Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi on Monday stressed that it is those who win elections who govern the country.He was speaking in Quelimane, capital of the central province of Zambezia, shortly after arriving for a working visit. Zambezia, Nyusi said, belongs not to any group of people, but to all Mozambicans – clearly a message sent to Afonso Dhlakama, leader of the former rebel movement Renamo, who claims the right to rule Zambezia, since it is one of the provinces where he topped the poll in last October’s presidential election.Mozambicans, Nyusi said, should not allow themselves to be distracted because this is their only opportunity to develop the country. He urged that those who win elections should be allowed to work on governing the country.Nyusi praised Quelimane as an example of peaceful coexistence, since it has a mayor, Manuel de Araujo, who was elected from the opposition Mozambique Democratic Movement (MDM), but nobody attacks anyone else, and all work for the good of the municipal citizens.He thanked the people of Zambezia for taking part in the elections, particularly those who had voted for him and for the ruling Frelimo Party so that we can continue the tasks of developing Mozambique”. Nonetheless, he stressed that he is the President of all Mozambicans, without any discrimination.“Everybody deserves good governance from me”, Nyusi said. “I want to promote the development of all Mozambicans”.He added that he was also visiting the province “to say that your concerns, expressed before the elections are now included in our programme of governance for the next five years”.At the same rally, Manuel de Araujo took the opportunity to urge greater speed from the government in repairing all the infrastructures destroyed by catastrophic flooding in Zambezia in January. 
“The lack of these infrastructures is having a damaging effect on the development of the economy of the city and of the province as a whole”, he said.He also called on the government to increase the number of buses allocated to Quelimane in order to improve passenger transport in the city. People who spoke from the floor at the rally urged Nyusi to continue the government’s dialogue with Renamo, stressing that Quelimane does not want a return to war. They also wanted an increase in the number of doctors and nurses working in the province, credit for the informal sector, and policies which ensure that the benefits from the exploitation of natural resources reach the most vulnerable strata of the population.
niussy.jpgTen years later, President of the Republic travels by plane from Moçambique.Filipe of Aereas Nyuse apologized to the company's passengers already aboard the Boeing 737-700 for its delay before take-off in Maputo.Austeridade has been one of the new Chief policies State Moçambique.O its predecessor, Armando Guebuza, duante its 10 years of governance always traveled in business aircraft leased to private companies the executive branch.

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