Tuesday, October 20, 2015

President not speak the VOR False theory

On 19 October ritual habit has been the highest magistrate of the Nation evoke the plane crash occurred in Mbuzini the ambiguously known to all Mozambicans: Samora Machel, the victim of an act of terrorism of State perpetrated by the apartheid regime; the promise that the investigations for determination of the causes of the accident are continuing. This year, 19 October had the particularity of being marked with a new president in office. Unlike their predecessors who ruled the country since the occurrence of the disaster Mbuzini, Filipe Nyusi did not resort to the usual rhetoric of false VOR, the endless investigations in sight, the tireless efforts to unravel the mystery, etc. 

Not Nyusi, or other intermediate or lower-level entity.

Raimundo Maico Diomba, governor of Maputo province, who was representing the Mozambican state in ceremonies held in Mbuzini. From his speech, it shows only the exaltation of Samora Machel figure.The Machel family reiterated the long-held position, but now without the official support. "We, as children, we miss him a lot," said Samito Jr. in Heroes' Square, adding, "More hurts in the fact that today we do not know what actually happened to our father. The Government has the investigation process still running. Lately we have no any report on how it is happening, what's been done. We are still in the dark about the results of the investigation. As a family we want this to end as soon as possible, because it will also bring us peace in knowing what happened to our loved one. We know internalize, we'll live with it for the rest of our lives. Not only the family, but the people too. It's just knowing what happened to Samora Machel and his companions. "

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