Thursday, May 21, 2015

Success, South African mercenaries against Boko Haram

It is clear that the webs with which sews the "powerful" Frelimo depend on the correlation of forces greater than specific individuals. While it may transpire one centralized power image on the leader, this does nothing to fulfill decisions of a small college people, as has been seen throughout the history of this party. If today is a Policy Committee that oversees the party schedule, it should be clarified that each leader leaves its mark and way of being compared to their peers in this "club". There remains the domain of the "liberators" in this committee, and new entrants meet statutory spaces, but they know and realize they do not have the real power of the word or initiative to propose actions. They are like people needed for quorum purposes, but little else. When a reputed member of Frelimo, also liberating said publicly that he feared that the handover to a new generation could involve "selling the country", it was well understood and interpreted in real circles of power.
The various forms that takes the composition of the decision-making bodies of Frelimo leave no room for a generational change happening in power.
In a game nothing simple in that use all means to continue in the heights, the candidate's choice, now PR, was enlightening about the survivability and replication of the old guard of Frelimo.
Tell yourself that, for reasons of political survival and legacy, there was no hesitation, over the years, in spot images and cut or eliminate people from acting spaces before very prevalent. Just ask certain individuals rather even supposed irreplaceable and gentlemen of truth and reason. The fine flower Samora Machel who idolized and promoted his cult of personality, for, between the lines, cementing their individual power, virtually disappeared from the official channels of Frelimo. They whine in the corners, but I have no space in the public media. Bearing in mind that the PR counselors teams are made up of people hand-picked and coming from the former leaders of Frelimo, it is not surprising that the PR build your public speaking in the wake of advising him. And the final product does not contradict the view of those true centers of power in the Frelimo.
Filipe Jacinto Nyusi is in the difficult position of listening Alberto Chipande, Joaquim Chissano and Armando Guebuza. It is an indisputable fact but an opinion resulting from reading the recent statements by the PR. There is a clear line forces in Frelimo that focuses on maintaining power without condescension or possibility of negotiation and building consensus with the opposition against the conduct of the October elections in 2014 and later approved final results.
As in the past, it seems that the decision is that the plaintiffs end up accepting the state of things "cooked". There is a clear inability to see momentum in national affairs and behavior of different parties. It is difficult to change, and it has several examples. Even when it is crucial achieve consensus and concerted, they converge and give, there are those who think and claim that only their word is the truth then by all. The recent history of Mozambique has been a war or verbal confrontation between militarized political forces that remain unconvinced that the political and economic democracy is the only system that can bring stability, peace and consequent development of the country. Successive agreements signed between Renamo and the government of Frelimo have been rammed whenever considered vital interests of a party are at risk of setbacks. Now, after unsuccessful attempts to reach a global political agreement, which would, in practice, signing a new AGP in Maputo, hangs in the National Air the impression that sold out the mechanisms for dialogue or negotiation. Growing twitching, and the former belligerents can return at any time to be belligerent in assets and across the board. Believing that there are irreducible between the parties, and since the war strategists consider that conditions are created for the outbreak of hostilities, we can only know when it will happen. Realistically speaking, the regional political situation points to the existence of concrete support to those who defend the final solution.
It will be moved by that fact that the speeches harden?
Are there acquired guarantees that there will be supply and support, if not third-party in another fratricidal conflict?
If we want to be concrete, the combat experience against the Boko Haram by hiring South African mercenaries was a success and it is not insignificant that this route is applied in Mozambique. After South Africa can not withstand a stop supply of electricity and gas at this time. The sum of existing foreign corporate interests in Mozambique requires that something be done to ensure that its operations flow smoothly. It is difficult and virtually impossible to predict what will happen in the near future in the country.  But one thing is certain, with bargaining derailment, are the millions of destitute hungry Mozambicans who will again suffer.  The political and economic elite historically irresponsible judges is protected of what might happen, but actually it is not so.  A new confrontation must be avoided by all means, and calls it a refrain from exclusionary discourses and viscerally against the interests of Mozambicans.  This country, Mozambique, should not be a repetition of stories of failures and overruns for carnage and sectarian violence. It is now that civil society, religious bodies, parliamentary and extra-parliamentary political forces should show what they are and what really moves. Concord, peace, stability and progress should not be just words that are pronounced as may be convenient, but something that unites Mozambicans regardless of their political orientation, religious, social stratum.
The national flag covers all and the country belongs to everyone.
It is in times of crisis such as we are experiencing that stand out and reveal the true leaders.
Claims to national leadership, and it is felt and has immediate effect, because every day of contention is food for connoisseurs of war. (Noé Nhantumbo)

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