Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Cleared brands

The President of the Republic, Filipe Jacinto Nyusi, is the guest of "honor" a dinner to be held on June 26, in the Community Mahometana headquarters in Maputo. The Confidential has learned that the dinner in honor of Philip Nyusi and the elder statesmen of the country, Joaquim Chissano and Armando Guebuza, is organized by the Community Mahometana tripartidamente, the Islamic Council and Muslim Association. The Confidential also found that, to move Guebuza, contributions in the order of one hundred thousand (100,000) dollars are underway to receive the highest magistrate of the nation. The entrepreneur Amande Camal, the organization's spokesman says that the values ​​within the scope of "Confidential" are "inflated" and that "if it were so, I would not."
Newspaper sources confidential, within the tripartite group, which organizes the dinner progressed is provided for the collection of one hundred thousand US dollars for the realization of the dinner.The sources claim that the amount is "exorbitant" and that "could be allocated for social purposes".The Confidential addressed in the early afternoon of this Tuesday, Faizal Sidat, a member of that community and former helmsman of the Mozambican Football Federation (FMF).Sidat weave declined any comments. "Talk to Amade Camal about it, it is our spokesman," Sidat told our newspaper.
The Confidential spoke to Amade Camal, who said it was not true that the values ​​of the collection for dinner from reaching $ 100,000. "Not true," said the businessman Amade Camal. "I would not be in such things if it were true." However, the source, without specifying the amounts, said on Wednesday, organizing the event "will already have a specific value of what will be collected." Kamal said that the dinner has character "named after the current President and his predecessors"
While presidential canditado, in their search for funds to support his election campaign, Filipe Nyusi attended a dinner organized by the Confederation of Economic Associations (CTA), a hotel property, 12 September 2014.The presence of Nyusi this dinner, where was sitting at the same table with Momed Bachir Suleiman (MBS), caused some unease in ruling circles.MBS had been mentioned, June 1, 2010, the Barack Obama Administration as "drug lord" and placed on the main list of these dangerous individuals to the United States. On June 2, 2010, when news ran the world, Bachir, making be accompanied by his lawyer Maximo Dias, held a press conference claiming to be fallacious the charges imputed to him. The Attorney General's Office (PGR), given the seriousness of the charges against a national citizen, through the Office for Drug Control, has formed a team for which they were called two agents of the Criminal Investigation Police, to investigate MBS. The Attorney General's Office (PGR), Augusto Paulino of the Foreign Ministry after such 'research' was to tell Parliament that that body did not find anything concrete as a result of the process of investigation. In late 2014, MBS was the most resounding victim being "kidnapped", having been in captivity for more than a month until an alleged successful police operation to rescue alive in the district of Macia, in Gaza province!
In the chancelleries of Joaquim Chissano and Armando Guebuza, Frelimo was the practice of organizing dinners where auctioned trinkets and party merchandising objects. 'Entrepreneurs' militants perfilavam to prove the candidate.The businessman Mahomed Bachir Sulemane (MBS), which already held the presidency of Mahometana community, one of which organizes dinner next Monday, in the not too distant times already committed to achievement, one of those jantaradas, buy the pipe the then Frelimo candidate Armando Guebuza. After the snatch back the pipe to the owner. Guebuza did not decline. In 2009 Bachir returned to stand to pay millions for a pen which offered then the First Lady Maria da Luz old.On the possible presence of MBS to dinner next week, Amade Camal said that every community has the right to "a third of the calls and do not know if Mohamed Bachir will be invited by the community it belongs."MBS has been in front of the Mahometana Community destinations and on leave when his name was associated with the drug trade.

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