Saturday, July 23, 2016


The group of international mediators just ask, there are times, delegations of Philip Nyusi and Afonso Dhlakama, the interruption of the talks to a date to be announced, given the impasse that takes place in the discussion of the first item on the agenda: the requirement of Renamo to govern the six provinces who claims to have won the general and provincial elections in 2014.
Resultado de imagem para MARIO RAFFAEL MAPUTOThe coordinator of the team of international mediators Mario Raffaelli said, there are times, the journalists, who face the many concerns raised by the parties his team asked for time to see if prepares proposals that can help to achieve solutions."As you know, yesterday (Friday, delegations called for a suspension of the meeting to reflect on several points of a point of discussion. And today, the delegations presented their proposals for discussion between the two parties, but is now a request from our side for the suspension, taking into account the many things that were presented "said Mario Raffael.
Mario Raffael said he did not know when delegations should return to sessions.
The Government insists that there is no constitutional framework to accommodate the proposal Renamo demands that governance in the six provinces. Afonso Dhlakama has insisted that this is the starting point for any agreement with Frelimo.For there is no date set for the next session.

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