Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Expand services to more Mozambicans

THE PRESIDENT Filipe Nyusi invites yesterday in Maputo, the Institute of Transport and Communications (ISUTC) to take on new ambitions in expanding their services to a growing number of Mozambicans throughout the country, without, however, neglecting the quality. The statesman was speaking at the formal session of commemoration of 15 years of that institution related to communications.In his speech, Nyusi said the expansion can contribute to promoting an inclusive education system that responds to the country's development needs, particularly the Higher Education Technical and Vocational quality. He deserved a particular observation of the President of the fact that festivities of that educational institution coincide with the celebration of "the day we all remember the physical disappearance of the late first President of our country, Marshal Samora Moises Machel, who has always paid special attention education and training of man. " This is one of the most significant ways to honor a great leader of the size of Samora Machel. Being a bet institution in the training of technical and professional fields, the President noted that "it is quite demanding and costly for the magnitude of the base necessary teaching materials, namely infrastructure, laboratories and miscellaneous equipment. So will our encouragement speech to the Institute of Transport and Communications for choosing this area as the subject of its training activities. This very bold initiative is a real tribute to the concerns of Mozambicans, translated into objectives of our Government in the context of human capital development ". President left on the circumstances an appeal to the school to continue in the composition of bet, but always safeguarding "the tradition of national unity, a key factor in maintaining peace and should promote patriotism values, friendship, solidarity, reconciliation, respect mutual, tolerance and peaceful coexistence. " For its part, the rector of ISUTC, Fernando Leite, outlined the major milestones of these 15 years of teaching and learning, to say that we managed notable successes. "We graduated 600 senior technicians, who now participate actively and decisively in the development of our country. 
We formed Masters in different technical areas. We conducted post-graduate courses. We conducted numerous training courses and extracurricular courses. We supported vocational training in various companies. We took students to visit some of the most important projects in the country, "he said. For the next time the president hopes that his institution can function in its own facilities. "Within the next 10 years we want to transform the Institute into university," he said.It fell to Matthew Jose Katupha, Chairman of the Board of Directors of TRANSCOM, talk about the circumstances of how this institution was born in 1998, who now oversees the ISUTC.

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