Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Chinese car assembled in Mozambique

Resultado de imagem para carros matchedjeThe Mozambican company Matchedje Motors, which assembles vehicles at its factory in Machava, in the southern city of Matola, on Tuesday donated four vehicles to the police in the capital city Maputo.At a ceremony held to mark the 41st anniversary of the creation of the Mozambican police force (PRM), three vehicles were handed over: two minibuses and a twin cabin vehicle.Speaking at the ceremony, the company’s general manager Sandra Song explained that the gesture was a way of thanking the police for its work maintaining public order and tranquillity.On behalf of the Chinese embassy, He Yuan noted that the gift was part of a deepening of cooperation between the two countries, especially in the area of public security. He added, “cooperation over public security is very important because social order is essential for a country’s development”.In response, the General Commander of the police, Julio Jane, thanked Matchedje Motors for the donation and the Chinese embassy for all the support that it had given the police. Matchedje Motors is a partnership between the Mozambican state and the Chinese company China Tong Jian Investment. With a total investment of about 150 million US dollars, the factory was built on an area of 20,000 square metres in Machava.
Matchedje, town where they held the II Congress of the Mozambique Liberation Front (FRELIMO / party in power) in 1968, was classified national heritage.

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