Thursday, November 17, 2016

Inhambane aerodrome at risk of being closed

The National Civil Aviation Institute may, at any moment, close Inhambane city’s aerodrome due to lack of security for landing and takeoff of aircraft, reports Noticias.The reason is the invasion of the airport surrounds, which are reserved for the aerodrome,  by the local population for the purpose of building houses.According to provincial director of Transport and Communications, Acissa Márcia Carimo, more than 400 homes, ranging from conventional houses to shacks, have been built nearby, compromising the view of the runway.Following visits to the airport, Carimo told the governor of Inhambane province, Daniel Chapo, on Thursday that the security department of the Civil Aviation Institute had expressed concern over the untrammelled occupation of the reserved and prohibited area as a threat to the security of aircraft manoeuvres.
Resultado de imagem para aeródromo inhambane“The Inhambane airport is in serious danger of being banned because of the danger resulting from the proliferation of homes. There are many facilities around, for which the owners are now requesting the supply of electricity and water,” Carimo complained.The Inhambane governor promised to launch awareness-raising among the institutions involved to avoid the transfer of land and granting of housing construction permits in the area.Chapo said that everything would be done to prevent the city of Inhambane, one of the tourism hotspots of the country and the region, from having domestic and regional air connections cut.“The institutions managing urban land will be urged to correct mistakes and take urgent measures to discourage anything which jeopardizes security at Inhambane airport,” the governor promised.Data obtained by ‘Noticias’ and confirmed by the airport manager, indicates that 3,000 meticais is being charged for land for housing in the reserved airport surrounds, and that the alleged vendors of plots live in the area and have connections with some Inhambane Municipal Council officials.

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