Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Police saved nosy

Resultado de imagem para massingir mozambiqueTwo international journalists who came to Mozambique to investigate the poaching of rhinos, are grappling with the Mozambican justice. According runs in the international press, Torbjörn Selander and Bartholomäus Grill, corresponding Der Spiegel and The African Times, were arrested by the Police accused of spying Republic on 16 February and also risk their lives. According could ascertain the situation was very tense on Saturday with the population of Massingir to create a riot, which came to fear the lynching of the two journalists. The revolt of the population was due to the fact that the journalists had entered the property of an individual to them referenced as poacher, (which is not confirmed) without the presence of this on site. Against Torbjörn Selander and Bartholomäus Grill was raised a self for trespassing and constituted attorney. The PRM denies detained journalists, but put two agents to ensure their safety before the wrath of the population, which sees poaching rhino as a right and your business. Massingir, on the border between Mozambique and the Kruger National Park is known to be an entry point for poaching rhino from Mozambique. This is not the first time that Massingir encounters problems between poachers and the PRM, where people always takes the advantage of stealth, as seen in this activity quickly, or perhaps the only way out of poverty. The two journalists still find themselves in Massingir and arriving at Maputo resorting to the use of a helicopter, as they suffered threats to their physical integrity and were told that if they traveled by road would be killed. We will continue to monitor the situation and came back to inform when we have more news.

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