo, in Ancuabe district, in the northern province of Cabo Delgado, according to a Sunday report on the independent television station, STV.The man with the worst injuries, the Renamo district head of mobilization, Pedro Magawa, was transferred to the hospital in the provincial capital, Pemba. From his hospital bed, his head swathed in bandages, he said that a meeting held by Renamo in the village of Naputa, was broken up, after which the community police pursued and beat the Renamo members, and destroyed the local Renamo office.“I lost all my documents”, said Magawa. “They beat me up and knifed me in the cheek”. He claimed the attack had been orchestrated by the Naputa village chief, on the instructions of the ruling Frelimo Party.When STV visited the village, the TV crew found that the Renamo office had indeed been destroyed. Young members of the community police denied they had beaten anyone up, and said they had just stopped the Renamo meeting, apparently unaware that Renamo has every right under Mozambican law to hold peaceful meetings.They wondered whether some of the Renamo members had come to Naputa from areas in Sofala province where armed Renamo men have clashed with the army and police. That, however, is quite impossible, given that Ancuabe is about a thousand kilometres by road from the Renamo base at Satunjira, occupied by the army on 21 October.One local official, named as Cassimo Cassimo, said “we thought the massive presence of Renamo members since Thursday was strange. We don’t know what they wanted to arrange, but we are worried because we are always hearing that Renamo is launching attacks in the central region. We don’t want our village to be transformed into a den for Renamo”.

Mother refuses to cry for the murder of his son

"I am the mother of the child but did not lay any tears and appeal to all mothers in Mozambique to make strike against the state , against the government " - Kulssum Ishmael the child's mother - " He says it is developing Mozambique . he is destroying and Mozambique " - " the hijackers were here on Tip -GEA . ( ... ) Identify the location , but the police could not neutralize them " - " The evil was informed terms ' the police . ( ... ) The bad guys called us to say that they knew of our contact with the authorities and ended up murdering the child " - " the deal was already closed , so let this go a million metical . Soon the kidnappers told us that they put you in the middle of the police . " Smallest kidnapped last Tuesday in the city of Beira was brutally murdered by their captors and his body thrown in the " death curve " is roughly three kilometers from the town of Dondo , at a distance about 30 kilometers from the city of Beira . The child , whose name we can not ascertain , 13-year -old school student of AMS in this city , was initially reported missing and reported the occurrence to the authorities police in last Tuesday . About the circumstances in which this happened no witnesses . The next day , on Wednesday , the kidnappers contacted the child's parents demanding a ransom " a million dollars . We we did not have this value . Then they fell to ten million . Even this amount was incalcinável for us . Then dropped to five million . We ended up pawning our assets to achieve one million Meticais they accepted " - said Kulssum Ishmael , the child's mother to Magazine CRV . Kulsum Ismael strongly condemned the police authorities as its government for doing nothing to stop this evil . " At the time it did not happen Samora . At the time it did not happen Chissano , only now the time that Guebuza is this happen . " On the other hand felt strange because even after police supplied elements will , on the supposed site of the captivity of his
son , the police did not has managed to do something . Rather, he said , was from there that has sentenced the death of his son . " The kidnappers were not far . They were here in Ponta -GEA . I , with my workers , moves mo us and we can identify , more or less , the location . But the police failed to counteract them . " - Vented Kulssum . About when such communication would have done ' the police , Kulssum replied that "it was a night when the deal was already done between us and the hijackers , although they would have warned us , threatened us , lest envolvêssemos police . So evil terms was informed to the authorities . As soon as the chief of operations Pic had the information , the bandits called us to say that they knew of our contact with the authorities and eventually murdering the child . " However , rumors circulated in the city , realizing that he had been paid a rescue but still the lowest not been released . We put the question ' the child's mother , who confirmed confirmed in the following terms : " Yes , there were a hundred thousand Meticais. But they said they were swindled . That would not have been what they called this value , someone who would have taken advantage of the situation . But they were the same . " Tomorrow , Tuesday , would a week in which the kidnappers were the lowest of Kullsum and wondered when it would have happened the last contact with the kidnappers ? "It was on Saturday and it was on this day that the police was informed of the situation and they passed the information that the kidnappers would be somewhere in the neighborhood of Ponta -GEA . The deal was already closed , to let this go a million metical . Soon the kidnappers told us that they put you in the middle of the police . " Regarding the murder of the child , the same present refinements barbarians . It would have been gagged , burned and even amputation of body parts , as the circulating Videos and we did not bring the issue and show cruelty committed on an innocent child. Kulsum Ismael made ​​an appeal to the authorities in order to better protect citizens but rather said " I am the mother of the child but did not lay any tears and appeal to all mothers in Mozambique to make strike against the state , against the government , because at the time it did not happen Samora in time Chissano not the case that, just now . Elsewhere times fed - mo us alone . says he is developing Mozambique . He is destroying and Mozambique . our children do not go to school , are trapped inside the house . could not send our children to the street ... call for all Mozambican do strike because this is happening with us Mozambicans . "

Monday, October 28, 2013


The victim of one of the latest kidnappings in Maputo managed to escape from her captors on Saturday, and the police have now arrested three people in connection with the case.The woman, of Asian origin, who owns an ice-making factory in the Maputo neighbourhood of Malanga, was kidnapped in broad daylight on Thursday. She was held captive in a house in Bunhica, in the neighbouring city of Matola.According to the police, she succeeded in escaping after the kidnappers allowed her to take a bath. She managed to scale a wall and ran to the next house, where the owners helped her contact the police.The police raided the Bunhica house, but by the time they arrived the kidnappers had fled, leaving behind two AK-47 assault rifles. The police detained two young men and a woman at the house who all denied any connection with the kidnapping and claimed they did not know the victim was being held in the house against her will.One of the men, Justino Fumo, owns the house. He told reporters his parents had given it to him. He rented the house to the kidnap gang, but claims he did not know what they were doing. Fumo said his tenants paid 7,000 meticais (about 234 US dollars) in advance for two months rent. Although he continued to live in an outhouse, Fumo said he did not notice anything strange going on. The second man, I. Ngomane, said he was just a middleman. His former girlfriend had asked him to find a house that she could rent. “Since I knew that my friend had a house, I facilitated contact between them”, he said. “I don’t know what happened afterwards”.The third person detained, J. Chongo, is the mother of Ngomane’s ex-girlfriend. She said she had never imagined that her daughter would become involved in kidnapping. She claimed that her daughter had left the country and was visiting relatives in South AfricaThe police do not believe these stories. The director of public order in the General Command of the police, Xavier Tocoli, told reporters that the three were part of the kidnap gang. The police have declined to name the victim, and say she is now in a safe place, but will not divulge her whereabouts.The wave of kidnappings, mostly of business people of Asian origin or their relatives, began in late 2011. It took on alarming proportions last week, when there were at least six kidnappings in Maputo. One of these was caught by surveillance cameras, and shown on the Sunday night news by the independent television station, TIM. The fuzzy images showed three kidnappers operating with military precision, seizing their victim, neutralizing his employees, and making their getaway. The entire abduction only lasted for about 30 seconds. 
The criminals did not use masks, so perhaps they were unaware that they were being filmed.Meanwhile, one of the country’s most prominent intellectuals, the novelist Mia Couto, has revealed that he and his family have received anonymous phone calls, demanding money and threatening them with death.Speaking at a ceremony on Friday celebrating the 11th anniversary of the television station STV, Couto linked these threats with the wave of kidnappings.“Three days ago my family was the target of insistent death threats”, he said. “These threats have persisted and have plunged our whole family into fear and insecurity. After many anonymous phone calls, the intention was clear – it was to extort money”.Couto added that he had later discovered “the same criminal threat has knocked on the doors of many citizens in Maputo”.“It is not possible to downplay this phenomenon”, he warned. “It is happening at a time when, in the country’s capital, people are being kidnapped at an ever increasing rate. These crimes strengthen a perception of abandonment and lack of protection that we have not felt for the last 20 years”.
“Those who are kidnapped are not ‘the others’ – they are Mozambicans like any citizen”, Couto continued. “Every time a Mozambican is kidnapped, it is all of Mozambique that is kidnapped. And every time there is a part of our house that ceases to be ours and falls into the hands of crime”.“In this fight against forces without a face, without a name, we are all losing confidence in ourselves, and Mozambique loses the credibility of others”, he added. “These kidnappings are besieging us from within, as if it were another civil war, a war that creates as much instability, as any other military action, any other terrorist act”.
The police have taken belated measures to improve their performance, notably by sacking the Maputo City director of the Criminal Investigation Police (PIC), Januario Cumbane. He has been replaced by Eugenio Balane, who previously headed PIC in the northern province of Cabo Delgado. Cumbane had been in the job for 18 months, and no reason was officially given for his removal. However, sources in the General Command of the police, who requested anonymity, told the daily paper “Noticias” that one of the reasons behind his dismissal was police inertia over the kidnappings. “Inspector Cumbane and his team were not able to respond to the worrying phenomenon of the kidnappings”, said the paper’s sources. “It is true that some people have been arrested, but more thorough work was expected from the police to deal with this situation”.


Mozambican President Armando Guebuza declared on Sunday that peace should mean an improvement, not a deterioration, in the living standards of the population.Speaking at a rally in Mavende locality, Machaze district, in the central province of Manica, at the start of the latest stage in his “open and inclusive presidency”, Guebuza said “our battle is development, but for this we must continue to defend and strengthen our peace among Mozambicans”. He was speaking when tensions in the centre of the country have risen because of clashes between gunmen of the former rebel movement Renamo and the Mozambican defence and security forces. After a series of Renamo ambushes in mid-October, the armed forces (FADM) occupied the Renamo bush headquarters at Satunjira, in Sofala province, on 21 October.At the Sunday rally, Mavende residents urged Guebuza to enter into dialogue with Dhlakama to overcome the problems. Guebuza has repeatedly declared that he is willing to meet with Dhlakama, but the Renamo leader has refused to come to Maputo for such a meeting.Guebuza agreed that dialogue is the answer to the situation, and warned that nobody should endanger peace, whatever his motives. “Peace, whether it’s signed or not, should mean an improvement in our lives, not a worsening”.He said that, throughout his visits this year to the districts and localities, he had noted that “Mozambicans want to fight against poverty, and most of them are indeed fighting against poverty. They know that they are going to win”.But this battle required hard work from all Mozambicans, because “poverty is not going to suddenly disappear”.“Life is changing for the better for all Mozambicans”, said the President. “But for this to happen more rapidly, we need to understand that in life we have individual and collective gains that we must strengthen”.Among those collective gains were national unity and peace. He stressed that nobody has more right to peace than anybody else. It was “immoral and criminal” for anyone to appropriate peace for themselves.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Renamo imposes conditions

Renamo , the main opposition party in Mozambique , demands an end to " military persecution " its leader , Afonso Dhlakama to relaunch negotiations with the government in Maputo , said today one of the mediators of the negotiations between the two statements to lados.Em press at the end of a meeting with some leaders of the Mozambican National Resistance ( Renamo  in Maputo ,  Dr. Lourenço do Rosário ( Rector 's the POLITECNICA ) , which has acted as a " middleman" in the negotiation process between the main opposition party and government , told the press that Dhlakama demands an end to military persecution that is allegedly being targeted for the resumption of negotiations with the government . " During these two hours we were meeting with the delegation of Renamo , were asked to transmit to the President ( of Mozambique ) the willingness to dialogue , but there are issues that have changed . Would love to see the government side some signs of détente to allow Renamo president can reappear , because at this point , for all purposes , is being pursued militarily , "said Lorenzo del Rosario , who is also dean of the University Politécnica.Afonso Dhlakama and a group of former guerrillas fled their move to a location uncertain after their base in central Mozambique , have been attacked and occupied by the army moçambicano. Dhlakama told his party cadres who are in Maputo that is committed to peace , but is unable to drive the process of dialogue with the government for the ongoing military action . " he reiterates that it wants to return to war and Renamo delegation asked to convey to the President that will "stressed the Lourenço do Rosário.O mediator lamented the fact that both parties issue conflicting signals regarding how they want to resolve the current political crisis admitting there sectors that advocate a " final solution " to the dispute 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dhlakama fleeing

We're almost to join the civil war, of sad memory for Mozambicans . The Armed Forces of Mozambique stormed on the afternoon of Monday , the residence of Renamo president Afonso Dhlakama . Since yesterday afternoon , Dhlakama not in their usual residence in the forests of Sadjundjira and was hiding in a place where Renamo not revealed to reporters . This attack comes at a time when the Head of State , Armando Guebuza , is to make a visit to the province of SofalaSpeaking at a press conference quite busy , spokesman Renamo , Fernando Mazanga , said that the aim of Frelimo and Armando Guebuza is " assassinate President Dhlakama " . For Renamo , making the base of President Dhlakama by commands FADM / FIR , " marks the end of multiparty democracy in Mozambique " , and says that the attitude " irresponsible " Armando Guebuza in his capacity as Commander in Chief of the Forces armed Defense and Security " puts end to understandings of Rome." Second Fernando Mazanga , Dhlakama has not ordered its forces to the response . "At this moment I'm talking to you , Sadjundjira being beaten with warlike weapons , including 75mm cannon , 82mm mortar , B10 , antiaircraft , and other material of top caliber . Took the president's residence Dhlakama " . According to the spokesman Renamo Renamo president has not ordered its forces to respond , " merely , only , to sort the output of the refugees who were popular on the site , escaped from the abuse of military FADM / FIR , which are in that place since the past 18th of October " . Mazanga warns that " Renamo president is losing control of the situation , not knowing what will be the situation in the next few hours , because the law does not allow the survival abide by any order when life is at stake ." ( M. Guente )

Thursday, October 17, 2013


The Police of the Republic of Mozambique ( PRM ) in Gaza arrested on the night of Wednesday the political delegate and three other members of the Democratic Movement of Mozambique ( MDM ) , in the municipality of Macia . Three of the four detainees are candidates for Municipal Assembly local.Os arrested are accused of assaulting three members of Frelimo in retaliation àinvasão starring those at Headquarters Policy delegation of his party in that municipality . However , the PRM in Macia already transferred , the police station to jail inmates . The MDM considers the arrests of illegal , arguing that candidates for Municipal Assembly " shall enjoy immunity and arrests were made overnight without a warrant ." "We want justice to be done and the guilty are judged by how the arrests were made and the abuse of power ," he said in a statement MDM Press . Investigations or arrests were made last night. However , the law states that the searches and arrests must be made in daylight and not Àn night , except in flagrante delicto .  
The commander of the PRM in Bilene , Isaiah Parruque , confirmed the arrests of four members MDM , arguing that they " assaulted four young men who are currently hospitalized in the town of Macia " . The commander Parruque denied that detainees had been arrested the night of Wednesday , saying that they were deditos the morning of the same day . " By law we have no mandate to make arrests at night. What we did was wait for dawn to go to make the arrests, " said Isaiah Parruque , adding that " the Police no cells , so all prisoners are taken to jail. " 15 days ago a delegation Frame MDM met with the General Command of the PRM to report poor performance Police members of MDM in almost all provinces and particularly in Gaza . On occasion , the police undertook to act in defense of the exemption law for legality restocked . ( Alvaro B. )


Mozambique could soon have direct flights to India, according to the country’s High Commissioner to India, Jose Maria Morais.Speaking at a meeting of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the Mozambican diplomat pointed out that a civil aviation agreement between the two countries could soon be signed.However, Morais was unable to say what Indian city the flights would fly to, but commented, “once the deal is signed, both our national carriers will have an air link”.The meeting in the Indian city of Chennai was organised to introduce a Mozambican business delegation, according to the Express News Service.The High Commissioner concluded by expressing his desire to take a delegation of Indian business people to Mozambique. Economic links between the two countries are increasing rapidly. Bilateral trade could grow to three billion US dollars by 2016, up from the current level of 1.28 billion dollars.India has supported Mozambique’s development through various lines of credit from its Export Import Bank, which have totalled 640 million dollars. In July, it opened a 217 million dollar credit line to finance infrastructure projects. That followed on from an even larger credit line opened during the visit of Mozambican President Armando Guebuza to India in 2010.In addition, Indian companies are heavily involved in developing Mozambique’s large coal and gas deposits.


The Mozambican government on Tuesday in Maputo gave a public presentation on the Programme of Triangular Cooperation for Developing Agriculture in the Tropical Savannahs of Mozambique (ProSavana).The coordinator of ProSavana, Calisto Bias, told journalists that the project would contribute greatly to food security and diversification in the Nacala Corridor, covering the provinces of Cabo Delgado, Zambezia, Nampula and Niassa.ProSavana is part of the government’s 2011-2020 Strategic Plan for the Development of the Agricultural Sector (PEDSA). Its main objectives are to increase productivity, ensure access to markets, use natural resources in a sustainable manner and strengthen the business skills of farmers.The project has three components: ProSavana – PI (research project) that began in April 2011 and lasts until March 2016; ProSavana – PD (master plan) running from March 2012 until 2014; and ProSavana – PEM (extension and design) taking place between May 2012 and May 2019.ProSavana – PI will strengthen the capacity of the experimental stations of Mozambique’s Agricultural Research Institute (IIAM) in Lichinga and Nampula; assess the impact of introducing new agricultural technologies on natural resources and the environment; develop technologies to improve soils; and develop technologies for crop and livestock production.ProSavana – PD will develop a master plan to contribute to social and economic development by engaging private investment to promote sustainable production systems and poverty reduction.Targeting small and medium scale farmers, it aims to increase productivity, production and diversification; and develop marketing, processing and the supply of inputs to increase agricultural products for the financial benefit of farmers.ProSavana – PD covers 19 districts: Monapo, Muecate, Meconta, Nampula, Mogovolas, Murrupula, Mecubure, Ribaue, Lalaua and Malema in Nampula Province; Cuamba, Mecanhelas, Madimba, Ngauma, Lichinga, Majune and Sanga in Niassa Province; and Gurue and Alto Molocue in Zambezia Province.ProSavana – PEM will increase production of various crops by adopting new agricultural development models in the target areas.According to Calisto Bias, the geography of the Nacala Corridor provides an exceptional potential for agricultural production. He stressed that this must be done in a sustainable manner to guarantee self-sufficiency in food production and income generation.Currently, land use in the region is characterised by low productivity small scale subsistence farming; increasing population density putting pressure on traditional framing practices; and the collection of wood for charcoal production.ProSavana is financed by the governments of Mozambique and Japan. It will use technology developed in Brazil.


The Bank of Mozambique has reduced its key interest rate by 50 base points – the 11th time in the past two and a half years that the bank has cut this rate.At its monthly meeting, held on Wednesday, the Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee decided to reduce the Standing Lending Facility (the interest rate paid by the commercial banks to the central bank for money borrowed on the Interbank Money Market) from 8.75 to 8.25 per cent. But the Standing Deposit Facility (the rate paid by the central bank to the commercial banks on money they deposit with it) remains unchanged, at 1.5 per cent, and the Compulsory Reserves Coefficient - the amount of money that the commercial banks must deposit with the Bank of Mozambique – is also unchanged at eight per cent.The Committee also decided that the central bank will intervene in the inter-bank markets in order to ensure that the money supply does not exceed 44.729 billion meticais (about 1.5 billion US dollars) by the end of October. The money supply at the end of September was slightly more than 43.441 billion meticais – below the target figure set by the monetary policy committee of 43.817 billion meticais. There was an increase in notes and coins in circulation of 332.8 million meticais, while bank reserves shrank by 76.3 million meticais. The statement from the Committee noted that, according to the consumer price index for the three major cities (Maputo, Beira and Nampula), inflation rose by 0.24 per cent in September, following four successive months of price falls (deflation). Prices in Nampula rose by 0/92 per cent, and in Beira by 0.03 per cent, but in Maputo deflation continued with a price fall of 0.15 per cent.Inflation since January now stands at two per cent, while inflation over the past year (October 2012 to September 2013) is 4.52 per cent. 
The Bank attributes low inflation to increased supplies of vegetables, fruits and pulses in the cool season, to a reduction in international commodity prices, and to the decline in the value of the rand, which makes Mozambique’s imports from South Africa cheaper. The value of the metical against the US dollar was virtually unchanged over the most. On the last day of September, the metical was quoted at 29.86 to the dollar on the Inter-Bank Exchange Market. On the last day of August, there had been 29.85 meticais to the dollar.Against the South African currency, the metical was quoted at 2.98 to the rand. This was a slight depreciation of the metical by 2.4 per cent. However, since January the metical has gained in value by 14.1 per cent against the rand. In September, the statement said, the country’s net foreign reserves grew slightly (by 5.33 million dollars), bringing Mozambique’s total foreign reserves to 2.878 billion dollars, enough to cover imports of goods and services for 6.5 months. This figure was 256.5 million dollars higher than the target for the period.