Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Why not leave? What's there?

Resultado de imagem para Feizal SidatResultado de imagem para Manuel ChangChang says that, over the life of this federation, there should not be any problem of the current cast "let us take this boat and conduzirmos.Cáustico and front. It is, strictly speaking, as Manuel Chang, presidential candidate of the Mozambican Football Federation (FMF), spoke at the meeting with sportsmen in Quelimane aimed to present its clear allusion to candidatura.Numa cast led by Feizal Sidat, Manuel Chang said loudly - and who wanted to hear - that there are clear signs that it does not intend to abandon the Mozambican Federation Futebol.O candidate goes further to say that do not want the Movement for Football Football develop their work to moralize the beautiful game in Mozambique. 
"I thought that ended the mandate of the federation, there should not be any problem of the current federation let us take this boat and conduct. Feizal Sidat, entrepreneur and owner of Academica typography, brother of the President of Maputo Club Sports League, linked to the previous political power, has in the last three months visited the Provincial Football Associations, providing sports equipment and is present in inaugurations of sports infrastructure, driving seminars on arbitration, with trips to Dubai and Zurich taking part in events on the sport. More recently inaugurated the new and beautiful headquarters of the Mozambican Football Federation, in what is seen after two terms as wanting to show trabalho.Feizal clings to the fact that FIFA does not limit the mandates that clashes with the Sports Law of the country.

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