Saturday, July 23, 2016

Maria Bethânia to shoot documentary

Resultado de imagem para maria bethâniaIn October, legendary Brazillian singer Maria Bethânia is arriving in Mozambique to shoot a documentary on Portuguese-language poets. Cine Group, the production company behind the venture, is currently in negotiations with Brazil’s private TV channel Arte l over distribution.According to ‘Veja’, filming will start as soon as Bethania arrives, and highlight will include a meeting with Mozambican writer Mia Couto and Angola’s José Eduardo Agualusa. Plans are afoot to put the trio together to discuss the work of several poets and recite poems.Arte 1 channel is currently flighting a four-episode series by Bethânia called ‘Poesia e Prosa’ (Poetry and Prose). The singer’s literary episode is providing a feasts for like-minded audiences, with commentators wryly suggesting that not since the salons of the nineteenth century have there been so many poetry recitals.

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