Wednesday, March 4, 2015


First of all I want to express my deep and sincere condolences to family, friends and colleagues of Professor Gilles Cistac, shot dead by unknown individuals in broad avenue Eduardo Mondlane, the Café ABC.  Strange that the life of a man who had very for giving, come brutally finished, a avenue that always used to life in their day-to-day. I regret that there are people speculating on social networks and interviews, the causes of death of Cistac, allegedly for being critical of the Party and government in power, I am not against the imaginations and perceptions but they can not be transformed into reality as the truth does not exist and the real truth in the world consists of a homogeneous substance called proof. Morally is serious crime but accuse an innocent while still in the innocence, be it a singular, collective or institutional individual without proof substance to appear in its originality, the evidence is not manufactured and not riding by our imaginations and perceptions, on the contrary the imaginations and perceptions are fictional truths that appear to weaken our thinking and weaken our mentality in search of truth.   The imagination and perception are sources of a strong plot and you can not judge a man accused on the basis of an imagination and perception, as often as not repent when betrayed mentally and found evidence contrary to our imagination, although without taking out is logical to say I thought or imagined that the guy is that he did, because once it did not have good relations with this, because of that many people were victims of injustice, unfairly tried and convicted without proof element, so the proof is a justice of an injustice . The behavior, attitude and a person's background can not constitute evidence as she does not appear in its originality, that is, the fact that I have discussed today with my wife and tomorrow be found dead in bed, a dining table or elsewhere in dubious circumstances, can not be considered evidence or because of my death, likewise can be one of the research materials, until there is proof element, on the contrary we can discuss ideas to fall into a fight and the neighborhood realize the end of a relationship when in fact we are a couple reconciled.       My point of view is confined on charges that are raised around the death of Professor Gilles Cistac, claiming that link to their last argument that came publicly defend the idea of ​​the autonomous regions proposed by Renamo leader Afonso through its Dhlakhama I do not want to detract from the perceptions of many stakeholders including politicians and academics who came speaking of the death of Cistac, I think this is no proof, instead of losing time speculating this and that and turning his death into a political advantage, would be the time to join our forces and go behind the research to find a fact substantiated on the basis of evidence that causes us to get a true inference, even if you use if you need the different perceptions as raw or under investigation am in favor that make, proven and bring to light the truth so that justice is feat.Remember a few years ago, when the death of the journalist and writer Carlos Cardoso, there arose a lot of speculation against the same government of the day and a thorough investigation had not made without limitation the imaginations and perceptions that were soon flowing to his death, we would have an unfair justice, fortunately the truth appeared in its originality and made -If justice, wrongly accused by means of perceptions felt alibied.
No my FRELIMO point of view has nothing to do with the death of Professor Cistac in Mozambique have many critics against the governance of FRELIMO, people who criticize frontally, manipulate many bodies and minds to counteract government figures and Party but in no time it happened, by the way politicize the death of Gilles is just to gain political interests and this is immoral, at a time when the Cistac family needs comfort, support and our solidarity and not to listen to speculation and yields politics's.Se this philosophy was Frelimo not imagine how many would be killed, in a very recent period a university professor Castelo Branco name, wrote a letter of offense against the former President of the Republic, Armando Emilio Guebuza, but this was only notified and heard in own Headquarters without using a barbaric action like this has happened to Gilles are several voices against the governance of FRELIMO, but keep defending until proven find that FRELIMO is an innocent guy, hope quickly clarifying this macabre case parley this perception Professor Gilles Cistac, had his private life that none of us may be able to know in their entirety. In the end, I humbly ask that we let the judicial authorities do their investigative work, we will all follow and collaborate if we have sustainable raw in this research work, the President, Filipe Jacinto Nhusi, has advised the competent bodies to take seriously and rapidly in this of barbaric crime issue.
I have nothing academic but here is my point of view as a citizen
Professor Gilles Cistac, I wish she rest in peace and I pray that Allah (God) the creator of hidden immediately clarify this subject knowing that the victim will not come back in our coexistence. (Chandrek Niconela in facebook)

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