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Court counselors judges live in rented houses USD6mil / month

Estad In January this year, when inauguration of the Filipe Nyusi, as the fourth Head of State of Mozambique independently, a new fashion took over the political discourse and management's thing public: the fight against profligacy. However, at a time that the watchword is "crisis," the review by the numbers, the word save not part of the vocabulary Supreme Court (TS), the highest organ of the hierarchy of the courts court where spend millions for residential leases "Decent" for the venerable judges counselors and privileges inherent the noble function. Indicate data the TS monthly spending about USD36 thousand (1.44 million meticais / month) in property rental for directors judges. In total there are six leased properties by the Supreme Court in luxury neighborhoods like Sommershield and Triunfo to serve six judges and, for each of them, taxpayers pay a total of six thousand Net US dollars, the equivalent of 240,000 meticais to average exchange rate of 40 meticais. This list of expenditure, the Court Supreme also affected three cars to each of the directors judges. Despite the Status of Magistrates Judicial predict decent perksm for directors judges, in some sectors these perks They are considered "immoral" in a country which defined the fight against profligacy as a slogan and has largely dependent on your budget foreign aid. The post of counselor judge of that court is the ultimate parent the judicial career. Five judges, namely, Matilde Augusto Monjane, Osvalda Joana António Paul Namburete, Peter Sinai Nhatitima and Fertilizers of Augusto Silva Hunguana were sworn in October 2012 by then President of the Republic, Armando Guebuza. There is obtained determine the full list of six members benefiting judges the houses, but the newspaper know Osvalda that Joan lives in a building leased for TS in the neighborhood Triumph and Nhatitima still holds his own residence in the Towers Red. Immoral perks The range of big bucks perks judges TS counselors is not limited only decent real estate, second prays to 7/2009 law establishing the Statute of Judicial Magistrates. This legal provision, stresses the Article 43, paragraph i) the magistrate court is entitled to an accommodation decent, properly furnished, provided free of charge by State or, failing that, allowance amount of household income to be fixed Government, being the cost of water and electricity supported by State in both cases. In addition to a decent housing fully furnished with employees, energy and water paid by State councilors are entitled yet to be treated with deference, special protection for his person, spouse, descendants and goods, medical assistance free for you, spouse andfamily in charge at the expense of State. The list of benefits includes Car staff allocation, passport diplomatic for you, children and spouse, vehicle for personal use service in addition to a car protocol as well as passages areas in the executive class. Such as It happened to many former members Government, a senior judge president of TS sold a house owned by the Court.
What does the TS?
Contacted Peter Nhatitima, TS spokesman acknowledged the facts and said that result from houses cramped to house the its judges. Nhatitima explained that as with other senior staff Government, counselors judges TS are between various perks, conferred by law, the right to House. In the view of Nhatitima taking into account the sensitivity and the risk of their activities, judges Counsellors should dwell in safe places and in the city of Maputo, the properties located in these zones have a different fee structure of common practice. "The values ​​the TS paid by income will according to the requirements security that each home offers " He needed the counselor judge Pedro Nhatitima. He stressed that the judiciary has houses Vault of the Courts, however, they are not sufficient to accommodate all judges. "With this in mind, as there is not always money to build new houses, we are forced to lease, because one can not help vulnerable judges. However, I assure you that as soon as the conditions are created, all judges will be transferred to state houses, " He promised. With regard to vehicles, our interviewed also recognized that each of the directors judges has three car State in its power. However, noted that only one vehicle is that it is definitelym with the judge and two return to the State when it ends its mission. "The salary is earned by the judge will often not in line with the risk sensitivity and type of work required of it. Accordingly, in order to encouraged it does, taking into account working on an exclusive basis, the State created by law, certain perks for judges and one of them is the allocation of a vehicle for use particular. Remember that the car is not offered to the judge. He paid, but an easier way, "elucidated, and then stress that pay the counselor judge earns is not enough to get anew car.

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