Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Mozambican EDM to increase energy rates by 30 per cent

clubofmozambiqueThe public company Electricidade de Mozambique (EDM) has submitted a proposal to the government for an increase of 30 per cent on the electricity consumption tariff across the country. This measure may exempt domestic customers who consume less than 100 megawatts per month and the agricultural sector.The spokesman of EDM, Luís Amado, explained to TVM that in its proposal to the government, EDM claims that a 30 per cent increase for power consumption is the minimum to make the financial situation of the company sustainable."We think we can get somewhere around 30 per cent, it would be the absolutely necessary in order to achieve within two or three years the minimum acceptable," said Amado, adding that the tariff adjustment aims to make EDM robust in financial terms.On the other hand, the company justified the measure by the fact that the current consumption rates do not correspond to the prices charged by the energy producers from whom EDM acquires its electricity.

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