Thursday, April 12, 2012

Governor loses ground

The Democratic Movement of Mozambique (MDM) is accumulating members and supporters in the province of Zambezia, and people use party flags to show your affection with this political force. In homes, shops and other places go hoisted flags of MDM and that is nervous to leave the provincial governor, Francisco Itai Meque. Before winning election to mayor of the capital of Zambezia this scenario not seen in Quelimane. The governor of Zambezia, Francisco Itai Meque, had already ordered to the base state representatives not to allow the attachment of MDM Party flags, but the orientation resulted in nothing.The "Cmoz" worked for a week in Zambezia. Of the 17 districts, traveled just over eight districts: Ilé, High Molocué, Gile, Mocuba, Namacurra, Morrumbala, Mopeia and Lugela, respectively. And to our surprise, almost all the province's dressed to the MDGs. Before any of this happened. We found that the situation could have serious repercussions for the usual leaders of Zambezia, because after "dropping" the Frelimo first secretary of the province level, the next figure is likely to "fall" is its governor. It has been announced that the drop is only Itai Meque the head of state to find a little time available to operate the change of governor. Curious fact is that many flags are located in the vicinity of public and sometimes even close to Frelimo buildings, districts, administrative posts and even locations. Even with almost all the flags in hand, was not easy to talk to any member of the MDGs in their respective districts. Those who agreed to give an interview, was very scared and after having done everything to prove that we are journalists. In addition to the badge that identifies us as journalists, we had to display the identity card and at least provássemos that have nothing with the ruling party and that we were much less in the service of Frelimo. Sit in a real terror everywhere and the fear of citizens is illustrative. In eight districts, only four members of the Democratic Movement of Mozambique, MDM, agreed to speak to "Cmoz", but under certain conditions: no permission to photograph and even record voice. Also, we were asked to remain anonymous, fearing reprisals. In Morrumbala, a member of MDM said: "My friend, so I'm talking to you, if they know that I'm going to kill me and my family," because they "have come to threaten me often." Oo interviewed had no hesitation in saying: "Morrumbala already achieved." Also assured that "positive changes began in 2014 in this district. We've been relying on mobsters who do nothing for our people. " Most people are in hiding. An almost all the districts where we, the conversation corner is the "good future of Mozambique under the leadership of the MDGs." Even young members in the Mozambique Youth Organisation (OJM), social organization, Frelimo Party, moved: "We are tired and our only hope is the MDM. We are here on Frelimo paper, but we will prove in the next elections we are tired of being exploited. " As for the governor Itai Meque, it is clear who lost the battle against the MDGs. "It took the defeat in the city of Quelimane in the interim last December, and the popularity of Frelimo in Zambezia fell to the ground." "The next two years will dictate the story, or" the emperor has no clothes "or coat with sheepskin will triple." (A. Silva)

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