Friday, March 24, 2017

Chinese couple arrived by car

Imagem relacionadaTwo criminals on Wednesday evening shot a Chinese woman in the city of Chimoio, in the central Mozambican province of Manica. The attack took place less than five hundred metres away from the official residence of the provincial governor.Eyewitnesses told AIM that the criminals intercepted the victim on the staircase to her apartment as she returned home from work. The murderers shot her in the head before taking her bag and escaping in a car.A witness told AIM, “a Chinese couple arrived by car. We saw another car stop behind and two men get out. Minutes later we heard two shots and the bandits returned to their car with the handbag”.The victim was taken to hospital and there are conflicting reports on her condition. Whilst AIM was told that she was out of danger, other reports state that she has died.The police have opened an investigation into the crime. In recent months violent crime involving the use of firearms in Chimoio has fallen due to increased efforts by the police.

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