Thursday, May 28, 2015

Mozambican Armed Forces attacks in Gaza?

clubofmozambiqueIn the negotiations and in the media, Renamo has in recent times denounced attacks on their positions in Gaza by the Mozambican Defence and Security Forces (FADS). The Government has always denied such attacks. In a press conference in the ‘Joaquim Chissano’ Conference Centre at the end of the 106th round of negotiations between the government and Renamo, the Minister of Agriculture and Food Security, José Pacheco, spoke of attacks, but said that they have as their targets elephant and rhino poachers.According to José Pacheco it is not justified that Renamo complains of attacks on its men by the Defence and Security Forces, while its headquarters (Renamo’s) and its actions (Renamo’s) are circumscribed to Muxungué, Inchope, Sadjundjira and Gorongosa.Pacheco told reporters that he asked Renamo if their headquarters was in Sandjundira and if the military hostilities had occurred between the Save and the Inchope (rivers), the areas where the men who appeared in Guijá came from.Pacheco said, that being so, one can only "be facing furtive hunters of elephant tusks, rhino horns," and that when they are caught, Renamo speaks of "violation of the Cessation of Hostilities Military Agreement".On the accusations that the government wants to assassinate Dhlakama, José Pacheco said that "what the government wants is to have Afonso Dhlakama alive because he is a valid interlocutor.""We are eventually facing a psychological preparation, within Renamo, that intends to break free from their president. We will possibly be facing a psychological preparation to reactivate violent armed actions, with all these baseless accusations," he said.

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