Tuesday, February 10, 2015

WHAT Dhlakama WANT?

While regicide me the proper course of dialogue between the leader of Renamo and the Government of Nyusi, I consider important comment briefly on said "autonomous regions" idea put forward by Renamo, which she aims to overcome the current crisis post-election.To begin with, I consider important proceed to a kind of hermeneutic discourse, to understand the speech and the person who Mario anunciaTomas, person whose analysis has inspired me in recent days, reminds us that "Dhlakama should be interpreted" (Radio Mozambique, hotline, February 7, 2015). For him, the terms and the language used by him, if understood as such, frighten and run the risk of "turn it into a Leviathan". I prefer another term, we risk turning it into a Werewolf.Now when you do not have the answers to the vaunted proposal, I am still interested in understanding what the proposal on "autonomous regions" mean in fact.
• You will want to split Mozambique in north, central and south, with a President of the Autonomous Region in each of them? Better is this a temporary decision or not?
• You can establish autonomous administrative regions without the people to be heard in referendum?
• What model of autonomy is intended? Federalism? And that relationship with the central government?
• Does the Renamo even want are autonomous regions or provinces with governors and elected provincial assemblies and constituted in accordance with the election results?
At least it is clear that Dhlakama wants to rule in the provinces where it won, including Tete, Sofala, Zambezia and Manica, so 4 provinces and not 7 as has been publicized.
• How he wants to rule? Naming governors?
• Through the election of governors, the similarity of the municipalities?
• What are the implications of this model for Constitute the Republic?
• What other laws should be changed? Suffice the bill Renamo for all to overcome?
• And the electoral law? And the law of the local organs of state? And other laws?
• How long can this transformation?
Matias De Jesus Jr. reminds us of the word "Wungwissar" for one Ndau amalgam aportuguesado to refer to the act of making someone a clown. The Brazilians say "make fun with your face." I sincerely hope that this Draft Law scene of autonomous regions is not just to "Ungwissar" there in Parliament! "

My first impression is that the pace of work that parliament has accustomed us, this subject is so large that it can take a long time. We're almost in March ...

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