Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Jardim Tunduro Gardens rehabilitation

Resultado de imagem para jardim tunduruSlow progress on the rehabilitation of Maputo’s Tunduro botanical gardens has begun to worry Maputo residents. Works began in October, 2013 and were expected to be completed in a year.
"I'm happy they’re being rehabilitated, but unhappy with the slow pace of work, which indicates a lack of commitment on the part of the contractor," Maputo resident Jacinto Castro is quoted by Folha de Maputo as saying on Wednesday.Another member of the public questioned by Folha de Maputo, Manuel Domingos, said that, in addition to delays, he was worried that the rehabilitation was not up to standard. "The works are taking too long to complete, and in my opinion they are not of good quality," he said. There are others who disagree, but nonetheless condemn the delay in completing the project. "I like the rehabilitation and the quality is good, but the rate of progress is unacceptable," said Faustino Quissico.
Resultado de imagem para jardim tunduruThe rehabilitation of Tunduro gardens is being carried out by Ceta SA Construcão e Serviços, and was supposed to have been completed by October last year.The botanical gardens were designed by Englishman Thomas Honney in the late 19th Century the same man who in his career also designed gardens for the King of Greece and the Sultan of Turkey.The botanical gardens are currently under the administration of the Maputo City Council. The Maputo Tennis Club has its courts in the garden's grounds, the same place where the Mozambican tennis Federation has its headquarters.

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