Wednesday, November 2, 2016

MOTHO-MOTHO: "Bruce Lee Mozambican"

He is 99 percent authentic Chinese, lacking only those typical eyes to make 100 percent.
Although born in Xai-Xai, he has virtually nothing of the Mozambican about him. At the age of four he went to live in the Chinese province of Henan and enrolled in the coveted and selective Shaolin Temple, the oldest martial arts school specializing in Kung Fu. And he lived there for 20 years, almost a lifetime!
There, he learned from the great masters the art and secrets of Kung Fu, spread worldwide by the Bruce Lee movies in the 80s. It is safe to say that at this point he is the only Kung-Fu master in Mozambique. Not Judo, Karate or Tang So; Kung Fu is regarded as “another level” in the martial arts. Kung Fu applies deadly blows. Widely used by ninjas in the movies, Kung-Fu is the highest form of martial arts in the Eastern world.To get an idea of ​​the impact of Kung Fu, it suffices to say that if you, dear reader, were to take, for example, a slap in the face from a Kung Ku master, it would be enough to leave you at rest in a tomb in Lhanguene or in the new cemetery of Michafutene! That is why Kung Fu is not for everyone. It requires a lot of discipline and responsibility.
As for the Shaolin Temple, it is seen as the martial art most elite and prestigious place. For centuries and to this day, it continues to be seen as the only place in the world where the Kung Fu “teachers of teachers” go. There, only the “very good” are allowed in! Only the elect. That is why it is not easy to become a “resident” in this temple. Many Chinese, Korean and Japanese with the label of “excellent” are rejected and can not get in, and nepotism, corruption and bribery do not work there. In other words, it is a rarity to see an African in that temple. But a Mozambican, our countryman from Xai-Xai, Gaza province, lived in the Shaolin Temple for 20 years, cheek by jowl with the greatest fighters, with the “best of the best.” What a great accomplishment! A round of applause for our Mozambican, the man who put “Moz” on the Chinese map.
In the East, this “Mozachinese” lived in Shanghai, Shangdon, Beijing, Tienjin, Taipei and Hong Kong. Then he studied management in Canada and in the end returned to China. He went through the teachings and temples of great masters such as Wong Yeng, one of the oldest masters of Kung Fu, and responsible for the training of famous actors such as Jackie Chan and Jet Li.
Resultado de imagem para shaolin templeHe saw Jet Li himself visit the temple, casting for stuntmen to participate in his films.
His food habits align with Eastern habits and customs. How could they not? A typical Chinese eats dog, cat, snake, frog and other animals. It could not be otherwise, since he was living there from the age of four and ate whatever they gave him. (Chinese saying: “We eat anything with four legs as long as it’s not a table, and everything that flies, provided it’s not a plane.”) And in that temple, there was “xima,” mboa,” “matapa “,” xiguinha” [Mozambican traditional dishes] etc.
In Mozambique, he goes unnoticed. Simple and respectful, known to few, he is the epitome of anonymous. He does not care to “appear” (lessons learned in the temple). It is said that one day he came home and crossed paths with robbers who demanded his wallet and cell phone. He declined, asking the thieves to let him go. They laughed in his face: “Futseka! Suka! Wabiwa? “(Are you crazy?) And threatened to torture him for daring to refuse to hand over his belongings. Always the humble victim, he begged them almost on his knees to let him go, because he was a man of peace and never got into trouble. They told him “to go have a smoke”. 
Resultado de imagem para shaolin temple
As they finally approached, he warned them that he did not want to see the blood of his brothers and have to chase ambulances to transport them to hospital. This statement so angered the gang that they advanced to attack, and in the blink of an eye, the assailed man soared to an incredible height (just like in the movies) and landed with a spiral movement, felling the group with a single ” fan” kick. Everyone on the floor! Only a blow in self-defense. Without any intention to hurt.
They got up and off they rushed, shouting “Futseka! We also have Jackie Chan DVD. Let’s learn karate to you give you a really great beating!” From a safe distance, one of them improvised a karate gesture. He saw it, smiled, and sent a “Tchau”!This story could be confused with a movie about Alex Raúl Sitoe, known in the East as New Chung Hage, but to me as the “Bruce Lee of Mozambique”.

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