Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Dhlakama sympathetic to women

"It must dignify women and the contribution of their intelligence and work for the collective progress," said Dhlakama, speaking yesterday at the former base of the guerrillas of their movement in Macoca, Dombe in Manica province.In an event held here to mark the passage of 35 years the engagement of women in the guerrilla promoted by Renamo, Dhlakama spoke of women's participation in the war of 16 years, arguing that it was essential to democracy.As explained, the Renamo integrated female elements in the war on July 5, 1980, on the basis of Macoca (Sitatonga), two years after starting the guerrilla war against the government army, when mobilized the first woman following a raid on village of Dombe before the next accession to the movement of two cousins ​​of Afonso Dhlakama.
"Men and women should have the same opportunities," he argued Afonso Dhlakama.

The base Sitatonga became famous during the war of 16 years due to heavy fighting there caught between elements of Renamo and government forces in the 1980s.At the ceremony yesterday, some militant guerrilla have been awarded a badge of honor, while Dhlakama himself was honored with a statue of "father of democracy", the Youth League, a degree of "leading model in Mozambique and Africa" , the Assembly of Deputies of the Republic, his party's bench and a "tablet" offered by women's league Renamo.In his speech during the event, Renamo leader again stressed in its draft of the provincial authorities, since leaded by the Parliament claiming that the well or badly this initiative has to be implemented.If your project not be accepted by the Government, Dhlakama again threatened to cut the National Road Number One (EN1), the one that connects the south and the north of Mozambique, as it did for 17 months to Termination of Agreement Military hostilities signed on 5 September last by him and former Head of State, Armando Guebuza, after an unknown number of dead and thousands displaced.

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