Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Entrepreneurs interested in the EEZ, the Director General of GAZEDA responded positively, saying there are three essential components of investment, including international logistics center, industrial free zone, which can hold up to 40 companies in the first phase, and the installation of industrial units high technology."The EEZ of Manga-Mungassa is evolutionary, occupying 217 hectares at present. Can grow up to a thousand hectares, which will depend much of its development and the conditions that exist around them in terms of availability of space, "Nala said.
The location of this EEZ in the port city of Beira is seen as another factor that contributes greatly to attract more investors who make the Port of Beira coming from hinterland countries, including Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Tanzania.Nalá said that for reasons of special economic zones strategies should be located near the ports and railways in order to attract more investors, hence Sofala enjoys a strategic geographical position in the context of the national economy and the region, highlighting the "Beira Corridor "an authentic input and output for various SADC countries through the National Road Number Six and the rail and port system, composed of the Port of Beira and the Beira rail-lines-Machipanda, Beira-Moatize and the Sena line."As you know, the city of Beira is the second largest economic center of Mozambique, a major international port city, making it an important passage of transport to the countries of Southern Africa. The National Road Number Six is ​​being built and is expected to be completed within three years, "he viewed the Director-General of GAZEDA. 
COMPANY Chinese Dingsheng International Investment, the Special Economic Zone operator Manga-Mungassa in Beira, said they have started the preparatory works of 785 thousand square meters intended for processing free trade. After the ten stores to be completed and leased by both national operators and foreign will be built a set of industrial deposits of merchandise to meet the growing demand of these services. The warehouses cover an area of ​​2500 square meters.These data were presented by the representative of Dingsheng International Investment, Peter Han, at the seminar to promote investment opportunities in the EEZ Manga-Mungassa.Han noted that the work that your company is to carry out is aimed at attracting more businesses by providing a package of tax incentives and non-tax."On the other hand, the free trade processing zone, with an area of ​​785 thousand square meters, is already in the construction phase and is expected to attract more businesses, by providing a tax incentives and non-tax package," he said the representative of the operating company of the EEZ of Manga-Mungassa.The logistics center with an area of ​​50 thousand square meters, has more than 60 vehicle transport and distribution with international transport permits that meets the EEZ of the business sector's needs 24 hours a day.
 For Maria Helena Taipo, the Special Economic Zone project Manga-Mungassa is an asset as it will contribute to increased production and productivity of the province in the near future.Helena Taipo speaking on the sidelines of the second seminar to promote investment opportunities for the EEZ of Manga-Mungassa.At the time it revealed that, in addition to increasing the province's economy, the SEZ has been creating more jobs for young people, especially Mozambicans, thus reducing the unemployment rate in the province in particular and the country in general.Helena Taipo invited domestic and foreign investors to do their utmost for the realization of the project which is the first to be created in the country, followed by Nacala.
"We have great confidence in the potential that the EEZ property, including its good location, safe investment environment and favorable policy incentives EEZ Manga-Mungassa, which in addition to making grow the province's economy will also bring great returns to domestic and foreign investors.

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