Thursday, July 9, 2015

South Korea to transfer to Mozambique cutting-edge Gas & Energy technologies

clubofmozambiqueA memorandum signed Thursday will initiate the transfer of advanced technologies to the country from an Asian powerhouse.Mozambique and South Korea are two very different economies united in their desire to exploit the abundant resources they possess. Mozambique has natural resources, and South Korea has technology. In terms of the memorandum of understanding signed with the Mozambican Energy Fund (Funae) on Thursday in Maputo, South Korea agrees to transfer energy sector technologies to Mozambique.South Korea is to train Mozambican staff in energy sector skills, as well as rolling out technologies that will bring electricity to more people in rural areas, where the public distribution network is inadequate.The Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, Omar Mitha, believes that this is the time for the country to capitalize on the vast Korean experience in the electronics area, the automotive industry and other advanced technologies. "I think there is complementarity here. We have other features that require cutting-edge technologies, such as gas, but we also have agricultural resources which, once being added value to, can supply the Asian markets," said Omar Mitha.

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