Tuesday, June 16, 2015


In fact, all this is possible in Renamo because there, just think a head only, or someone arrogates to itself the right to be her, the only one to think and decide on party amatérias. Renamo must understand that whenever talk of war, those who care most about are not political; is curiously, the people, the first to be directly affected by it. What the people want is not much less confusion war. They are new ideas and peaceful able to put Frelimo "in line." But if Renamo think the only way to force Frelimo to cooperate is to engage in war, then Renamo is who should understand once and for all that it is an unworkable party in peacetime. And being unaffordable in times of peace, will get the instrumentalization of violence, their sole and primary means of negotiation and political persuasion. We have a political elite very limited in their ability to think alternatives. It's sad. When people flock to Afonso Dhlakama rallies, do not go there to endorse the war much less urges it to do so. Go there, desperate, anxious to hear from leading peaceful but sufficiently persuasive strategies on how they Dhlakama leadership can find solutions to their problems. The return to war is a double setback for them and for the country in general. Renamo must learn to understand the will and the people's voice. To do this, should abandon his seduction by arms. This is also possible with work and science.
While they torment us with bellicose speeches, see how Renamo and its members individually abuse of our taxes.
1 - Renamo is the opposition party in parliament. There, led working committees and is reprentada in all parliamentary committees, including international and working groups
2 - receive money from the general budget of the proportional state their representation; out there about 3 million per month
3. The Act gives Dhlakama opposition leader status, with salary stipulated for themselves and approximately one million dollars / year to his office, as well as precedence protocol
4 - Along with the government, the "experts" Military Renamo spent more than 540 million meticais and some of them are made on new cars 4x4 transport some of them very high displacement
5 - The Fund for Peace and Reconciliation reserve places in adminsitração of directors and governing bodies to memebros Renamo. The Fund budgeted at $ 10 million intended to finance activities of former combatants.
6 - Renamo has 295 members of provincial assemblies and some for himself directed and another 89 deputies of the Parliament, living entirely at the expense of the public purse and enjoying immunity, which gives the good pleasure of telling them dangerous things without Police hand them falling over.Now I ask: Are these there who want to fight for armed via the Government of FRELIMO? These are there who want to die first? (Dr.E.Vaz in Facebook)

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