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Resultado de imagem para radio moçambiqueWe will always be the best when we are able to make a difference. This is a motto that I have been advocating for many years here in this newspaper. For the country to leave definitively on the podium of poverty statistics, every Mozambican must make a difference in indifference. It is not the problem of money that puts us in these situations of poverty, it is the lack of wide views to make the difference of this "dog world."
I think that Radio Moçambique's top management has read the signs of time and is giving a new impetus to the way people communicate. After all, "the people are the ones who order the most." Through, it is already possible to listen, in addition to the National Antenna, to the provincial issuer of Gaza, the provincial issuer of Sofala, RM-sport, and much more. Soon will join the provincial issuer of Nampula.
Resultado de imagem para radio moçambique
Here is an answer to what it is to be a public service. Note: a public service entirely devoted to the interests of the citizen. That deserves applause. This is what must be done in favor of National Unity: to enable Mozambicans to communicate in their local languages. The public service is exactly this: to allow the people to exercise their sovereignty and their citizenship, in particular. With these transformations, the RM is being a very powerful engine of communication to pull by the culture.
Those who are abroad now have the opportunity to be closer to their cultural roots. As is my case, these roots nourish me. I am Tetanus and am glad when I hear the news, the programs in languages ​​Xindau and Xisena, which are close relatives of cinyungue. You always better listen, for example, "I love you" in mother tongues than in Portuguese. That is why it is worth promoting the national languages, because they are born of the "womb" of our being. That is, they are born of our mother nature. Portuguese is for us, an exotic language.
Radio Mozambique should act as a kind of "hinge" or "knee" between "we" and "our" culture. Nature speaks and sends out important messages, but we ignore it because we are possessed by other habits and cultures. To reinforce the aspects already mentioned, Radio Moçambique must make us drunk with the grace of our culture, not with political and ideological vaccines.
Resultado de imagem para radio moçambiqueFor a long time, there was a deterioration in the quality of public services in Radio Moçambique, mediocrity was a sign of the house, cultural programs ceased to exist, the history of the country (even with its mythologies) was no longer counted, the reflection was Forbidden, dogmatism was defended, mutilating free thinking. Fortunately there are strong signs of reversal. I feel on the present board of directors a great enthusiasm to make a difference. Just do not see who does not want. Let us not forget that the levels of escangalhamentos were so evident that the syringes were useless for the calloused buttocks.
Resultado de imagem para radio moçambique
I hope these services work without patches. It is our country's culture, we rarely manage to keep the people's benefit working for a long time, we always bet on mediocrity, always and always.
Zicomo and a nhúngue embrace to Father Manuel Maria Madureira da Silva with whom I was recently in Évora and from whom I won another literary work "Fracturing Questions" (and a beautiful dedication "To Viriato Dias with a taste for reading"). To Fr. Aniceto Dangala, my spiritual protector, there is a Nungo embrace and my cordial greetings. And the children, by the first of June, a nun-kiss in the heart.

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