Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Adelino Buque reflection

Comrades Commissioners party Frelimo Policy, accept my sincere greetings and sincere wishes of good health to all, especially to the comrade president, knew by Comrade General Secretary, Eliseu Machava, is not well.In fact, said public information in the funeral obsequies of the national hero José Phahlane Moiane, Lieutenant General in the late Reserve February 19, 2015, after 79 years of age, who devote a specific reflection.Returning to the heads of our comrades and glorious fiftieth anniversary party, I, as a citizen, I write for the second time this body of our party. The first was to express my indignation at this silence when the resignations of mayors of Quelimane, Pemba and Cuamba.
My concern today, comrades, it is intended by the lack of stability in our country, resulting from constant threats Renamo party contesting the results of the general elections of 15 October 2014.About that my opinion is public. The concern is with the public perception that it seems that Frelimo pulls to one side, while the government works to the opposite side to the talks with this party.This perception results of the pronouncements of heads of central party to the provinces brigades on the preliminary draft law of autonomy of the provinces to be submitted by the party Renamo to Parliament.May they remember that the submission hereof idea resulted from the meeting between President of the Republic, Filipe Jacinto Nyusi, and the Renamo leader Afonso Dhlakama Macacho Marceta, where President Filipe Jacinto Nyusi also obtained the elected Renamo for National Assembly and the provincial assemblies take possession and thus curb the tension installed.As said above, the public perception is that Frelimo is not satisfied with the Government's efforts aimed at normalization of life in our country. Interestingly, this Government is supported by the Frelimo party as a result of victory in the 15 last October elections.Dear comrades, would not be more prudent to leave the frames Renamo work quietly on the document to refer and, in Parliament, to discuss and ask that it be widely publicized and then unfold into working committees on the same?
That is if we are honest, no one has yet know the content of the document Renamo. I believe that the Renamo party itself does not have this document as such. Thus, they are talking about ?!
Comrades, here there is a delay for the submission of brigades to the provinces on this issue, setting thus out of time. If the brigades had worked in the provinces while stemmed the tour Renamo and its leader nothing would be concerned, but everything changes when Dhlakama accepts the meeting with the Head of State, Philip Nyusi, and interrupts his tour of the country and, above all, when the results of this meeting were fruitful.
We can consider that this meeting "saved" Dhlakama of a hypothetical rebellion of his deputies who were already expressing willingness to take hold. Okay, we can consider that Dhlakama "puts" words in the mouth of the President about a hypothetical "agreement." Okay but, as the conversations between them were not public, it is best to wait for the right time to act. Unfortunately, this seems to have been no patience within the Policy Committee of our party.
Believe me, comrades, the action of the central brigades in the different provinces is very frowned upon today, not only because there is a perception that some members of Frelimo at the highest level are not satisfied with the impetus given by the President, in the dialogue with political parties and society in general, as there is the fear that the attitude of the Frelimo could lead us to a new war or destabilization in our country. Renamo still armed, comrades! This is a factor that should not be overlooked when it comes to discussing Renamo and its proposals.
This debate about the internal differences in the proposal Renamo rekindled another debate that was, in my opinion, asleep, which is the vaunted "bicefalia" of power, where pontificates the party leadership where the president is not a member by operation of law but by their functions.
In this regard I wrote an article in 2011, before the Pemba Congress, entitled "My Contribution to the Tenth Party Congress Frelimo", given that the time was not taken into consideration today is difficult to discuss this matter in presence of people involved. At the time it was easy because there was no Presidential figure elected today and is almost non-negotiable passage folders for the rest of the "in and out of the Frelimo party", to paraphrase Margaret Talapa, head of the parliamentary party bench Frelimo.
I believe that members of the Political Committee of our glorious and fiftieth anniversary party will consider this letter from one of its members. Let the debate on the Renamo preliminary draft for the pronouncement of the Republic Assembly and, when the document public, could lead to internal debate and then to the general public.
May they remember that Frelimo has added responsibilities in their acts in our society. It's not a party, is the party that freed the country and governs since then to this part. That's a lot and is maturity. Frelimo is a senior party, and senior know the time to comment and contemplate ...
MORNING POST - 09/03/2015

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