Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The possible democracy?

Our political system lacks some retouching. Dhlakama is right when he speaks of the islands, but is wrong to talk of dividing the country. This country is indivisible. Not a politician who will divide this country to accommodate your wishes. Where understand Dhlakama?
I understand and give reason to Dhlakama when he speaks of the autonomous regions. Again understand and give reason to Dhlakama. But are not autonomous regions that Renamo claims. Renamo claim rule where he won. Is wrong? For me it has. If you do not want federation, then we must move towards a situation where the governors are elected. What does it mean? It means that the opposition will govern where he won, or will elect their governors, being thus its provincial government.
And since there is a halfway because Frelimo already set a precedent by creating provincial assemblies. Now the Provincial Assemblies can only make sense when provincial governments are elected as members of the Provincial Assemblies. We can not have an elected Provincial Assembly which oversees a named provincial government. If we have the municipal elected assemblies, with binding decisions, overseeing the elected municipal governments and have the Assembly of the Republic elected, also with binding decisions, which oversees the Central Government Elected, we also have a Provincial Assembly elected, with binding decisions, the oversee the elected provincial government. At this time, the provincial assemblies, though elected, their decisions are not only not binding, but also are organs with a null action.Second, there are overlapping functions, because the provincial governments are overseen by the Assembly of Deputies of the Republic, elected in these constituencies and are further monitored by the Provincial Assemblies, the latter with non-binding decisions.If governors were elected at this time, Renamo would be the rule in the province where he won and which holds the majority in the provincial assemblies. Frelimo and MDM would be opposition. Similarly, Renamo and the MDM would be opposition where Frelimo won. That is, Frelimo would form the central government under the most votes obtained, but the provincial governments would share with Renamo.(L.Mabunda in f.book)

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