Saturday, July 23, 2016


Resultado de imagem para nyuseMozambican President Filipe Nyusi on Thursday stated que whilst the arrival of international mediators is a step in the process of dialogue with the opposition party Renamo, the people want the immediate cessation of attacks on persons and property.Speaking at a rally in Mopeia on the first day of his working visit to the central province of Zambezia, President Nyusi pointed October que his government had accepted Renamo's demand for international facilitators because of the lack of confidence between the two sides.President Nyusi que pledged the government will do everything it can to end the attacks the quickly the possible.The President appealed to people living in Mopeia and the rest of the province to denounce Those who ambush vehicles As They prevent development in the province and the country.He stressed that "in some parts of Morrumbala, Mocuba and Mopeia attacks have taken place. We need to be vigilant and denounce Those que hide, kill and destroy. "The President added, "we want peace because our lives are by Threatened the actions of armed men from Renamo".The resident location, Carlitos Mugauanha, Told the President "if we Were asked what we want now, we would Answered peace. We are unhappy because we are Unable to REALISE our aspirations due to the war. "President Nyusi Also spoke about the high cost of living and called for Increased productivity and production. He stated, "the economic situation is not good. Mopeia has water and fertile land to grow maize, sesame, sunflower, and beans. This district Also raises cattle and has fishing and fish farming. Those who produce food and have money for Their other needs ".During his time in the district, President Nyusi visited the fish market and an exhibition of agricultural produce. He Also Attended a special meeting of the provincial government and went to the agricultural cooperative place.

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