Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Three people died in Maputo on Monday night, and a further ten were injured, when a major electrical storm hit the city.The victims were travelling in a minibus along the Maputo coast road when a tree was blown on top of the vehicle.High winds and heavy rain accompanied by hail, thunder and lightning, characterized the storm, which blew roofs off houses, uprooted trees, and knocked down lampposts and billboards. Roads were flooded in parts of the city, particularly in the downtown area, where the storm drains were blocked, thanks to the Municipal Council’s failure to keep them clean.The storm caught motorists by surprise since it had not been forecast by the National Meteorology Institute (INAM). The flooding and fallen trees led to traffic chaos, and thousands of people, returning home after a day’s work, were stranded at bus stops. Many drivers of the minibus-taxis, known as “chapas”, which provide much of the passenger transport in the city, took their vehicles off the roads, rather than drive through the storm.INAM now says that the storm was due to a system of low pressure crossing southern and central Mozambique, particularly along the coastal strip. Bad weather and high temperatures are forecast to continue for the next few days.

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