Thursday, December 18, 2014

That's what Mozambicans ask you.

Sometimes look back and sides helps you navigate. It is clear that things are complicated in Mozambique. Against this were the last elections and the various "pronouncements" of competitors and electoral bodies, is divine-difficult times for the country.The legalistic arguments and constitutional express a cause despair and a graceful exit attempt at a situation that has no consensus.A thank you visit by Afonso Dhlakhama raises or puts very strong questions that cement the belief that the "curious" who come to their rallies are Mozambicans who believe that he and his party won the elections.If a parliament moves a containment strategy based on the financial accommodation and protocol of a leader who repeatedly declared winner, but the electoral bodies refuse to recognize, in the country breathes an air of well-founded suspicions that things can skidding the worst.Who was accustomed to maneuver and to make electoral and political engineering has reason to be worried because it seems that the patience of the "defeated" run out.Reveals the naked eye that Mozambique and its people want change and that this was expressed by their vote.When it was said that without an assembly or handling of elections realization of all conditions would be too complicated for Frelimo to stay in power, some voices of "scholars" were multiplying in "pronouncements" and looking analyzes prove otherwise.Without the strategic assistance of PRM / FIR, it is known and it is believed that even the past municipal elections would have produced different results announced. Without the difficulties of access to polling stations surgically defined and implemented, the city of Maputo Municipal Assembly meet a different costume. Mocuba would have a president of the municipality of another party, and Milange too.Due to the results of these local, it was clear that the party of change in power was a very possible and next question.Renamo, after the end of the last political and military hostilities, it raises up-and showed that she was alive and dynamic. In the ride of your leadership and the experience, organized in record time and took part in the elections in dispute.MDM, galvanized by their local victories, set up his machine and showed that it is a party to take into account the country.Faced with these two opponents weight, Frelimo and the government had to change strategies and devise methods that would ensure their stay in power.That's where we can see it was voted the strategy of mixing methods. With the judiciary under its control, it was easy to refuse outright the opposition claims. With the help of PRM / FIR, tried to take scene nuisance opposition activists. With full participation of STAE, it was possible to delay the opening of the polls and eventually disappear notebooks. To complicate the picture further, district notices are untraceable. The professional and experienced machine STAE failed or was all premeditated?
When repeatedly says that the "procurement" electoral account, some ignore. When we say that it is dangerous to the operating space, some say they are prepared, but in the end it turns out that missed.When it is said that the mass media is skewed and biased to favor the ruling party, this is understood as something of little importance.Mozambicans of all latitudes and political spectrum want peace as ever.But what with playing strategists connected to the ruling party, what usually has been used as a weapon infallible, repeat that Renamo and MDM do not know lose, is not having traction or legs to walk.The use of important figures in national politics, as Joaquim Chissano, striking low blows on an opponent who knows, and that prevented militarily and politically defeated, is symptomatic. This is not to launch "campaigns of terror." "Lawyers of the devil" arise and multiply the national level and in the diaspora. All seek to defend its share, and do not mind the media.Meanwhile, entrepreneurs rulers subscribed in full swing concession agreements and attribute operating licenses to all that is company and project.There is a widespread perception that AEG needs to remain in control at least of their party machine to ensure that your business empire will not collapse. What happened to the acolytes of Joaquim Chissano may well happen to him once out of the picture. The other wards or sensitivities within the Frelimo understand that it is time to unite and defend "nails and claws" its political dominance. That is why even those who were criticized yesterday for not being "gem of Mozambicans" are united in their discursive campaign supported by the media aligned with this agenda.It is felt that the characteristic mediocrity of some leading figures of the regime, in different segments of national life, not resist a transparent competition situation.For some it is the "all or nothing", even praise the opponent every day. Saying "opponent" please, because in their design, it is actually the enemy to beat.There will be enough wisdom and patriotism to circumvent the pitfalls and take the boat to fruition?
There will be calm and coolness to within the competing parties to find a formula that ensures good governance and political stability?

When the PR spokesman trasveste irreducible constitutional, as we have used, there is reason to stay grounded concerned.Mozambique does not need nor in a similar situation to Angola, where José Eduardo dos Santos has remained in power even without the completion of the presidential election that was to rival and opponent Jonas Malheiro Savimbi.AEG does not sleep and certainly that, as astute politician, has all options open and on the table.But as a political and nationalistic should be equating output that guarantees peace.That's what Mozambicans ask you. Ask Joaquim Chissano. Ask Afonso Dhlahkama. Ask Simango.What are Mozambique and Mozambican expect from their leaders. To lead thinking about what people most want and not what you bring more personal benefits.Halting the indecision and prevent political barbarism is in your hands. (N.Nhantumbo)

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