Friday, October 16, 2015


Resultado de imagem para bairro militar maputoThe Mozambican police on Thursday publicly presented eight people arrested the previous day in a drugs raid against houses in the Coop neighbourhood of Maputo.This area, which once housed military personnel, has become so notorious for drug dealing that it is known colloquially as “Columbia”. The police moved on the area in force and with sniffer dogs. They moved from house to house looking for drugs, and at one point caused panic by firing into the air, apparently to stop suspects from fleeing.The haul from the raid was derisory – just small amounts of cocaine and marijuana, a few syringes, and 20,000 meticais (about 500 US dollars) which the police believed was the result of drugs sales.The police denied claims that the raid was illegal, and showed reporters a search warrant signed by a judge of the Maputo City Court.The spokesperson for the Maputo City Police Command, Oelando Mudumane, admitted that the amounts seized were small, Nonetheless, he insisted “these are drugs that cost a lot of money. They are dangerous and forbidden drugs”.“Measures are being taken to neutralize other members of the gang who escaped yesterday”, said Mudumane, cited in Friday’s issue of the independent daily “O Pais”.He admitted that those arrested were not key figures in the drug trafficking rings. “We are making efforts to discover who the real suppliers of these drugs are”, he said.Some of the detainees denied all knowledge of illicit drugs, while others admitted they had drugs in their homes, but claimed they were for their own consumption and insisted they were not drug dealers. The woman from whom the 20,000 meticais was taken claimed the true sum seized was 200,000 meticais, and the police had pocketed most of it. None of those who admitted to possessing drugs would tell the police how they had obtained them.The police replied that, if the detainees would not tell them who the suppliers were, they would act on the assumption that the people they had arrested were indeed the pushers.For years this area has been notorious for dealing in hard drugs including heroin. The fact that the seizures were so meager strongly suggests that the real drug dealers knew the police were coming and hid their stocks.

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