Wednesday, May 6, 2015

'Reposition' NGOs throughout Sofala province

clubofmozambiqueNational and foreign non-governmental organisations (NGOs) operating in Sofala province will be equally distributed among the districts, a local government challenge meant to eliminate the prevailing inequalities in the region, reports ‘Notícias’.The intention was announced several days ago by Governor Helena Taipo in the course of a meeting she held with these organisations in Beira as a way to promote a joint reflection on the degree of complementarity that such NGOs represent to the actions of the Government in the various sectors.At the time, Helena Taipo assumed that the satisfactory results achieved last year in the province show some improvement in people's living conditions, with the direct involvement of cooperation partners.
The agenda of the meeting was accountability and harmonisation of plans to be developed by NGOs this year, with an emphasis on the economic and social areas.According to governor Taipo, knowledge about the flow of human resources as well as financial and patrimonial resources generated by NGOs in the districts where they operate and their impact are tools for the government to design intervention strategies and assess the difficulties still affecting people in these areas.The meeting also aimed to consolidate information on the activities undertaken by the cooperation partners (NGOs), presentation of monitoring mechanisms and monitoring of development activities.The administrators of 13 districts of Sofala and community leaders participated in the meeting.

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