Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Helicopter with suspected history

A helicopter of the South African origin was seized last Saturday by the Police of the Republic of Mozambique (PRM) Vilankulo district in Inhambane province, after making two landings on administrative Mapinhane station, near the Catholic mission 100 meters from National Highway Number one (EN1). According to the chief of operations of the District Command of the PRM in Vilankulo, Julião Ruben, the device with Zs-CWV enrollment R44 kind in circumstances operated by two South African citizens, now in police custody, in particular, Jacobus Strydon and Van Wyk, departed on Saturday from Maputo to the city of Pemba and carried out two unauthorized landings in Mapinhane, a situation which created panic and fear in populations that have come to take refuge in the bush. Ruben explained that the helicopter, when it was allowed in the civil aviation services to fly in the national air space under the number of IACM / DTA & 2989-2015, hover doubt on the activities and mission of the same occupants because, according to data collected in the investigation Preliminary, the device emitted signs of lack of fuel which allegedly precipitated an emergency landing in the bush. 
"The helicopter is capable of flying three hours and twenty minutes. However, this, after lifting the flight in the capital, landed three hours of time and ten minutes, then there are many things in the twilight zone by unraveling because we need to know where spent fuel from which has gone before Mapinhane reach the point of running out of fuel because when he landed already had three hours of time and ten minutes, "said the head of operations. The aircraft, according to one police officer, came from Kimg Shaka region in South Africa on 21 August current to Maputo, flying at an altitude of 1500 feet and a 105 kilometers per hour. Before landing in Maputo have also made an emergency landing in the region of Matutuine in Maputo province, allegedly for the same reasons, lack of fuel. "We want to determine the main reasons that forced these emergency landings because as we know, the pilots know the capacity of the helicopter and the flight time without refueling, now we want to know what happened to run out of fuel. Does the aircraft landed elsewhere before Mapinhane or not, "asks Ruben. Data not confirmed by the police indicate that last Saturday a helicopter will be flown in Ribye region in Funhalouro, area where hidden affirmed men RENAMO, thus leading suspect that may be the same now seized what might have been in spy missions . Police did not confirm nor deny this possibility, he explains however that there is any need to find out the main reasons of unauthorized landings in the country, allegedly for lack of fuel. It is known, however, that three weeks ago the police arrested four foreigners in Zavala district with a remotely controlled airplane. The pilots were justified to carry out flights to aerial imagery for some geophysical surveys. On that occasion, the head of public relations in the PRM Provincial Command, Jumȃ Ali Dauto, this strange justification, as he said, it should have been authorized by the entitled party which did not happen.

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