Friday, February 24, 2017

US$60 million airport funded by China’s Exim Bank

Resultado de imagem para chongoeneAt least 60 million dollars, corresponding to around 4.2 billion meticais, at current exchange rates, is how much the Mozambican Government intends to invest in the construction of the airport of Xai-Xai, in the newly-created district of Chonguene, Gaza province. The new Xai-Xai airport only awaits Exim bank financing.

The Minister of Transport and Communications, Carlos Mesquita, on Friday visited the site where the new Xai-Xai airport will be built, having revealed that feasibility and environmental impact studies have already been carried out on the approximately four thousand hectare area​​.  The minister said that all that was now need was financing from the Chinese Exim Bank for work to begin.All the families affected will be resettled, and a larger number of graves will need to be relocated after consultation with the families and local authorities, Mesquita explained to the Diario de Moçambique.Mesquita highlighted the benefits that the airport would bring to Gaza province and the country in general.“The airport is both a necessity and a dream for Gaza, and we hope it will boost tourism in the province. As is well known, Gaza plans to build a dam on the Limpopo River in Mapai district and also has a project pending to exploit Chibuto’s heavy sands. For all these activities, we need an airport to facilitate the mobility of the people involved. On the other hand, Gaza province has tourism potential with beaches and parks, factors that require the government to provide highly competitive and attractive services for investment in all areas, most notably aviation,” Mesquita said.

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