Thursday, June 25, 2015

On the occasion of the 40

The President of the Republic (PR), Filipe Nyusi, awarded at the highest level, several national and foreign figures who have distinguished themselves in the exaltation of patriotic values, freedom and promoting the good name of Mozambique abroad. In total there are eight honorary degrees awarded, inter alia, Hero of the Republic of Mozambique, Honorary Citizen of the Republic of Mozambique, Order Eduardo Mondlane Chivambo, Bagamoyo Medal, Medal of Merit Scholar, Medal demerit Arts and Letters, Sports Merit Medal and Medal Working merit.
For the title Hero of the Republic of Mozambique were decorated Marcelino dos Santos (1pictured) and Feliciano Gundana (2photo), which according Nyusi, actively participated to achieve national independence. The award Order Eduardo Mondlane Chivambo the first grade fell to Janet Mondlane, wife of Eduardo Mondlane, the first president of Frelimo, the party that guaranteed the freedom of the country, and Francisco Rui Barreto was awarded the same title, but in high school.

For the title of Honorary Citizen of the Republic of Mozambique was awarded the Italian Aldo Marchezini (3PHOTO), which was a key facilitator of the armed conflict, which lasted 16 years, between the government and Renamo. As worthy of the Medal Bagamoyo was elected Carlos Gonzalez, posthumously, Maria Beatriz Ferreira, Maria Ferreira Massena, and others who could not attend the ceremony.The Academic Merit Medal was awarded to Maria Gonçalves da Costa and José Rodrigues Carvalho, both posthumously, while the Medal of Merit Arts and Letters fell to José Bento Seer, Julio Carrilho, Samuel Munguambe Junior, Albino FMagaia and Gulamo Khan, being the last two were awarded posthumously.
The Sports Merit Medal stopped the hands of the Mozambican former athlete Maria de Lurdes Mutola (4photo), Joel Lebombo Carlos de Sousa, José Magalhães, Mussa Tembe, Cremildo Gonçalves, Altenor Perreira, José Duarte, Mario Column, Cândido Coelho, the the last two posthumously, while the Work Merit Medal was awarded to Antonio Maulano, Mualeia, Elias Nhiuane and Joseph MaLuLeCa.
These distinctions fall of the celebrations of the 40th anniversary of the proclamation of national independence.Speaking at the ceremony, acknowledged Nyusi delivery, with fullness, the legend awarded to the cause of Mozambique.'' Mozambicans recognize those who engage in national causes immeasurable values. Agraciarmos to our compatriots with such honorary titles we value and recognize their feats of valor and invaluable dimension to the attainment of our freedom and the promotion and defense of the Mozambican state, '' said the Head of State of Mozambique.Nyusi also said that Mozambicans are now free thanks to the efforts of previous generations, so the current is required to transmit and disseminate their achievements.At the time, the former head of state Joaquim Chissano, who was speaking on the sidelines of the ceremony, said that during the time he headed the country, had a hard time condecorar people, because only in 2011, seven years after termination of your mandate was approved by the Assembly of the Republic, the Mozambican parliament, the law award of honorary titles.'' When I stopped being a PR, or before, the PR had a hard time condecorar people because we did not need decorations for all levels, we now have more assignments and therefore more choices, '' said Chissano.

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