Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Five Suspects Confess To Murdering Albino

Five suspects currently detained in prisons in the northern Mozambican province of Nampula have confessed to participating in the murder of albino citizens, and the sale of their body parts, reports Thursday’s issue of the Maputo daily 'Noticias'.To date the police have arrested 22 suspects under an investigation led by the General Commander of the police himself, Jorge Khalau.The five who confessed are part of a group of six suspects arrested in Topuito, in the coastal district of Larde. The group admitted to murdering their albino victim on 16 September.
Shockingly, one of the murderers is a health worker and a cousin of the victim.The five men claimed that a seventh individual, currently on the run, was the ringleader of the group.At a meeting with residents of Topuito, Khalau urged them to come forward and pass on to the authorities any information they may have about these brutal crimes. “Crime doesn’t give you rewards”, said Khalau. “It’s not true that the body parts of albino citizens will bring or create wealth. Denounce those who commit such evil acts”.Meanwhile, according to its spokesperson, Cristavao Mondlane, the Nampula Provincial Attorney’s Office has opened files on 18 cases connected with the trafficking in albino body parts. In four cases, the albinos were already dead, and the traffickers violated their graves to obtain parts of their bodies. Of the other cases, four involve the murder of albinos. Three other albinos are reported as missing. In one case, an albino was kidnapped so that his hair could be cut off and used in superstitious rituals. The other six cases were unsuccessful attempts to kidnap albinos.Mondlane said that his office is holding meetings among communities to raise their awareness and to urge them to denounce anyone they know to be involved in human trafficking.

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