Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Preliminary to the downfall of the company Embraer LAM Mozambican flag , last November 29 , investigations have ruled out mechanical failure had originated the disaster that caused 33 deaths , according to official sources .According to the commander João de Abreu , president of the Institute of Civil Aviation of Mozambique ( IACM ) , elements taken from the black boxes from the crash site and in Namibia reveal no mechanical device failures ." The investigations are continuing and should be completed even before the 30 -day time limit recommended by the International Civil Aviation Organization " , Joao de Abreu said, speaking to reporters on Saturday .
Speed ​​in finalization of the investigation shows that there clarity in the reasons of the crash ?
The responsibility and the pilot ?
What will have happened in the cockpit of the Embraer 190 ?
Who was in charge was the commander or his co - pilot?
Of black boxes already heard and conferenciados the standards of the aircraft , which dialog between the crew ?
The cabin staff became aware of something abnormal? Ha prefers voices of the cockpit area ?
The sudden bad weather ( updrafts ) has caught the pilot , according to U.S. meteorologists that fateful morning ?
Replies to find a historic air disaster that almost always human error as the reason . It is not known by human error in operating sequence under pressure Aircraft premeditated or human error .

The pilot of a Boeing Singapore who fell in a swamp in Indonesia three years ago would have made the plunge deliberately , in an apparent suicide plane, according to American researchers of the accident . There were no survivors among the 104 people aboard .The conclusion contradicts the Indonesian researchers , whose report , released this week , says there is no way to explain what happened .According to the National Transportation Safety Board of the U.S. , the Boeing - 737 SilkAir not had mechanical failure and drop " can be explained by intentional pilot action " .The Silk Air plane crashed into the Musi river in the jungle of Sumatra , during a regular flight from Jakarta to Singapore on December 19, 1997 . The circumstances of the episode caused bewilderment from the beginning. In a clear sky , the plane crashed in an almost vertical dive from an altitude of 10,600 meters . The experts found that the voice and data recorders of the cabin had been turned off half a minute before the plane started to dive .According to the 200-page report of the Indonesian National Committee for transport security , because " the highly fragmented wreckage and the almost total absence of data, information and useful clues , the committee is obliged to conclude that the technical investigation found nothing to explain the cause of the accident . "But the U.S. report states that the wreckage showed that their engines were operating at high power at impact and that the controls had been willing to make the plane dive ." The plane left the cruise flight as a result of an intentional maneuver that would have required prolonged efforts to control the flight and most likely would have been performed by the master ," says the report .

The pilot of the aircraft, the Singaporean Tsu Way Ming , had debts of shares outstanding and high bills in the credit card market . Also, could not honor a loan.Tsu had lost a new job as a flight instructor in June of that year , after an incident in which disabled a voice recorder of an airplane during a flight .Days before the disaster he had bought an insurance policy for $ 1 million insurance and indicated his wife as beneficiary .The most mysterious and evocative of all was the discovery of an incident that occurred years before , when the commander was Tsu aerobatics pilot in the Singapore Air Force . On December 19, 1979 , four of his fellow pilots were killed when they collide with a mountain shrouded in clouds in the Philippines . Tsu only survived because a mechanical problem forced him to return with his plane .

Nevertheless , the Indonesian investigation found no evidence " indicating that the pilot, co - pilot or crew member had suicidal tendencies or some reason to cause the accident ."Allegations of suicide pilots - and the implication that highly trained staff of airlines can also be killers always generate controversy . A year ago , when an Egyptair Boeing crashed into the Atlantic during a flight that departed New York , claims that the fall was caused by suicide pilot infuriated Cairo to the point that it came to be discussed in person by the governments of U.S. and Egypt.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ala Chissano was defeated

It's official . Alberto Vaquina , current prime minister and member of the Frelimo Political Commission , José Pacheco , the current Minister of Agriculture and a member of the Political Commission and Philip Nyussi current defense minister , are the pre candidates that the Frelimo Political Commission chose to , among them , find the candidate in the presidential elections of 2014. There are only 10 months for the elections . According to a press release from the Frelimo party , these names were advanced at the Policy Committee meeting held on Wednesday . " The Policy Commission , pursuant to Article 61 , no3 , point j ) of the Statute of the Frelimo Central Committee decided to propose to pre - candidates Frelimo candidate for the office of President of the Republic of Mozambique , in the presidential elections 2014 , the comrades members of the Commission policy Candugua Jose Pacheco , Alberto Clementino Vaquina and Member of Central Committee , Philip Nhussi " the statement said .   The Central Committee meeting which will decide on who among the three pre applicants will in fact be the Frelimo candidate for the presidential , will take place on the 22nd of December current , school Frelimo in Matola .   But these names were actually found in the meeting was on Saturday , December 07, in the village of Namaacha , Maputo province . Guebuza met the Policy Committee without the right to press coverage or secretariat. With these three pre - candidates Frelimo solves an old but nagging problem of regionalization . All of them are native to central and northern areas , which means first Frelimo have a candidate who is not in the south zone of the country. The three contenders are all considered dolphins Guebuza . So , once again confirms the imposition of the will of Armando Guebuza . Reportedly the bet Armando Guebuza is even Jose Pacheco , now Minister of Agriculture and head of the government delegation negotiating the political and military crisis with Renamo . Alberto Vaquina is preferably Daisy Talapa , head of the Frelimo in parliament , one of the strongest female ward Guebuza . Philip Nyussi is seen as the man who will do the " paper candidate" , but no chance of being chosen by the Central Committee.

It is known that Chissano ward had also prepared their candidates, including Luisa Diogo , former Prime Minister , Edward Mulémbwè , former President of the National Assembly and Aeneas Corniche , former mayor of the city of Maputo . Guebuza as the wing is controlling the entire Politburo , these names did not reap sympathy , because the relationship with the ward Guebuza is not healthy . These members , seen as competent and intellectual side , have been permanently fought side by Guebuza at this point seems to have complete control over the party . December 22 is the day of all the decisions , but the note is settled that Guebuza has control over any of the three qualifying candidates, which means that if the Frelimo candidate wins the presidential elections in practice Armando Guebuza will continue to driving through the country where party president. Strategy was found by Guebuza not to relinquish power . ( CM)

News Mutala

The Police of the Republic of Mozambique in Alto Molocué fatally shot some citizens of the town Mutala. Although scant information we have, realize that there are injuries that are admitted to the Cottage Hospital High Molocué.Na conversation with a district director Olga Nahera, this confirmed the entry of patient riddled with bullets. It all started when a citizen was handed a parcel of land to explore mineral resources. The population reacted by calling on himself the lands in question and that they were not consulted. Hence, confusion and began firing at police were called several people. (Diary of Zambezia)

Monday, December 9, 2013

Dhlakama around killing civilians

Was attacked this morning's column buses that made the journey Muxungué - Save River. A citizen who traveled to the city of Inhambane, called relatives in Beira traumatized because the bus that travels was riddled with bullets. The bus passengers "LTM" stayed with the broken glass, the injured driver and two occupants were hit in the leg and another in the basin. Authorities have not yet confirmed but information indicates that got through 8 vehicles. Unknown whether the situation of remaining that made the long protected by the Armed Forces of Mozambique as they failed to reach the Save River (heading north / south). Witnesses are many vehicles that may have been immobilized by armed Renamo men.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Offers no comment!!!

The Airports Company of Beira closed doors giving access to the main balcony facing the plate. This prevents people move in that public area as is routine and occurs hours before arrival of the President of MDM and the winning candidate of Nampula.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


A citizen named Yolanda Dambi, impersonating a journalist from a private radio was the center of a major incident during the voting process for electing the president of the city council and its municipal council, the Complete Primary School Mutauanha, in Nampula. Voters of the district with the same name, who held a clenched control to that cluster of polling stations, suspicious that she was a carrier of "false
votes" in the car that drove a slight Toyota Rav4 with license plate MMS-83-82 . Consequently kept her from leaving the premises while the vehicle was not searched. Yolanda was accompanied by other unidentified citizens who meanwhile took to flight. Yolanda Dambi was forced to abandon the vehicle and taken to a safe area within the perimeter of the Complete Primary School Mutauanha. It was over an hour protected by the Police Protection as voters insisted they wanted it to be searched inside the vehicle. The Police ensured that the vehicle stay closed and locked until the problem was analyzed. Yolanda Dambi, still within the grounds of the school told the few journalists who was a journalist of Indian Radio. About an hour and a half after the police approached the car Yolanda and opened the door on the driver side having been heard immediately effusive expressions of joy of gifts, for it was found that under the seat were actually "false votes" . These such "helpful"
however, were not removed and the police turned to close the door. Shots have not been fired, nor having been any excessive zeal on the part of the police, would, however, succeed in the least one could expect. Yolanda Dambi got in the car and went away. Was followed by angry citizens and also, soon after, by a patrol car PRM. He went into a blind alley and returned to being surrounded by angry voters, however not assaulting or molesting the car. After a few minutes the car Yolanda Dambi appears ever conducted by a police officer, speeding, followed by the patrol car and disappeared under claim which would go to the First Fleet or Provincial Command of the PRM. Michael Bartholomew, spokesman for the provincial command of the PRM in Nampula, neither confirmed nor denied the existence of such papers helpful in car Yolanda Dambi. Said only that "a multisectoral team is being formed to determine the veracity of the facts."

Monday, December 2, 2013


Data already consolidated , parallel count confirm the victory of the MDM candidate, Mahamud Amurane with 29,858 against 22,792 votes of the Frelimo candidate Adolfo Siueia and Filemena Mutoropa with 2245 votes.  MDM also won the municipal Assembly with 28,297 votes against 24,360 votes for Frelimo . The PAHUMO scored 1461 votes. Auditors made ​​, MDM will have 24 deputies , 20 and Frelimo PAHUMO a deputy .These elections were enrolled 223,768 voters . Voted for mayor 56 746 voters and 57 361 for the Municipal Assembly . There is no possibility of reversing the results because the null votes are less than the difference between the candidates and parties . The abstention rate was 74 percent and turnout was 26 percent .STAE and CNE prepare for anytime announce partial results .The MDM will in a moment give a press conference to announce the victory based on edicts collected on all tables .
( ASilva )