Saturday, July 23, 2016

Dhlakama confirms attacks

Renamo takes the authorship of the attacks of vehicles on the roads of the center, assigned to them by the government?
This is not to take. We are in a war. Renamo never left the base to go to someone's house to attack vehicles. Renamo tries to reduce the logistics of the enemy. I say enemy because they come attack us. political opponent is another thing. Who is shooting at us is an enemy. Renamo has some groups in ambushes to attack military cars. It does not matter if these fademos, FIR come in civilian vehicles, the Nagi, Maning Nice, Etrago or an open truck. We are firing at the enemy. What Frelimo is talking about is propaganda. Renamo does not attack civilian vehicles. Rather, Frelimo is leading civilian cars to serve as a shield. Attack military convoys.

After the agreement which is the role that will take. Will accept the opposition leader status with the right to state protocol and set up its office in Maputo?
Resultado de imagem para dhlakama Not interested. With the Frelimo regime as it has no interest. Opposition leader status should not appear as if they were shut someone's mouth. It is also to be seen as a party and Frelimo wants to give an opposition leader Renamo status if they do not win the elections and not respect rules. There is no rule of law and credible institutions. With that heart Dhlakama accept such a travesty. It would be a scandal for my people. I do not accept. I could accept if we had a rule of law, institutions working and Frelimo in power through free and transparent elections. A charade to fool me and I shut up would be a betrayal of the people.

How to interpret the kidnapping of Manuel Lole?
I do not know where that Frelimo going with this. Frelimo created squads trained by North Koreans go to kidnap people. This had stopped after the counteroffensive we did. They took a beating and stopped. Now they use the police. The Lole is now a police station in Chimoio. It was the police who kidnapped him. They have done it with hundreds and hundreds of members of Renamo. Renamo know where he (Lole) is exactly. Is alive? At the moment (the interview was to 13h Tuesday 19) is alive, unless that have killed at night. We are to move the prosecution and warned that we know where it is. They are abducting and killing our members. They do every day. But I've never seen anything like it in Samora Machel regime in the Soviet Union nor China, Cuba. I do not know where that Frelimo going with this. In February, March and April killed only men. Now also kill women. Last week killed a woman of the Women's League Anifa name of Renamo in Caia. Out of the market and was dead day.

There are indications that the Lord does not enjoy good health. Also part of the Frelimo advertising?
 They have killed me several times. I am a human being. Sometimes I catch malaria a constipated tion in this cold time and then passes. That have a chronic illness, I can not walk, that's a lie. It's hearsay. Even when he was in Nampula, there were rumors that Dhlakama was dead. I never wanted the death of a leader of Frelimo, as a human being. Even after that assassination attempt in Manica, I never stayed with rancor Frelimo.

2019 is a door. You will reapply for the sixth time and will make room for a succession debate within the Renamo?

 The party is not mine. Not a regulated. It is not a traditional power. While the party Renamo continue to believe Dhlakama ability to drive and to campaign with charisma and all, with the people, I continuar.Mas if the party say that you already competed several times and was robbed'll rest, I'll rest because already made history. The fact that he fought and forced Frelimo to accept pluralism is work. It was due to my leadership, persistence, determination and courage. Afonso Dhlakama is already in history. A brilliant man, standing next to the poor and the people. Now run or not run it depends on Renamo party.

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