Friday, February 6, 2015

The paths to peace

The celebrations of the February 3 Let's disclose how Frelimo and his government are deeply divided on approach to political dialogue with Renamo. On the one hand, the President and his Prime Minister, we have the serenity image and unconditional opening to talk to Afonso Dhlakama. On the other, the Party President, Secretary-General and closest cronies, the bleak picture, nervous, aggressive and impatient. Magnanimous, and oblivious to all the noise that his own party does, around the subject, Filipe Nyusi stays true and consistent in his inaugural address and continues to surprise everyone and everything for their unexpected firmness even to those who expected they should bows. Had long since become apparent that the successor of Guebuza would not have an easy life in the direction of the state. By 15 January this year, and for 50 years, had been the very founders of Frelimo to give the cards at all and, at the time of handing over power to the new generation, Nyusi seemed to them the choice of lower risk, one that, by his past, not configured to initiate major changes to the course that best elesachavam the country.The problem is that Filipe Nyusi is leaving up precisely the opposite of what Frelimo (or just some of its most prominent members?) Expect. Starting with the reliever and messianic inaugural address. The new president came with a crash, the front door, when in some scripts if you had booked the back door.The message that "my boss is the people" is much deeper than some interpreted it and is intended more for within the party than out.When, as a block, the party shows signs of impatience and responds aggressively to the inflammatory speeches of Dhlakama, as it turned out, on February 3 with former President Armando Guebuza, is a clear sign that someone in Frelimo "is up in paints "with the ravings of Renamo leader and the consequences of them can come to the country and will be going on the idea that it is necessary to activate a Plan B to resolve the matter. How about a year and a half, when attacked unexpectedly Santugira.For now, Filipe Nyusi showed that it is unaffected by the pressure that his strategy is precisely reach out to Renamo leader to convince him to leave the erratic way he got himself into and to return to normal. The old adage "the alternative to dialogue is the dialogue itself." A position that remains valid points Nyusi, a president who many assumed lamb, but is proving to be a real wolf. At least for now. Filipe Nyusi promised in its possession, build consensus in difficult times, leadership in Mozambique where, ever, brothers turn against brothers is that pretext; a permanent and true dialogue. He promised to seek the President Chissano the spirit of tolerance and reconciliaçã the Mozambican family.In less than a month of head of state, Nyusi facing the first major test of his leadership, faces the first difficult time and the opportunity to begin to implement these promises, even if it means putting yourself in the antipodes of ideas his party. To convince the ultra-radical party, without the leadership of it, is the first step.(Jeremias Langa in "O PAÍS")

This week, the Bar Association suggested that the Attorney General's Office should intervene and prosecuting Dhlakama for their pronouncements. We disagree with this idea completely. Hold Dhlakama would be worse than the ailment the amendment. We are all equal before the law, stated in the Constitution. But how wisely reminds us George Orwell, there are more equal than others.Afonso Dhalama is not António Muchanga. You look at the huge legion of his followers and It can be seen the potential for instability in the country could plunge to go down this route. The Dhlakama problem is political and in this way should be resolved.
Source: Online Country - 05/02/2014

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