Friday, October 9, 2015

Surrounded !!!

Foto de CanalMoz.Foto de CanalMoz.The Mozambican police raided at around eight in the morning of Friday the house of Renamo president Afonso Dhlakama in the city of Beira, in central Mozambique, and arrested some guards there if encontravam.Dhlakama was at interior and He has spoken to police, who said they would hand their weapons and uniforms that there is encontravam.A invasion was attended by leaders of Renamo and many journalists waiting one Dhlakama press conference scheduled for nine locais.Antes hours, the Forces Rapid Intervention Unit (UIR and Special Operative Group (GOE) of the Mozambican police staked the access of journalists to the perimeter of the house and evacuated the homes vizinhas.Depois the invasion, observers, personalities and authorities entered the house and until about 14 hours continued the negociações.Além Dhlakama, participate in the conversation the governor of Sofala Helena Taipo sheik Abibo, the Beira archbishop, Dom Dinis Sengulane and president of the League of Human Rights Alice Mabota.O secretary general of Renamo, Manuel Bissopo, the head of the parliamentary group, Ivone Soares, and the spokesman of the party, Antonio Muchanga, were prevented by the police.
Speaking to the press Dhlakama says he does not want to be protected by the FIR or police officers because they have tried in the past and there were only problems. "I want to leave my house because I took the three weapons that attacked me and 16 more of our guards." Within moments a mediator and an FIR agent will search the Afonso Dhlakama's house to see if there is still more weapons. Soon we will publish in full the Afonso Dhlakama statement.

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